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    Bi goes both ways...

    My sister is bi and she said she has had more frustrated wives hit on her than men. When she accommodates them, they all are amazed that such a young looking, petit woman would be interested.

    It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out when people aren't being pleased at home.

    Bisexual goes both ways.

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    Re: Bi goes both ways...

    I’d say absolutely true! I’ve had problems as a male in heterosexual relationships and felt extremely comfortable with seeing a man rather than seeking a side woman so I fully understand the point of view from your sister.

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    Re: Bi goes both ways...

    The secret is whatever gender you are, it's easier to know what's wanted without a lot of guessing and horrible costly mistakes. When I was in the game, I set a $50 limit on dating. If it went over that and I didn't get the prize I would politely remove myself. No hard feelings sweetheart, we just don't click.
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    Re: Bi goes both ways...

    I know that my first wife, who is bi, got hit on by more women than men, was more likely to sleep with one of those frustrated housewives than she would a guy. She once told me, "Once you guys bust a nut, it's all over but with a woman, yeah, we really can go all day long with each other..."

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    Re: Bi goes both ways...

    my neice is bi does more women than men




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