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    I got a blackmail attempt last week.

    I pay for an adult dating site. I started out 20 years ago getting pussy off that site. It was pretty good for a few years. Then I had a few sessions with a woman and her hubby. Well, her hubby wanted to suck me, so he did. Next time the wife wanted to see us each blow each other. We had fun and they eventually split up over her spoiled adult son mooching off them both.

    I continued seeking sex with women but they became drama and more drama. I did not and couldn't afford leaving my wife so 10 years ago I started meeting with men. All men want to do is have sex and relieve some tension. I've enjoyed that a lot.

    A couple of weeks ago a guy from out of town started flirting with me. We chatted on the site's message board. The guy wanted to get together and he was in Montana. I told him he was too far away. He was in Louisville for business. Chatted some more and we exchanged phone numbers. After a while he texted back. "how would you feel if all your family, friends, and neighbors got your dic pics and your desire to suck dick"? I told him I would not like that. He texted back that if I bought him a $1000 gift card he would stop. I said no.
    At that moment he sent me: My dick pics, my texts to him. my daughter's and son in law's name and address, my wife's pic and address, and pics of me and my friends all taken from FaceBook. I told him that I'd see the police and he said that they or any LEO couldn't do a thing. At that point I blocked him from my phone and I haven't suffered any damage....YET.

    Anyone ever have this happen to them? If my family or friends say anything I'll tell them that I got scammed by an internet criminal.

    How 'bout you?

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    Re: I got a blackmail attempt last week.

    I?ve never have that happen to me but I don?t ever post anything on Facebook, never ever. I?m on my iPad right now. If anything is on my phone it is only there until I can transfer it to iPad and delete it completely off my phone.
    With the way AI is progressing anybody can make a picture of you doing anything!
    By the way, that picture of me with a dick in my mouth is not AI, it?s real from 8/29/2023.
    If you do report it to the police then you would have to admit to them that you are a cocksucker.
    However, blackmail is blackmail. It is always illegal as far as I know.
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    Re: I got a blackmail attempt last week.

    Yep happened to me! They even called my phone. They got very hostel and threatened physical violence. I went PSYCho on the phone told them I would hunt them down and ...... He never called back but I did worry for a bit. I did report the profile and it got removed. These cowards have actually cost people their lives. Sorry you are going through this. I from that point forward only chat with those that I can verify their location by.... asking them a location question you cannot google. Something you would only know if you were actually there. Otherwise I don't give out my phone number. OR you could use an app like textnow. Reporting it will not do anything since most are some shit hole place on the other side of the world that has NO law enforcement to speak of. Same area that does most of the on line scams.

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    Re: I got a blackmail attempt last week.

    I have had this happen three times in the last 5 years. One guy even called me with the caller ID showing Houston Police Department. Fortunately, his English was so bad it was clear he was no detective. I have the advantage over these fools because everyone important in my life already knows I'm bi so I just tell them to move on and have never had another contact from them. I did report them to the site they approached me on.

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    Re: I got a blackmail attempt last week.

    These types of scams have been around for a long time. They were really big during the Craigslist era - it was one of the main reasons CL stopped with their personals.

    I've never been blackmailed for money, although I do know some guys who have. I had a friend (regular) a few years ago (just before Covid) who called and told me he had been looking to hook up with a guy from DoubleList. He was a total top and had been looking for an oral and anal bottom. At that time, he had just moved to a new city after taking a new high profile job. He was a cool guy, but very married (his wife didn't suck or do anal - both of which he really enjoyed). He also had kids and a big mortgage. Bottom line, he had a lot to lose and going to the police was not an option.

    He confided that he and the guy had exchanged several emails and texts (including pics). The day they were scheduled to meet up, he received a text from the guy threatening to out him to his wife and boss if he didn't send him $10,000.

    That morning he called me in a panic and explained the situation. I asked him if he had never sent anything via work phone or computer? He said he handn't - that all of their communication had been through his personal phone and email. I advised him to change his phone number and delete the email address, which he did. I told him to tell his wife that he had been hacked and that he was worried that someone was trying to steal his identity. She never questioned him about it and after that, the threats ended.

