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    this is something that gets talked about here to some degree but never really looked at that closely or compared to each other..
    so I would like to offer up my opinion on the two.. first off let?s just get this out of the way.. yes they both are pleasurable.. but they are two separate and distinct things and no where near each other on the scale.. cumin is something that can be reached by your self or with the help of others.. anytime anywhere..
    yes it feels good to feel your cum spurt out of your cock.. and get all over everything..
    in my opinion cumin is a stepping stone to achieving anal orgasm.. for me it takes a while to build up to orgasm.. it comes from much deeper and is far more powerful and affects way more of your body and mind..
    for me to reach orgasm I usually cum 2-3 times before and my partner or partners a couple times.. with that amount of stimulus I can feel it starting to grow deep inside.. and as we continue can feel it grow.. my body heats up and I become hot.. my mind starts to become foggy and more focused on the sex.. I start to feel things more and concentrate on those feelings more.. I feel more pleasure.. I have a real desire, need for the sex.. the first waves of an orgasm are powerful and make me slake and quiver not for long but for a moment.. continuing on the second orgasm lasts longer, the waves last longer and are more powerful.. by the third and fourth orgasm I am in a constant state of orgasm.. the waves wash over me continuously and I quiver uncontrollably and my mind is blank and I gasp to breath.. my partners have told me that my pussy convulses and tightens during orgasms..
    orgasms by the 3-4 ones last a long time.. most of the time hours before I have completely stoped involuntarily convulsing..
    so for me they are two separate and distinct things!! What is your opinion??

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    I learned that you have to find the pleasure in being screwed. It's physical... and it's "mental," too. You have to want to find the pleasure and then get into it. I understand prostate stimulation and what that brings to the table but there's something... orgasmic about feeling a hard dick sliding into you and you know what he's about to do to you and... it is so good and nasty and naughty and, yes, orgasmic - but you still have to find the pleasure because it's not "automatic by default," if that makes sense - I can't think of another way to put it. Okay. Being fucked feels good once you get used to it but it doesn't mean that it's going to make you orgasm... right away if at all but, sure, lots of pleasure feeling that dick in there that could produce an orgasm.

    Cumming is nice. It completes the act; no cum can and does happen but does it really take away from the pleasure felt as he's pounding the shit out of your hole? I don't think so... but that's me and, yeah, I've been screwed and all I got out of it was a sore and messy asshole and absent that orgasmic tingle that I also know about. I'll say that fucking a guy in the ass isn't "the same" as fucking a woman's pussy, which is more "designed" to produce and induce orgasms than a rectum is - but it's possible because orgasm is just as much a state of mind as it is a physical sensation... and you still have to find the pleasure and not assume that it's "just going to happen" because it might not. If you can embrace being screwed, methinks you're in business and happy orgasms will kick your ass into the next county... but if you can't embrace it and work to find the pleasure in it, well, you're just being screwed and you're lying there wondering why you thought this was a good idea.

    Cumming - in the form of ejaculation - and orgasm are two different things and any guy who has busted a nut and felt "nothing" while doing it should know this, but we have some weird ways of looking and thinking about this. I'm not sure if I'm really saying this correctly but, yeah, I know the differences...

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    believe me when I say that I enjoy when a guy makes me cum fucking me.. it is pleasure for sure.. but at this point there are really only two guys I let push me to the point of orgasm.. my two hubby’s.. when pushed that hard and far to be in a state of continuing orgasm I become very vulnerable.. I have lost all inhibitions.. my mind is gone and the only thing in there is just sex.. I need sex... my only reason for being is sex.. I am basically a sex addict at that point.. the waves of sexual pleasure are washing over my body and I can’t control them.. I buck and shake and quiver uncontrollably.. my back arches my hips move wildly to bounce on whoever is in me at the time.. I moan very loudly.. I beg to continue getting fucked.. my life is worthless other than getting fucked.. my hubby’s love pushing me to this point and then slow fucking me as I come down from the convulsions I have been in.. finally waking up and relaxing as they slow fuck me back to reality.. my mind and body are exhausted.. my mind is still kinda foggy and I don’t really remember the past couple hours but my body tells me it was a great time..

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    Oh, I do believe you! For me, I had to learn how to... get into it. Forget the discomfort of penetration and focus on how good it feels and even thinking about how good it's gonna feel when he cums in me. It's... being in the moment and only in the moment. Feeling him on top of me or when I've rarely been on my back, looking down and seeing him plunging in and out of me and it's either oh, so good or... I wish he'd hurry up and cum. The one or two times I was gettng fucked and... I actually ejaculated but I was soft! Whew! Different when he's giving me a handjob while screwing me and I cum but, I dunno, I can't really put into words having an anal orgasm because it depends on some stuff and including how badly I need to be screwed.

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    i do really enjoy it and i love the feeling of cumming while being fucked in the ass




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