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    Question Getting Bottom-Ready

    I'm curious to know the various ways...well, the best way, I can prepare myself for anal to ensure good, clean fun.

    Ideally, I'd like to know how I can ensure the road is completely clear of any obstacles!

    So, let's here it all. From enemas to supplements...what's your secret?

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    Re: Getting Bottom-Ready

    There's really not much to it. I recommend a diet high in fiber and a simple tap water cleansing enema. The enema can be done with a bulb syringe, a good old fashioned hot water bottle douche set (best, least expensive option) or a shower shot that attaches to your shower head. You'll need 2-6 passes of the enema water to get nicely clean. Have a care not to take in too great a volume of water or it can get trapped higher up in your colon and come out all over the place when getting pounded.



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