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    So this happened

    yesterday I was meeting with one of my sexually frustrated married guys.. really nice guy.. I have been with him 5-6 times.. he has a nice 7? average thickness cock.. he is quite good with using it.. most of the time when my guys come to visit me they are on a time crunch and usually want and need to get to it rather quickly.. this guy told me that his wife was out shopping and that he figured he had 2-3 hours.. he ask if I was ok with spending some time with him.. as he was scheduled later in the afternoon I assured him I was ok with what ever he wanted.. so as usual when he arrived I was already naked and ready as my previous gent had only been gone about an hour.. I answered the door and invited him in.. we kissed and made out for 10-15 min when he grabbed my cock and led me to my bed.. he then pushed me to my back on my bed and then got naked as well.. he then crawled between my legs and started sucking me.. then fingering me while sucking.. ok this is a nice change.. then moved to eat out and tongue fuck my pussy.. wow good job bud!!! Then with out wanting me to suck his cock he rolls me to my side and lifts my right leg to his shoulder and enters me in one big deep thrust.. wow that was a big change from the norm.. he proceeded to fuck me pretty hard and aggressively.. I like this bud keep it up.. I am really starting to get into it when he stiffness up and plants a large load deep in me.. I figure he is done and prepared for him to pull out but no he continued on humping and pumping in me.. now I am really starting to respond to him.. I am moving my hips to meet his thrusts and feeling him deep in me.. he is feeling really good.. he rolled me over to my stomach and went at it again.. rather aggressively.. he is really giving it his best.. I am really liking what he is doing.. my legs are spread and he is between them leaning forward with his hands on my shoulders pulling himself deep into me.. as he is pounding away I could feel his cock start to grow and spasm a bit.. he had been fucking me for about 30 min since he cum in me.. I knew he was getting close so I started lifting my hips to meet his thrusts.. I was moaning and grunting with his thrusts.. I feel his body start to stiffen up.. he digs his fingers into my shoulders as he pulls himself as deep into me as he can get.. I know he is ready.. I am excited for him to blow another load in me.. he drives himself into me and starts shaking and kinda grunting.. then instead of cumin in me he pisses in me.. I instantly feel very very full.. feel it leaking out from around his cock.. feel the stream hitting my insides.. now this has happened 2-3 times before but I was not expecting this!!! He pissed like a gallon of pee into me.. I am not sure this is all about.. the times before guys had told me it was a fetish.. this guy just did it.. I was and still am a bit confused.. he kinda acted like it was a common thing.. after he left he txt me and thanked me and wants to meet again next week.. wow I don?t know??? Have any of you had this happen to you?? I researched it and it is harmless but still it is kinda weird..
    so what are your thoughts and feelings?? Let me know!!!

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    Re: So this happened

    Without it being previously discussed and agreed on, I'd be furious with him.

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    Re: So this happened

    Out of bounds without previous discussion and permission. I would be truly annoyed.

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    Re: So this happened

    My boyfriend did that to me, fortunately it was while he was fucking me in the shower. He had his cock deep in my ass and told me he was peeing. I thought WTF but just went with it. Afterwards I told him that I didn't mind so much but would have been nice to know ahead of time. I do enjoy filling enema's so I think it has it's place but should never be a surprise!

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    Re: So this happened

    i have been done like that but was asked to take it that way she always did it in the shower it does give me a thrill but i want to be asked to do it

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    Re: So this happened

    It's strange... I'm not turned on in the least about pee and especially not poop. But there's something different about cum. Cum inside, outside, mouth, ass, or anywhere in between. I wouldn't like the idea of someone pissing in my ass thought. Preferences and boundaries.

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    Re: So this happened

    I love watching men handling their dicks, including urinating and the vulnerability and urgency surrounding that .. into a urinal or toilet if the guy doesn't mind others watching.

    I wouldn't be thrilled with the idea of anyone pissing inside me or on me .. that seems disrespectful .. especially if it's not discussed beforehand. I don't always mind trying new things at least once but repeatedly? No thanks.

    Of course if you don't speak up he may continue to think it's okay. If you don't like it, tell him.
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    Re: So this happened

    Well I thought one couldn?t piss when the dick is hard?
    At least for me, that?s been the case. I can spurt semen and not piss when I am hard.

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    Re: So this happened

    You shouldn't be able to piss while erect and from what I understand, if a guy can, there's a valve that might be damaged and should be checked out. You can piss while semi-erect but I'd never be of a mind to use a guy as a toilet... or to be used as one. Back in the younger days, a guy was fucking me and since he couldn't shoot the baby making stuff, he peed in me. It took five of my friends to pull me off of him and to get me to stop beating on him.




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