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    Smile Whats your favourite sex toy?

    Toys are great fun.
    My wife likes a tinny thing that buzzes a 500 mph. me i like a big double ender that we share..

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    Re: Whats your favourite sex toy?

    My favorite toy is anyone next to me.

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    Re: Whats your favourite sex toy?

    Has to 8" cyberskin vibrator with balls,it has served us well...

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    Re: Whats your favourite sex toy?


    Impressive imagery...

    Unfortunately, I too have no experienced with toys. On this site, folks have posted photo with items attached to them and I puzzle, while laughing at my ignorance...what is that and does it bring pleasure or pain? Guess I will never know.

    I feel like a country bumpkin, with my naivete' showing through again.

    Keep on enjoying,

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    Re: Whats your favourite sex toy?

    An 8" strap on Adrienne uses on me is my fave. I think it's hers as well since it stimulates her anally and vaginally.
    Love without restriction, without judgment or limit....doesn't that sound like how God loves?

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    Re: Whats your favourite sex toy?

    My boyfriend and I like an 8" dildo with realistic feel, built in vibrator and nice big head. I love it when he goes down on me and sucks my clitty while rubbing the cockhead against my pussy lips. It is very easy to fantasize that it is real cock, the idea of which excites us both. It definitely is a big turn on to come pretending the cock belongs to some young man who my boyfriend has helped to service me!

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    Talking Re: Whats your favourite sex toy?

    I have a 10 inch anal bead wand that starts at half an inch and gradually thickens to about two inches. My wife uses it on me when she feels dominant. I use it cuz it feels good...
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    Re: Whats your favourite sex toy?

    My anal beads are wonderful. My wife and I recently aquired a new toy and it seems to be working very well for both of us. It's a bulbous vibrating head (no shaft) and it's on a 12" flexible wand. Vibe controls in hand its good with a friend or self-serve.

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    Re: Whats your favourite sex toy?

    A woman with a strap on, ummm, I would be her toy, ok my anal beads.

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    Re: Whats your favourite sex toy? a bi married man my favorite toys are my cyberskin vagina and penis

    i use on my wife and self...she prefers vibrating toys around clit...

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    Re: Whats your favourite sex toy?

    i have a few sex toys,but i would have to say my benwarballs are my faviorts,because i can wear them all day long if i wanted too
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    Smile Re: Whats your favourite sex toy?

    My first favorite is my Doc Johnson 12 " Natural with balls. The first 6 " really feels great going in {about 2 1/4 " thick ,then reduces down to about 2 " } Feels so life like ! Wish I could find a real cock this size !!!

    My second favorite is the 12 " Czar . The head is about 6 1/2 " in circumference , then increases to 8 " , then decreases to 7 1/2 " .This one is really Huge , butt it Feels really great once its entirely inside and the stroking starts . A real Nut Buster !!! 5 Star rating !!! *****

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    Re: Whats your favourite sex toy?

    My favorite toys are a buttplugg that I use quite often and a strap on that occational will be used on me

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    Re: Whats your favourite sex toy?

    i love 'em all!!! Actually, I have quite a few friends that have never played with toys before, so I am hosting a sex toy party! It is going to be fun.

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    Re: Whats your favourite sex toy?

    My favorite toy is an 8" realistic dildo that I use on my ass. I've had it awhile and have used it quite a bit. Might be time to hit the local shop and find a new favorite toy. Would rather have the real thing though...

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    Re: Whats your favourite sex toy?

    Never thought I would publicly disclose this but I view it as a public service to my fellow board members! LOL! My favorite toys are as follows, but not necessarily listed in order of preference:

    1. My "Rabbit". A cute little bunny shaped item that vibrates and reaches all the good places and as a result, gets hidden by hubby so I won't use it without him. LOL

    2. My newest addition to the toy chest, the "Feeldo"....a latex item that has a penis and I guess what would be referred to as a butt plug that can be shared by both partners. An added extra is the little buzzing item the makes it oh, so special for myself in particular.

    3. The good old fashioned strap on!....Yes, I said strap on! A moment of empowerment for me as a female and a moment of fun for the hubby!

    But the best toy of all is a vivid imagination and the willingness to share said imagination with one's partner. That alone is what makes my marriage and my sex life one that I am most proud of!

    Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: "What! You too? I thought I was the only one."

    C. S. Lewis

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    Re: Whats your favourite sex toy?

    Hummingbird Vibrater/Dildo. It has a rotating / vibrating mechanism in the the shaft and a hummingbird shaped clit stimulator on the top end, above the balls. It hits just the right spot(s) and sends me into orbit...of course while my husband is watching me us the toy!

    Simulated vagina that my husband brings out to watch me lick on. He also gets so slip his penis into it once in awhile!

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    Re: Whats your favourite sex toy?

    i have a few favorites.. the first toy i got was from another sight. called the "aria". it's a nice thin little toy that can be used by either end... a wonderful feeling with that little 8 incher. then i started with plugs.. had a few that were great. now i'm working on some larger toys. training i suppose you could say.. they are very enjoyable..

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    Re: Whats your favourite sex toy?

    hi gang: ive never used any but my wife has a great single ben wa ball that vibrates and she runs it all over me whilst giving me head, it feels great!

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    Re: Whats your favourite sex toy?

