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    Bisexual. Curse? Blessing?

    I knew I was bisexual in grade school. I have always considered it a blessing although sometimes it can be confusing? You?

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    Re: Bisexual. Curse? Blessing?

    ehhhhh, I am what I am is what I am............spent too many years over thinking it

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    Re: Bisexual. Curse? Blessing?

    Depends on your age. Growing up in the 50's and 60's the old world was quite different. Those who chose a different style were ostracized at best and beaten or worse at worst. Going into the military opened my eyes and expanded my world. The drunken sailor in a whore house was the norm. There were some even then who chose a different path. Some ratings weren't considered "Manly". I for one chose my running buddies for themselves no who they were perceived to be. I wasn't in to fit a stereotype but to see and learn about new people, places and things. If that ment being different than the "norm" then that was me. I still enjoy the above mentioned things at 70+. Of course now I can take my time instead of trying to cram everything into 24 hours of "Liberty". I'm others will likely agree. Life is meant to be experienced. Do something... So to me it's a blessing although at one time disguised as a curse. Thanks for reading my random words.

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    Re: Bisexual. Curse? Blessing?

    I've always just wanted to love people, I couldn't care less what was between the legs. It was only other people who MADE it a problem.

    Straight AND gay folks both tried to convince me that bisexual people do not exist. Therefore I spent WAAY too much time when I was younger trying to "prove" whether I was gay or straight.

    I didn't think it would be fair to have a wife and a family only to "turn out to be" gay and abandon them? This is the way I thought when I was a teen anyway.

    I mean I would be all about the sausage .. looove the sauusage .. and then you see a piece of fish and its' like, "Gee I bet that would be GREAT with some tartar sauce!!"

    I would have much rather remained innocent, but that's just not how being human works right? OMG the hormones...

    For a very long time I went around thinking I was damaged goods, that no one would want me. I wasn't tough, strong, brave, stoic, ready enough to be male and once puberty hit I wasn't feminine enough to be female.

    What else do you do when people rub your nose in it, like a puppy who shit on the carpet simply because you wanted to love?

    I encountered several insecure, tantrum throwing adult men who were kind of assholes. Eventually found some adult male role models who where empathetic, kind AND strong -- who used whatever power they had to lift people up rather than put them down. These men made me a bit happier to have a penis.

    It one point I would have given anything to be "normal" .. I had to tear down my foundational beliefs and rebuild them from scratch -- it really wasn't fun, but I am happy with who I've become now. I made a determination that if I was going to be forced to be diverse, then I would learn to celebrate diversity.

    I no longer believe people are "born" bad .. that's just ridiculous; nor do I believe that you can ever be separated from that which created you.

    I finally just gave up and stopped trying to label everything, just be me. The day I did that I became instantly like 200% happier.

    After about 35 or so years of reading, studying, watching, praying, introspection I was able to have the gift of a tantric experience that helped me heal the deep divisions within.

    It was an amazing experience to feel whole, powerful and connected to all that is. To express gratitude and receive healing and love. To nuzzle the energy rather than the physical. To feel playful joy at my male side, rather than shame in thinking I could never live up to other people's expectations.

    It took all of my willpower to tame my ego, I certainly wouldn't recommend driving a car or operating heavy machinery when you are a human being who feels connected to all of creation.

    I went for a walk in the woods, and sure enough, after a lot of rain a large tree had fallen over blocking the path. What to do? Knowing that I was one of the few people walking the trail in the rain I didn't want to go under, I might get pinned. So yes, the only thing to do was climb over right? So there I was in the middle of the forest, high on DMT and laughing out loud about me having to climb on top and mount God's wood..

    Eventually of course that feeling subsided, the veil did it's job and weight and confusion of the physical world returned -- but -- at least now if I ever feel alone, or not good enough -- I have the memory of what that felt like.

    Fast forward a year later and I've finally found the most patient, kind and loving man I've ever met .. he all but healed all of those past hurts in like 2-3 dates .. awesome guy. He was patient enough to NOT go for the cock first, just the affection -- just taking our time exploring each other's bodies .. that made all the difference in the world.
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    Re: Bisexual. Curse? Blessing?

    Growing up in the 70's I knew I was bi as soon as my best buddy and I started sucking each other. I looked at my feelings honestly and could see no wrong in being bisexual so it didn't bother me. Naturally, I kept my desires a secret due to the times and even more so later in the Navy/Marines. To this day, I have no need to be "out" to the world. My sex life is no one's business but mine and those I share intimacy with. That's worked well for me.

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    Re: Bisexual. Curse? Blessing?

