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    I met a guy from one of the web sites, we had a drink together and talked some. I told him my real first name and he said he would not. He didn't say much about himself. He seemed ok dressed well good speech he said he was from Finland . The only thing I saw was he had yellow teeth, he then said he had to go. I later received a email back from him saying to come over to his home. He said we could take it slow, and his wife was out of town for a while. This one doesn't feel right to me he will not tell his real name but will let me in his home. He keeps telling we will take it slow, What do you guys think?
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    Re: blow

    That would be a very big no for me...

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    No way, listen to your intuition

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    Re: blow

    If it doesn?t feel right..walk away?listen to you intuition

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    Re: blow

    hell no

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    As corholejoe said not no but "hell no" ,that guy's up to no good. When meeting up there has be shared exchanges between the two , only way it can work to establish basic trust. I'd never meet up with anyone form a foreign country anyway just the way I'm wired i guess. If nothing else there's hygiene to consider, poor care of his teeth indicates he pays little attention to his personal care, btw Finland is a health care for all state no excuse for that.

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