    OK at the request of bigregory i am gunna reply to this one.. hehe

    First and formost - Massager/Pocket rocket/Clit massager, i dont care what u want to call it.. no female should EVER be without! ever.. i have 2! hehe
    Second - bullets/vibrating bullets the dont really have anyother names i dont think.. hehe.. they can go ANYWHERE they please so they are OH so useful!
    Third - infrared 8" vibrator, the tapered tip of it is infrared which means in simple terms it heats up and where ever u direct the tip of it gets heated up.
    Fourth - G-Finder, i think it spreaks for its self, a jel-lee vibrator that can be used on men or women and it is dead straight up untill the end 7cm/2and a bit " is bent at an angle to.. duh duh duuuhhhh.. find the g-spot.. (great for guys!)
    Fifth - Ben Wa balls, a pair of good balls! Who can go past it! they work wonders for the PC muscles as well as being extreamly stimulating, the longer u can hold them up there the stronger u will get and the more pleasure! i have a set of 2 that has an outer shell then a slightly smaller inner ball which means that if they move in the least the inner ball starts banging around in its shell.... work that one out for urselves.
    Sixth - "anal" beads (these ones r great for the guys.. but girls to) a set of varying in size beads on a string/cord to be put where u want (obviously only one spot for a guy and 2 for a girl) and the muscles of what ever it is in will pull the beads around and they do what they want.

    ok they r the sex toys.. Now for implements, so to speak..

    Flogger - Cant beat it.. up close and personal can be used for leasure or painand depending on the person BOTH hehe. or jus lightly run along the bod for anticipation.. ugh. awesum
    Cuffs - Kinda a bit cliche now but the do the job, espcially if u r on a budget!, and i luv em if u wana have marks in the moring for proof! (damn laws making it illegal to sell cuffs without a safety release)
    Double bonded velcro restraints (wrist and ankle) - well i love these, dont let the velcro bit fool ya.. SO hard to get out off! and they dont hurt or mark, unless u r doin some heave duty pulling on them.
    Teathers - well these can attach to nething! haha i use them to attach the above to either corner of my bed. (AND if u want to leave them there without enyone knowing u cn just attach the teathers to the bottom of your bed [slat beds only] and then tuck them under your mattress when you are done)

    OOKAY i think thats about all im gunna put down there.. ne more Q's just ask :P

    (i used to teach people about this kinda stuff and i hold sex toy partys.. so sue me)

    Last edited by Woahman; Sep 5, 2005 at 1:15 AM.
    Luv Jem

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    Re: Whats your favourite sex toy?

    My ex told me of her favorite. It is a chilles Korbel bottle. Starts off small and flares out to whatever you can take. She said I did real well!!

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    Re: Whats your favourite sex toy?

    My favorite sex the "Fleshlight" this is a toy, that looks like a large flashlight. you unscrew the large end of it, and inside is a latex "pussy" with lips also...You remove the latex it in a sink full of hot water..and let it heat up...then you put it back in the plastic case,...lube it up, and yourself..and slip your cock inside. VERY nice....close to a real pussy, but it doesnt' get looser as you use it. You can hold it stationary and fuck it, put it between the mattress and kneel on the side of the bed and hump away, or lay on your back and just move it up and down...after cumming inside it...clean up is a breeze, you pull out the insert, and flush it out with water.....and the "Fleshlight".....NEVER has a headache.....

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    Whats your favourite sex toy?

    My favorite sex toy is not something tangible, but I think without it, you can never have a greater sense of pleasure. My toy is my imagination.


    Life is a strange thing...
    Just when you think you've learned how to use it, it's gone.....

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    Re: Whats your favourite sex toy?

    My favourite sex toy is my outboard motor with the big rubber propeller


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    Re: Whats your favourite sex toy?

    my favotite sex toy?? hmmm.... hard to choose! lol i would have to say i prefer my small mulitspeed " laya" it has like 10 diffrent vibrations and is a great toy for the it from

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    Re: Whats your favourite sex toy?

    my favorite sex toy is one that i haven't found yet.
    it's a strap on,
    and when i thrust into him, it thrusts into my vagina,
    all the while leaving my asshole free for play.
    it's gotta be tight. it's gotta be comfortable.
    i can sleep with on.

    if you find it, i'll pay you a finders fee!
    I don't know of any heterosexual who would keep it a secret
    that they are attracted to, and date, the opposite sex

    So why should I
    keep my orientation


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    Re: Whats your favourite sex toy?

    I hope you find it Lorcan.
    All i can think of that would work is a big double ender..
    send me 1 if you ever find it......... the supertoy that is...I would love to see a pic of you wearing it .. kisses
    Last edited by bigregory; Sep 10, 2005 at 12:58 AM.
    BI and loving it

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    Re: Whats your favourite sex toy?

    I like battery oped plugs, need more batteries!!

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    Re: Whats your favourite sex toy?

    [FONT=Comic Sans MS]well, three of many, ( dont ask, you wouldnt believe it anyways) i have here are favorites. one is a 8 inch glass [ pyrex] dildo with a slight bend at one end, and a rosebud and nubs at the other that feels fantastic when warm or chilled. another is a 9 inch purple jelly vibrator that is about 22 mm in diameter... perfect for buzzing the prostrate and gentle ass play. and well, it's a toss up between two others, one being a plain old soft skin dong that feels just so lifelike, the other is a 10 inch strap on that one of my lady friends bought for us that gives us both total thrills. she says she gets tremendous clitoral orgasms from it.. looking at a new "appliance"? you might call it.. really hard to describe but you can find it at;

    i have several strings of beads, one string with a varying line of different sizes,that looks really tempting and fun, but, well, doesnt seem as if my partenrs are much interested in using them or trying them, and i'm not gonna try them alone... and i did find this wand, a egg on a stick if you will, costs about $32 US that seems to make eveeryone who uses it or has it used on them to fall in love with it.. one lady i know wore one out in 4 months! so, it must be something good[/FONT]
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    Re: Whats your favourite sex toy?

    This to all women, maybe men too, don't know.
    All women should own one, OH MY GOODNESS!! Just Google it and buy one.
    I could be their spokesperson. Seriously, buy one and let me know!!!!





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