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    Lightbulb Anal Sex And Afterwards

    Anal Sex And Afterwards

    As a Bi Chap I enjoy anal sex from time to time.
    I do not do or get it often, 8 or 12 months in-between, but when I do I enjoy it.

    But from what I experience there are often other side effects,
    as loose bum, rushing to the toilet for a few days after.
    It take time from anal sex to be able to, shall I say work properly again.

    Is this normal or do I just over think this, as it's to be expected.

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    Re: Anal Sex And Afterwards

    I've probably experienced anal sex even less often than you -- only five or six times, and with only one partner -- so I'm really not the voice of experience. I've never experienced what you describe, although I have heard heard that many bottoms experience constipation, rather than a "loose bum,: after anal intercourse. Most guys, myself, included, report no change in their bowel habits after receptive anal sex. Many years ago, I performed anal sex on an old girlfriend, and she also experienced no change.

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    Re: Anal Sex And Afterwards

    You might consider using different lube. Many lubes contain glycerin which is also in suppositories for constipation.
    My wife used to have the same issue the next day until we switched lube.

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    Re: Anal Sex And Afterwards

    I like receiving anal sex and have done it off and on for years. I’ve not noticed any changes in bowel habits at all but depending mostly on the guy’s method and his dick I’ve been sore for awhile but usually for no more than a few hours. If he is really wide I can feel gapped open for a few hours and may still feel like he’s still there, also walk sort of funny for a couple of hours. With the exception of a few times when I was younger the guys haven’t been too rough with it, but what’s hilarious is most of the guys I let do me for the past few years have had wider than expected cocks, coincidence I’m sure.

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    Re: Anal Sex And Afterwards

    i have never had any promblems from being fucked in the ass

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    Re: Anal Sex And Afterwards

    I have never had any side effects lol

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    Re: Anal Sex And Afterwards

    how big is the guy banging you ?

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    Re: Anal Sex And Afterwards

    I have had probably too many men in my back door being in films and being a slut and all. Never had an issue with bathroom issues, or major problems after. Now I?ve seen some fucked up things, the weird gaping, guy having issues that you mentioned, hell, even a ?pink sock? a few times (prolapsed rectum). I call it luck I guess, good lube and plenty of it. I still have a nice one, my fianc?? (now, I said yes to him) and I get together with another couple from time to time, and on of the guy?s looks like an old catcher?s mitt, and has bathroom issues after a good pounding.
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    Re: Anal Sex And Afterwards

    I've never had any odd effects as a result of anal sex, though I can certainly see how it could happen.




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