    Like the first post I have always know. Today's society is a lot more understanding and accepting. I just kept been me. If someone asked I told them.

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    Re: Bisexual. Curse? Blessing?

    When I was 15, I knew I was Bi, but VERY confused and conflicted...I grew up in a very smalltown. (read between the lines...)

    Sometimes, when I tell a Gay person that I'm Bisexual, I have often gotten the "Eww" look....

    The other side to the coin is I have explored sexuality, and I liked it!!!!

    I have met a lot of Kool people who were accepting.

    By accepting my sexuality, I have become more relaxed in my personal life...I have become more creative, and from that my problem-solving ability has gone thru the roof!!!
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    Re: Bisexual. Curse? Blessing?

    For me, it's a blessing when I have someone to let me satisfy my bi oral urges, but it's a curse when I am in need and can't find a cock to suck...or when I can't because my gf is hanging around too much. lol.

    It would be ideal for me to have a friend that was available when my craving gets overwhelming. That would be a blessing!

    I don't think of it as a curse at all...unless maybe I was outed and ostracized for it. I love that I can enjoy sex with men or women.

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    Re: Bisexual. Curse? Blessing?

    For me, its a curse. Because I've never been able to do anything about it.

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    Re: Bisexual. Curse? Blessing?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jazminedress View Post
    ehhhhh, I am what I am is what I am............spent too many years over thinking it

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    Re: Bisexual. Curse? Blessing?

    Unlike many here I had no early experiences with my own half of the species, nor any inclination that direction until I was in my mid-30s. What I did have was a very strong libido and a lot of sexual curiosity and sense of adventure. At some point that curiosity got to me, wondering what it would be like to play with another guy, suck cock, feel one thrusting into my ass and all that. When the opportunity presented itself I went for it. No regrets at all. I enjoyed it (and continue to do so!), but no confusion either. Much as I enjoy playing with a guy - even kissing deeply - there isn't any attraction there per se nor any romantic notions. A nice long session of 69 or a good flip fuck... oh yeah. Love it! So - definitely a blessing. I'd have missed out on so much otherwise!

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    Re: Bisexual. Curse? Blessing?

    Is it a curse or a blessing? Almost from the beginning, I always felt different after getting introduced to dick but not in a bad way and that was probably because damned near all of my male friends were either into dick already or were very eager to not be left out of the early sexual fun. I would grow to see bisexuality as... a force of nature; the way it can be for someone if they find it to their liking and with the extra "kicker" being that bisexuality isn't just or only about the sex. Still, growing up in a time where homophobia ruled the social stratus, yeah, it would sometimes feel like a curse because I would have a hard time trying to convince those who either knew or I confessed to that, no, I'm not homosexual; I'm bisexual because I never gave up my love, desire, and/or need for girls/women - but I wasn't of a mind to turn down some dick. I'd watch so many guys struggle with the "curse" of their bisexuality - and badly - and I had to resolve to not let others fuck with my head about my sexuality; at the same time, I'd run into so many guys who felt that being bisexual was, indeed, a blessing to be freed from that "you're either straight or gay" bullshit that has dominated our sociosexual mindset for as long as I can remember.

    Still, if I had to choose between blessing or curse, I'd choose blessing because I wouldn't be who I am today if I weren't bisexual.

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    Re: Bisexual. Curse? Blessing?

    Ive never been emotionally or physically attracted to guys. I'd say Im a 2 on kinsey spectrum, so Ive never been confused or felt cursed about it. Actually the only curse is having the urge and unable to find the right guy and situation for a FWB. Im a side and theres very few married sides out there.

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    Re: Bisexual. Curse? Blessing?

    Like many others, I didn't get the idea of bi when I was young. I tried out sucking a cock and didn't love it and happily moved on to my hetero life and long term marriage. As I've matured and thought back to my early interests, and my current interests, it is clear that I am really bi. Not really a blessing or a curse for me. I love having sex with my wife, I would love to have an MMF encounter that included me sucking cock with my wife, but that is not going to happen. But I'm ok with that and just enjoy fantasizing about it.

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    Re: Bisexual. Curse? Blessing?

    I don't know if being bisexual is a curse or not. I grew up in 60s and 70s it was not considered good then to be homosexual. I married. After 14 years and a bad marriage i engaged in oral sex with guys. I realized i really loved sucking guys and having them cum in my mouth. I crave a cock to suck. I have sucked a bunch of guys.

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    Re: Bisexual. Curse? Blessing?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jazminedress View Post
    ehhhhh, I am what I am is what I am............spent too many years over thinking it
    I am sexual , very , very sexual I have never been big on laels




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