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    Klien Grid

    Anyone here ever taken the Klein Grid test?

    My test result was Bi: Homosexual-Leaning , I knew i was attracted to guys but ...........

    I'd love to hear from anyone else who's taken this test. It can be found on in resources section.

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    Re: Klien Grid

    Just took it.
    Past=Heterosexual leaning.
    Future=Homosexual leaning

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    Re: Klien Grid

    i dont need a test to know i am bisexual

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    Re: Klien Grid

    I've always just wanted to love people, I never cared what was between their legs. Once puberty hit then of course I wanted to share pleasure too.

    I'm naturally attracted to males more .. which was really confusing when both gay AND straight people would try to convince me that bisexual people don't exist.

    If I had grown up today I might call myself pan rather than bi .. I know very well that gender is fluid because there are times I've FELT very masculine, feminine, adult and child. It depends on the hormones and where I'm at on the journey I guess.

    I always try to love the person first and the equipment second.
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