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    Re: What really started my bisexuality?

    I was in my late 20's, working on a project in Berlin for an unnamed film studio, recording an unnamed orchestra in Berlin to marry up with an unnamed chorus in London. My assistant was an Englishman, with cafe au lait skin, about 5'11" and somewhere between handsome and beautiful. We were both staying at an unnamed, upscale hotel in separate rooms a floor apart. We were working 10 to 12 hour days. After we wrapped we would dine together and then go to my room where we would review the day's work. At the end of the Berlin leg of the job we sat down in my room to review the final product before leaving for London the next afternoon. The final copy was wonderful and as the last chords died out we both jumped up and embraced in celebration of a job well done.

    And with my arms around him I felt the bra he was wearing under his sweater. I asked, "Is that a bra?" And his reply was to kiss me. It was a nice kiss and soon our mouths were open and our tongues were playing when he asked, "Do you want to fuck me?" And I did, more than once, and someplace before dawn, when I was on my back with him straddling me, he asked, "Would you like me to fuck you?" And for some reason that I didn't understand I said yes.

    He was very gentle as he explored my body, slowly introducing his finger and then fingers into me and when he asked if I was ready he very slowly and deliberately entered me, a little bit at a time, until I thrust hungrily back at him, taking his entire length into me. What an awakening! It felt so good and when he came and softened I almost cried at the feeling of loss as he slipped out of me.

    The following three weeks in London, staying in flat in Kensington, was my indoctrination into bottoming, feminization, crossdressing and giving oral sex. In time it lead to my temporary career change, getting paid for being a feminine bottom and negotiating my way through to the relative top tier of organized, industrialized sex. But that's a whole other story.

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    Re: What really started my bisexuality?

    I had a discussion just last week with my "playmate" of many decades on just this topic. His first sexual experience was with a male friend at age 11 and with his sister a year later. He said that sort of set his pattern and that he'd always found both males and females attractive. Mine was with a girl in a church basement at around age 12 and first intercourse was in front of a crowd at a basement party when I was 15. I didn't have sex with a male until my mid-30s when I just finally decided I wanted to find out what things were like from the perspective of the many women I'd been with all those years. I answered an ad in the Pennysaver (yes, by mail!) and decided to just launch right into it. I kinda freaked out my playmate a bit by not needing to be "gentled" into things and we just did about everything on the usual list of possibilities that first time - kissing, nipple play, stroking (of all sorts), oral, anal... basically as close as we could manage to what women had experienced with me. I still don't really find men attractive, but it was jolly good fun and remains so. As I said to my friend - I have no regrets whatsoever and feel that I'd have missed out on something lovely and valuable if I hadn't followed up on my whim.

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    Re: What really started my bisexuality?

    I never thought about it until I was 12 and my friend started sucking my cock and trying to get me to suck his.
    After a year I gave in to my curiosity and loved it from the start.
    But only had sex with him til we were 17.
    Then after that I thought about it alot but never did it anymore til I was in my 30's.

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    Re: What really started my bisexuality?

    Back in the 60s my buddy Mike and i would masturbate together. Eventually jerking each other off. He later started putting his hard dick in between my butt cheeks and slide it back and forth across my asshole and balls and cum on my ass. I knew i wanted to suck him but never got the nerve. He could've fuck me if he wanted. I regret it still today not eating his cum!

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    Re: What really started my bisexuality?

    On my 13th birthday. Which I was completely asexual at the time. My older brother and his buddy hooked me up with an older lady to lose my virginity.
    After that I went a little crazy and I would hangout late at night at some places. One time some guy came over and joined the group.

    The guy convinced me to go with him to show me something. I don't remember what but it was not sexual. We went by his place and he had a few dogs and two other boys living there. Then he took me in the bedroom and started demanding that I would fuck him. Let's say I had no idea what was going on, I was not aroused and I was kind of scared. I got on top of him as he said but I was not enjoying it, let's say.

    Then at some point we said "I know what you want". So he rolled me over and fucked my ass and then he went to sleep. I remember laying there feeling like shit for hours. At some point I managed to sneak out and left. It was not an experience I enjoyed, in fact I wish it would have never happened.
    But after that, maybe a year later when I was alone in my room I would start to play with my ass. Then I started to use object in the house. I had also developed a bad habit to collect pictures of women that I found in magazines or newspaper and I would masturbate a lot.

    It was not until I was 20 that somehow I met this guy. We went to a parking lot. He sucked my dick and then he got me to suck his. I lived in SoCal at the time and there were a lot of gay guys. They would routinely hit on me, so finding people was very easy. In fact I had to rejects most approaches. It wasn't until the mid twenties that I started looking at ads. I went through a period I was finding people often. But then I would stop.

    I go through periods that I completely forget about and I am with woman. I was married for 13 years and I have had many relationships with women, some lasted years. But it seems in between relationships I do look for something with a guy.

    I would say for me, most of the time it stays in fantasy land. After many years I finally accepted that I am bi, but I am very discreet because I don't want to lose my relationship with women.

