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    Re: Women wirh Anal fetish

    I have only had a couple women who were into ass play. The first one was before I discovered my bisexual side, she licked my asshole once and used her vibrator on me. Both were a huge turn on and made me cum like a fountain but it was a one and done thing, never followed up on it. I think straight guys are pretty shy about admitting they like that because she might think I'm gay.
    Later in life I had a live in girl friend that liked ass play and I let her know I liked it too. We bought some toys, butt plugs and a small strap on, my ass is tight. We had a lot of fun fucking each other.

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    Re: Women wirh Anal fetish

    Know I love having my hole licked it?s awesome

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    Re: Women wirh Anal fetish

    I am not sure I ever posted it here but oral anal is how I finally got my man to open up to oh so much more. I still to this day love, love, love when he gets super clean and I ravage his anus and anal hole with my tongue. When I first began doing this he would let me do anything ese I wanted. Eventually I was able to do it with others around and he opened up to eating other men's cum off of me, out of other women, kissing me with mouthfuls of cum, out of me on top of him and allowed his first cocks ever to fuck him anally (of course it was bareback, how else should one have their first real cocks?). I had tongue fucked the heck out of him when two men sucked his cock with one of their wives helping. Two other men fucked and came inside me so when we got in a 69 he had more than enough cum to eat as I helped guide several cocks into his gorgeous hole to be fucked for quite a while. From then on all I had to do was tongue fuck his sexy hot hole and he'd let cocks fuck his mouth and throat even sucking on their balls as I tongues him to the moon and back. I still do it, especially to help prepare him for the larger cocks in our group but not as often. He is pretty liberal offering his ass up these days. He always had plenty of cocks wanting to fuck him, they say he is pretty amazing. I believe them since we get booty calls all throughout the weekends when we are not in a group setting. I love the timing off having just taken turned tongue fucking each other's asses and someone calls wanting to know if we'd be up for some fucking. That's when we both offer it up anally, bent over, side by side taking strapons, cocks, dildos, fingers, and yes - even tongues. We have several in our group who love to tongue ass.




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