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    Are we special...

    As regarding "blue balls". I remember being 15 years old and having an erection that seemed it would never go away. For years after that I was happy to be past that point in my life, as it was pretty uncomfortable. Yet, here I am at 75 and having that problem again! It's hard to believe, no pun intended. Except this time my mind is on finding a similar aged man who is having the same sort of aliment and desire. I have had sex on my mind everyday since I was three years old and my grandmother caught me playing with myself (that didn't end well). Anyway, I fell in love with my penis and he/she or whatever has never let me down. No one except the two fellows I have been with sexually know about my orientation. When I ask my male (presumably straight) friends if they think about sex, most of them say it doesn't even cross their minds anymore. Have all of us here, male, female, and everything in between or out-between, had sex on our minds most of our lives? Does that make us a unique group in that category?

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    Re: Are we special...

    Well I?m 61 and in the same boat. I think about sex constantly. Being bi, I think about both females and males constantly. Being older it seems more difficult to find female partners than male. Females want some sort of ?emotional connection?. Where most male partners just want erections. Like the play on words?! Recently I have been having ED issues, that get solved with the help from my little blue friends but my mind is always thinking about it. I think about it when I get up, while driving, working, at the store, in church, every minute of everyday. As a reasonably sane human being I can control those primal urges. When they get too strong I head to my nearest ABS or cruising hotspot to find another horny partner or just take things into my own hands if you get my drift.

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    Re: Are we special...

    I had really great sex with my wife for the first 15 years, between the time I was 22 and 37. But, when I was 27 I was suddenly being driven toward wanting to have sex with another man. I managed to push that aside until I was 46, when me and a close male friend, who was also married, started having sex. It's certainly not the same as having sex with a woman, but the drive is very strong. Today I only think of sex with a man. I'm not a risk taker, so it will be very difficult for me to find someone my age who I'm comfortable with. With the use of Cialis and a ring I can get as erect as I ever have. Just ain't got no place to put it.

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    Re: Are we special...

    I think about sex often, past experiences and what I would like now. I'm 65, and as horny as a young man. I have some ED issues also at times. My wife has no interest in sex anymore so I spend my alone time stroking. I'm not a risk taker either but I did have a buddy for a short time about 12 yrs ago. Difficult to find someone around my area who is willing to play, a lady near me would like to play around but I don't see it happening for several reasons. Until something comes, I'll keep flogging the bishop

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    Re: Are we special...

    I've heard similar stories from other men who are in a position in their lives where they've raised a family, age well established, the wife interest in sex wanes, man remembers playing around a bit with other males growing up but for many different reasons those desires may have been suppressed or forgotten.

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    Re: Are we special...

    Not really a day that goes by when I don't think about sex. Had a pretty sexless 1st marriage (not a great way to spend your 20-30s). That was the drive to lose my mm virginity once divorced. 2nd marriage was a borderline perfect sex life. Sadly she relapsed back to drug addiction. Current wife is late 30s had the drive, but we work opposite times and at 51. Im just beat after working construction for 10 hours so she refuses to wake me up for sex. Plus, we each just turned our hobbies businesses. Complete killer of free time.
    So for me, I ride a nice large plug on my hour drive home severl times a week, thinking about cock

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    Re: Are we special...

    I'm almost 63 and not a day has gone by that I haven't thought about sex since I was a kid. I absolutely love pussy and have developed a taste for cock over the last 15 years. Really wish I had explored that side when I was younger and had more opportunities to play. I'm in a sexless marriage now and rarely get out, so my only release is a daily masturbation session. A daily 2.5 dose of Tadalafil makes it possible to get as hard as i did when I was 16.




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