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    Re: What really started my bisexuality?

    What kids *want* is to feel safe, secure and loved .. but I guess we all have to learn about sex somehow right? I sometimes do wish there was a better way to learn. The feelings can be very intense and if you aren't ready things can go wrong quickly. Good thing we are all very resilient. I just wish people hadn't told me that I was "wrong" for wanting to share love and pleasure with half the people i wanted to share it with. I would have been much happier.

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    Re: What really started my bisexuality?

    My sexuality evolved over many years, I guess I'm a sex addict. I was never interested in having any kind of gay sex, in fact I found gay guys repulsive for many years. My sex with women was really great and I was already ready to try new things. I had a girlfriend in my 20s that was bisexual, she would pick up other girls at the bar and share them with me. It was all about sex, drugs and rock&roll back in those days (80s)
    We had 3 and 4 somes but the guys never touched each other. I always enjoyed fucking a girl after another guy had already fucked her and dumped his load.
    When the VCR became a thing and you could watch porn in the privacy of your own house I was always looking for something new to try.
    Fast forward to the internet days and all the porn you can ever imagine, one day I'm looking at tranny porn. Some of these girls are really hot and excite me. Would I suck her dick? Oh hell yeah!
    Well, I was off to the races. I've only been with one real TS, a few CDs. I'm most attracted to fem guys that want to be fucked and sucked.

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    Re: What really started my bisexuality?

    I wouldn't say "addicted" but sex has been a part of my life longer than most people seem to want to admit.

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    Re: What really started my bisexuality?

    I’m not sure what started mine but I think it has always been a part of me. The feelings have come and gone over the years but have probably always been in me to some degree. For me I think it is more of something natural, from inside me other than outside influences that have created my bisexual urges.

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    Re: What really started my bisexuality?

    Fooled around with neighbor boys when young. As we grew older we all started going for girls. But for me, always had somewhat of a draw back to guys. So for me it was always part of my sexual attraction.

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    Re: What really started my bisexuality?

    A whole series of events led to my being bicurious. At 6or 7 I was playing in our shack in the woods by our house when the neighbor teen came in. He took out his cock and stroked it till some precum came out, he wanted me to lick it off but I said no. At about 10 we had a man visit for a few days and as I had a double bed my folks had him sleep with me(I could never figure out why they put a total stranger in bed with their young son). I woke up during the night and he was spooning me and playing with my dick, I reached back into his underwear to feel him and his dick was all wet and sticky. I didn't know what it was so I pulled my hand out and rolled away from him. I Mom and he was gone the next day. As I look back I think I scared myself more than he scared me.At about 14 a much more developed neighbor boy talked me into letting him fuck me. As he was trying to my dad called for me so it didn't happen which I think was good because I think he would have been brutal. I will say that I was a very late bloomer with a little boy dick and I couldn't cum till I was 17. That was when my fascination with cocks really bloomed, I would sneak a look whenever I could and still do. The summer after graduation a coworker kept after me to suck him off or let him fuck me, again a no on my part. At about 20 I picked up the "town queer " to give me a blowjob. I couldn't cum( I never have been able to cum from just oral) so I fucked him instead, he was nice and tight and it felt really good. I got married and developed very straight friends in a small red neck town. So now I am 75 and still very curious. I would like to find a gentle man to let me explore my desires and see if I am truly bi or if is just a fantasy world for me. I do see myself as a sub/bottom. Sorry for being so long but I have wanted to tell my story for a while.

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    Re: What really started my bisexuality?

    Once upon a time I guess it was like, well they are both male so it's okay to sleep together? I eventually did have a very horny mind but of course didn't act on it except by myself.

    Speaking of gentle, my best experience so far was with a friend of 20 years. We finally broke down and decided to be intimate together and I wasn't all nervous and whatnot. It does make a difference if you trust the person. He was thoughtful enough to ask, not just demand.

    Most of the time I'm kind of submissive but depending on what's going on I switch moods. If a guy is really getting into fingering and stuff I become a bit more insistent.
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    Re: What really started my bisexuality?

    All things being equal, I think your pic is super hot!

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    Re: What really started my bisexuality?

    I really like this thread because it gets to the heart of why we all participate. I was bi before I even really understood what bi was. It wasn't until after sucking my first cock, swallowing my first mouthful of cum, and taking my first cock in my ass and feeling the cum leak out afterward, and then jerking off for the next several days knowing what I had done. It takes a person a while to process those feelings and sensations. But once I came to grips with it, I knew I would be open for more experiences.

    I was 14 at the time, and I remember it clearly because it was the day after my birthday. By the end of that first day, I had sucked him twice. The next day, when I went back, I sucked him hard again and that's when he fucked me.

    From then on, I wasn't shy about having MM sex. As I'm getting older, I don't mind returning the favor. What's the old saying? Once a bottom always a bottom, and once a top always a top.

    I love pussy too. Always have and always will. But there's something about that first time sucking cock that you remember.