    Later we talked and he thanked me for the advice. But I told him that he had gotten lucky because some scammers are quite sophisticated. The bottom line is, no matter how careful you are, hooking up always involves some level of risk, whether it be blackmail or other type of crime such as robbery, physical assault, or all three. Always use your big head before getting the little one involved.

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    Re: I got a blackmail attempt last week.

    I got something similar. I got manipulated into giving my real phone number. Big mistake. When I got to the meeting spot, I was texted my wifes facebook photo with a similar threat.

    I replied something like "Nice job." he continued with the threats, so I said, "Like you think it matters!"

    He stopped threatening me and I never heard from him again. If he messaged my wife, I never heard about it from her.

    I doubled down on my Opsec and haven't had a problem since. ANyone that doesn't have a VOIP phone number for his phone should get one right now. Google Voice is free and can be attached to a stand alone google account seperate from a primary with your email address. There are pay VOIP phone numbers too for $5 pr $6 a month.
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    Re: I got a blackmail attempt last week.

    Sounds like a variation on your typical catfishing scam .. they have no intention of meeting you, they are just stringing you along until they can get you to go to "Walgreens or CVS" - don't hang up the phone -- we need you to read the gift card numbers RIGHT AWAY .. are you driving there now??

    I try not to flaunt it in people's faces but I do post some LGBTQ sympathetic stuff to my Facebook, and I'm out to most of the friends that matter to me anyway. It wouldn't be a complete shock to actual friends to find out I swing both ways.

    At this point in my life I am what I am. You either like me or you don't -- that's okay.

    I DO NOT post naughty pics online -- sorry, but once it's out there it's so easy to propagate beyond your control.

    My best advice for online dating -- meet local people in a public place, if it's been a month and the person who is so madly in love with you still doesn't want to meet, stop talking.
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    Re: I got a blackmail attempt last week.

    I a few years ago met a man that seemed to be a real nice guy.. anyway I had sex with him 4-5 times.. then one evening he sent me a message saying I am on my way be naked and be ready.. I sent him a message saying that I was busy and tonight won’t work.. so like 15 min later there is knocking at my door.. as I open the door he kinda pushes his way in.. then noticed the clothes on the back of the couch..realized that I was not alone and starts in about how I am his and no one else’s.. that when he wants sex. I should drop everything and sleep with him.. I kicked him out of my place.. a couple days later I got a threatening message and some videos that he found.. there were like 3 videos that showed the top and back of my head and my shoulders, sucking a rather large black cock.. I think 3 videos showing my ass cheeks and lower back being fucked.. showing the cocks going in and out of me.. and me moaning..
    now I used to send out pics and videos all the time and post them as well.. never really gave it much thought.. and if you really knew me you would know by my tattoos that it was me.. but you would have to be or been someone that I had slept with to know.. by the time he sent those videos I had gotten a lot more tattoos... anyway he sent them to my son.. trying to enforce dominance and power over me.. any way I no longer post or send out stuff.. I only send if taken by someone I have slept with and built trust with..

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    Re: I got a blackmail attempt last week.

    guys , thanks for the heads up. iv'e been meeting men for decades and never new this type of asshole existed . i guess i have been really lucky. a few years ago this would have been horrible , but now since i have told my wife about my bisexuality , it's not that big a deal . but there are still family and friends i would not want to know. i'll be more careful from now on.

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    Re: I got a blackmail attempt last week.

    Yeah, someone tried that with me years ago and I told them I wasn't paying them shit and didn't give a fuck who they told...

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    Re: I got a blackmail attempt last week.

    A woman tried it with me. I laughed and said my wife knew and it really didn’t matter. Never heard anything more.

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    Re: I got a blackmail attempt last week.

    Wow you guys have met some crazy people! My husband would probably hunt them down and ruin them. I've only seen that side of him come out once when a manager pulled something on him. He has the man so scared he cannot look him in the eye.

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    Re: I got a blackmail attempt last week.

