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Thread: Oh man!

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    Oh man!

    Oh how I wish there was actually a location map on here. Oh how I wish there was a way to post photos. Oh how I wish there was a way to view and change the Kinsey scale. Oh how I wish there was a way to subscribe to paid membership (I always pay my fare share when I appreciate the service offered). Oh how I wish there were people in my community who wanted to correspond (that's not's fault...I don't think!). Oh how I wish this site was a bit easier to navigate. I really appreciate the basic format of and hate the platforms that exploit vulnerable people in their most physical and emotional state into unending auto-renewals. But I wish, at least, there was enough of a monthly charge without auto-renewal, to support fixing the aforementioned problems. Honestly, I'd pay $100 a year for such a platform for bisexuals and other folks from the community. I really hate to be a bitch (butt maybe not in all circumstances . Damn this has been frustrating! I googled "how to navigate"., the results said that a lot of people complain about multiple links not working. Is there any reasonable remedy to that?

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    Re: Oh man!

    I know the feeling took me 5 or 6 tries to finally be accepted. I do talk to a few on here and they respond. I don't know if it's the site or they have issues otherwise. I generally research their profile and politely send a friend request. Remember those from days gone by ? Some have suggested justusboys as an alternative . I gave up on filling in the blanks since it served no useful purpose. If you want to know where I am just ask. How hard is that? As for paying that should be an option. The more you pay, the more access right? It's like XM radio. I refuse to pay to listen to the radio. I can patch in with my phone and listen to what I want for free. So sayeth the Grump!

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    Re: Oh man!

    is the photo no longer working ?

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    Re: Oh man!

    I also wish some of these changes could be implemented to make this site a comprehensive service to bisexual men and women. It could be a community in a very real sense addressing the needs of all bisexuals, conversation, dating, sharing of ideas etc. yes, i would pay a reasonable membership fee for something which really functions for us.

    Most bi dating sites are nothing more money mills which take advantage of our hopes and generally few if any results. Don't know if it will ever happen but we can dream I suppose.




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