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    Ever been caught in public?

    Public sex has always been a huge turn-on for me. Ever since I was young, and after watching two guys at our local park, I've always enjoyed performing oral (and on a few lucky occasions anal) sex outdoors.

    The first blowjob I ever gave was outdoors, albeit it was in my friend's back yard. Since then, I've had many outdoor experiences.

    The only time I was ever really caught was while I was sucking a guy I had met on fb. After about a hundred e-mails and texts, we finally arranged to meet in a parking lot at a nearby mall. According to the pics he sent, he was nicely hung (8" and fully shaved). I quickly got out and climbed into his truck.

    He had a large SUV with tinted windows, so we thought we would have sufficient privacy. When we drove to what we thought was a good spot in a local parking garage, we both climbed into the middle seat.

    I was fully dressed, complete with lingerie, wig, make-up and a medium sized butt plug. He was only dressed in workout shorts, a t-shirt, but no underwear.

    I had just pulled his shorts down and worked him to full hardness and just started to take his cock into my mouth when we heard a knock on the window. It was a security guard who had pulled in right behind us.

    Luckily, he had a suite hanging in the window. I quickly jumped down and hid underneath a blanket while he pretended to be getting dressed. He rolled the window down about half way and asked the guard if there was a problem? The guard wanted to know if there was a problem? My friend said no, that he had just come from the gym and was running late for a meeting, and that he was just getting dressed. The guard asked why he hadn't gotten dressed at the gym. My friend said, "I would have been stuck in traffic, so I decided to get dressed in my car."

    That was quick thinking on his part. The guard said, "Oh yeah. Cross-town traffic can be terrible at this time of day. Sorry to have bothered you, sir. I just didn't recognize your vehicle." Then he went on his way.

    I was sweating at that point. My friend rolled up his window and told me that everything was okay, but that he was still horny; however he would drive me back to my car if I wanted to? I told him hell no, I hadn't gotten all this dressed up for nothing.

    That's when he leaned back in the seat and unzipped. "Well, let's finish the job."

    It took me about a minute to have him back to full hardness. Once there, I had him in my mouth and within 10 minutes, I had the reward I had come for... all of which went into my mouth and down my throat.

    After we both came to our senses, he drove me back and went on to work.

    I sucked him several times afterward, but always at my apartment where we could do it in private.

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    Re: Ever been caught in public?

    Outdoor sex is amazing. Thankfully I have never been caught. I lost my anal virginity bent over a tailgate in an open field about 100ft behind some houses. Granted it was 3am.

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    Re: Ever been caught in public?

    i done it several times me fucking a guy or me sucking a guy never got caught but came close one time so i dont do it anymore

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    Re: Ever been caught in public?

    I love outdoor sex.. and yes have been caught a few times.. one such times was just about 2 years ago.. I had answered an add from a guy that said his wife basically refused sex with him and he was very frustrated and needed to unload a bunch of stress and strain.. so we chatted and I went to his place and met him in his garage.. it took no time at all for him to get me naked.. he was already hard as a rock but I sucked him to basically get it all slobbery.. then he bent me over still standing and lubed me generously inside and out and drove himself balls deep.. he was a mad man and went wild inside me.. it only took about 3 min when he grunted and blew his first load deep inside of me.. then he just pulls me tighter and starts pounding me again.. this time he has me pulled upright but slightly bent forward his 8” rather thick cock is making me feel very submissive.. so I relax into him as he started a rhythmic thrusting that is feeling so very good.. my mind is drifting in sexual bliss.. he was pumping on my hips to allow him full penetration of my pussy.. this went on for about 30 min until he started to cum in me again.. just at that moment he was filling my pussy again the garage door opens and there we are in the middle of the garage floor his cock buried in me and his cum filling my pussy.. his wife yelling out the window at the two naked men fucking in her garage.. he held me in place until he finished then let me go.. I jumped off his cock and headed out the door running down the street clothes in hand and his cum pouring out of my pussy.. a couple days later he called me and apologized and ask if we could meet again.. we did about a week later and about every week there after for about six months but never at his place..

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    Re: Ever been caught in public?

    The only 2 times I was ever fully caught was with a girl. Which is strange give the amount of sex I've had in public places with men vs. the times I've done it with women. The first was when I was in college and a cop suddenly came up on us in an empty state park parking lot with my nearly cumming dick deep in my girlfriend's mouth. The other was with an occasional hookup who had lied to her boyfriend and family so that we could have a hot weekend together. Unbeknownst to me her mother had a key to her apartment and decided to stop by to pet her cats or something and opened the door and gasped when she saw me pumping into her daughter while holding her legs high in the air.

    I have had sex with men in places where there were spectators, like theaters, sex clubs, or bathhouses. But that was to be expected. But I've had a couple of close calls of being caught having sex with other men, including having my sister come home while a very hot man I met at a theater had just finished fucking me in our parents' bedroom (fortunately she had groceries and went straight to the kitchen), and having the cops come by my car and flash a light in my face while I still had a mouthful of cum that I had just extracted from the guy sitting next to me (who was an off-duty cop himself, it turned out).

    The closest one though was when some cops spotted my car in a parking lot by a beach very early in the morning and set out looking for anyone who was there. The light from their flashlights was just inches away from me as I lay in the sand with another man's 8 inch cock fully up my ass. It was actually pretty exciting as I lightly squirmed my ass around his hard cock as the cops walked past us back to the parking lot, eventually making him cum. The not so exciting part was getting back to the parking lot to discover that the cops had towed my car away with most of my clothes inside, leaving me standing there in the cool morning air in nothing but a bathing suit and tennis shoes.

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    Re: Ever been caught in public?

    I was seeing this guy that I liked quite a bit.. we were being exclusive with each other.. he was fucking me very regularly.. then all of a sudden he became busy all the time.. I knew he was seeing someone else and it made me extremely mad.. he worked road construction building roads., I knew there was one of the guys on his crew that liked me a lot so I hooked up with him.. soon we were fucking almost every evening., we fucked everywhere.. I knew my ex worked graveyard so one night I talked him into taking me to the job site and fucking me.. so off we go.. we get there and start fooling around..we parked by some of the equipment and I noticed my ex’s truck parked across the lot with the park lights on.. so I told the guy I was with I wanted him to fuck me on one of the bulldozers.. so we get out of his truck basically naked and he starts fucking me in the blade of the dozer., then over one of the tracks and then he had me bent over the seat of the thing.. he must have fucked me for 2 hours that night.. I was completely naked except my thigh high stockings and gym shoes.. just happened to be my ex’s favorite pair of stockings.. we got back in his truck and he fucked me again in the seat..
    when we left we had to drive right past my ex’s truck.. I was still naked and when we drove past he turned on his lights.. I waved as we went by.. the guy I was with was scared that he would get in trouble.. I told him that if he said anything to remind him that he used to fuck me there all the time as well., anyway we would go fuck on the new interstate now and then but not with anyone watching..

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    Re: Ever been caught in public?

    As a teenager me and a friend use to fuck in the woods behind our houses we use to try to wait until it was getting dark but one time he couldn’t wait and I wanted it bad so it was early afternoon and he was fucking me standing against a tree as soon as he filled me up with a huge load we left the spot and later I had an older neighbor come up to me saying he was next !

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    Re: Ever been caught in public?

    I fucked a young woman on the hood of my car at the beach. She was at the beach house with a friend and we went for a drive. Later I found out she was underage. I still see her from time to time but we never have talked about it.
    A man that wants his monogamous wife to fuck others. And to swap cock.




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