    This is a very old con called The Badger Game. Prior to the internet, it worked along the lines of getting a guy with his pants down and then the "irate BF/Husband" suddenly shows up and shakes the victim down. Robbery and assault were often involved. Now we have the digital version. Ain't technology grand? LOL

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    Re: I got a blackmail attempt last week.

    Oh, like the spam mail I often get where someone says they've accessed my computer and if I don't pay them, they'll release all of the porn sites I visit and... I laugh my ass off at how patently ridiculous that is because (1) hacking my computer wouldn't be easy (my hard drive is encrypted) and (2) I don't visit porn sites and (3) I don't have pictures of me having sex... but it still amazes me how many people would believe this bullshit. Oh, and they'd tell my family... and like they know any of them! Telling my lady would probably make her hurt herself laughing since there's nothing I do that she doesn't know about and approves of.

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    Re: I got a blackmail attempt last week.

    1. Opsec. Seriously though, I've never worried about that.
    2. I DO understand those that need to. Personally, IDGAF.
    3. I am NOT the one. I'm poor. So good luck

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    Re: I got a blackmail attempt last week.

    Just an FYI in case people don't know this - if you take pics with your phone they have GPS data embedded. If you send that pic to someone who wants to cause trouble, they know where you live.
    You can strip the GPS data from the picture file - and should if sharing photos.

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    Re: I got a blackmail attempt last week.

    Quote Originally Posted by phalluster View Post
    Just an FYI in case people don't know this - if you take pics with your phone they have GPS data embedded. If you send that pic to someone who wants to cause trouble, they know where you live.
    You can strip the GPS data from the picture file - and should if sharing photos.
    Keeping location privacy in photos is as easy as putting it in airplane mode and assuring GPS, Bluetooth and wifi are off while taking the photo. That keeps the location data the phone has to a very broad area based on the last known location. Check this on your own device with vanilla photos to be sure it gives you the privacy you want.

    If your phone has a VPN, use it too. Recent iPhones have this built in.
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    Re: I got a blackmail attempt last week.

    There are many free tools to remove EXIF data from your photos. Google is your friend or try

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    Re: I got a blackmail attempt last week.

    I'm really sorry to hear about the blackmail attempt you went through, Kysquire. That's a stressful situation to deal with. It's essential to stay vigilant and protect your personal information.If you ever find yourself facing similar situations or need advice on dealing with online threats, you can explore resources on Digital Investigation. They offer insights and guidance on various digital security issues, including blackmail.Remember, you're not alone in facing these challenges, and there are ways to protect yourself and seek help if needed.

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    Re: I got a blackmail attempt last week.

    Just a followup. I am original poster and I never heard back or got any feedback from anyone I know. Personally, I think anyone who does this kind of stuff needs to at least have the hell beat out of them!

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    Re: I got a blackmail attempt last week.

    I'm glad nothing ever happened to you. I'd personally worry
    more about someone getting overly attached to me wanting
    me to be in a gay romantic relationship, as I'm bi, but hetero romantic only. An online friend had a gay man try to force him
    to be out to his then wife.

    Nowadays, I'm out to a few key friends, and I like to think I'm just too damn cheap to be bothered to be blackmailed? LoL
    That's not a challenge by the way, either, as I know I'm not a master of OPSEC. I would have no qualms reporting blackmail to the police, or FBI if over state lines if I were. Plus the people they'd threaten to out me to would laugh in their faces. They'd say we already figured, and if anyone's to make me miserable, awkward and squirm, that it's their damn job, and tell the blackmailer thanks but no thanks and to kindly butt out!

    Sadly, a lot of married bi guys are in a position where it would wreck their home life and job, and people prey on that. Someone got my FB contact list, ironically after I tightened the security, sent nasty emails to everyone, so I warned my workplace. My FB has zero to due with my sex life or sexuality.
    As for photos & GPS, you can take a screenshot of your photo and that won't have GPS embedded in case it was turned on. But you need to keep track of which is the screenshot, though.

    PS look into online reputation firms if someone does this to you. In this day and age if it's not in the first page of Google, does it really exist?��
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