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    Re: What really started my bisexuality?

    Quote Originally Posted by jjourneyman View Post
    But there's something about that first time sucking cock that you remember.
    Agreed - I remember every detail of my first time. And the next day, which is often when the regret or other negative emotions kick in (or so I have read alot) I felt nothing but warm, happy, content and excited that I had finally fulfilled my desire, and comfort that I was for SURE going to pursue MM sex for the rest of my life.

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    Re: What really started my bisexuality?

    At 7 years old? The actual sex was inconsequential, like half a blowjob and some inserting of things in odd places .. it felt really awkward and I disliked the kid anyway for locking me in the basement and threatening me with his dad's gun.

    What I will never forget is how good it felt to be in his arms, desired and adored - it was like a switch flipped and just knew THAT is what i wanted. And yes, if the worst thing you can do to a man is to call him a woman (ain't that some shit?) then yes, it took me a long time to get over the "shame" of wanting to be submissive like that.

    I know better these days, we ALL have both creative and nurturing energy, regardless of what is between our legs .. and sex is just as much for bonding and sharing pleasure as anything else.

    I've always just wanted to love. Nobody "groomed" me. I refuse to apologize for simply wanting to love, wanting to be intimate with anyone else.
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    Re: What really started my bisexuality?

    I suppose I was always curious, but as a teenager you 20 y/o society at the time was not so open. I dated a young woman who opened my eyes to many things, she was keen on swing parties it was at one of these she introduced me to cock

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    Re: What really started my bisexuality?

    My very first sexual experience was at 13 with an older boy, he was 16. Long story short, I didnt initiate the act and wouldnt have, but he did, however I didnt object and in fact we had a few more sleep overs just to do it again. Never did anything again like that till 26yrs later. Went on to chase girls/women, got married, had kids....but always thought about it off and on throughout the years.

    The best way Ive been able to describe this to myself is, a very erotic image got permantly burned into my brain and it's followed me through life. Im 95% certain had that not happened I wouldnt be above a zero on the kinsey scale.

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    Re: What really started my bisexuality?


    SEE ATTACHED: Bisexual behavior genetically tied to risk-taking, controversial DNA analysis finds | Science | AAAS

    Many are waking up to this reality.

    Please send to the readers here in site as I am not to computer literate.
    Don't worry, be happy!

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    Re: What really started my bisexuality?

    I really think I was born bi. I've known since I was maybe 12, 13 years old that I had an attraction to both genders. Having been raised in a very conservative area as well as being devout Roman Catholic at the time, acting on my same sex attraction would have been considered a mortal sin. Oh, the guilt I was feeling due to that attraction!

    I first lost my virginity to a girl at 15. Sex with her was enjoyable but neither of us had a clue what we were doing. After she and I split ways when I was 16, I met up with a guy from school with whom I'd hung around occasionally. It was rumored he like both boys and girls and I'd always wondered if that was true. When he invited me to camp out with him one Saturday night, I found out what a same sex sexual encounter could be like.

    My first man on man sex with him was amazing. He was an amazing kisser and a patient lover. I'm grateful for that patience because he was well hung packing a thick eight inches and a fat mushroom head. I had all I could to take him in my mouth without scraping my teeth on his cock. But, I managed and I got to taste my first load that day. I just wish I could have taken him from behind but I couldn't.

    I've recently run into him on FB. He's now out as completely gay. I've told him that I often think of our first times together way back when. Unfortunately, I've gained a fair amount of weight since HS. Though he's a bear himself, he has no interest in other bears. I likes the young, smooth twinks.

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    Re: What really started my bisexuality?

    Mine was finding my parents porn mags as a kid. I loved everything I saw. Women were amazing to me as a young boy of course. I would fine the right picture and jerk off sooo much. But seeing some spreads where it was males with females, I was mesmerized when I saw that first erect cock. I was both amazed as well as wanting mine to be just like it. I began jerking off to pictures of guys with women, but wanted to see that cock so that I could pleasure myself looking at the full form of a huge cock, tightened balls , and between a woman pussy and an erect cock… I blew sooooo many loads. After that, I was lucky to have neighborhood kids who wanted to experiment with each other. Finally I was able to get one of those cocks I fell in love with in my face, in my hands, in my mouth. From my first cock, my first pussy… it’s been such a wonderful experience growing up, never worried about my sexuality, to me it was all just a wonderful thing to experience.

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    Re: What really started my bisexuality?

    mine was with a buddy from high school the same age. long story short, we went camping by ourselves for three days. he brought a bottle of bourbon. at night we/d be in the tent drinking and eventually naked showing our cock to each other. this lead to drunken massages. i remember sitting on his ass rubbing his back, and then i said let me do the front now. he rolled over and our cocks where together. both hard i held our cocks together then massage his abs and chest. i decided as he was pretty drunk that now was the time. i got off of him,, i reached over and touched his hard cock, then went for it...licked it, sucked it in my mouth,, his load was surprise, how much it was!




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