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Thread: Do you swallow?

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    Re: Do you swallow?

    Of course.

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    Re: Do you swallow?

    It depends. If I'm really into the act and my partner wants it, I'll swallow, but doing do had never been my favorite thing. It's not that I object to the taste, or to the consistency of cum. Frankly, I don't it more arousing having my partner cum on my body ... my face. Neck, shoulder, chest... wherever. I find it especially exciting when my partner and I are frotting, and he cums all over my cock, and his semen flows down between my legs, coating my ball sac.

    The thing about swallowing is that my partner has to be careful not to telegraph the arrival of his orgasm. One fellow I played with years ago, Bruce, would start bucking his hips aggressively, then as he neared climax, he'd start moaning, "I'm really close! Oh, yeah, that's it! Don't stop, I'm going to cum now! Oh, fuck yeah! I'm cumming, I'm cumming cumming." My natural reaction was to pull away at the last possible moment, which left him and his GF, Colleen, disappointed. It wasn't until Bruce learned to just let his orgasm happen without announcing it that I managed to swallow his load.

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    Re: Do you swallow?

    Every Chance I get

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    Re: Do you swallow?

    I don't feel like a proper slut unless I swallow. And I can control my whimpering when I take his cum in my mouth.

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    Re: Do you swallow?

    Quote Originally Posted by orallybi4cpl View Post
    I love to snowball kiss with a girl.. it's so hot

    especially when we both eat it together

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    Re: Do you swallow?

    Love swallowing, love the taste, love licking cum out of my wife's pussy,

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    Re: Do you swallow?

    Yes, when I'm really into my partner, when I'm properly motivated, and the mood is exactly right, I'll let they other guy cum in my mouth, and on rare occasions, I'll swallow his semen. It doesn't happen often, but I've done it, and I find swallowing incredibly intimate. To date, I've played with around 15 guys in the last 18 years. I've sucked about a half dozen to completion, and swallowed for about three of them.

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    Re: Do you swallow?

    Yeah, snowballing can be hot! Played several years ago on an MMF threesome with a gal that loved sucking me to orgasm, then kissing her boyfriend with my cum still on her mouth. Always hoped to be on the receiving end of a cum kiss, but the couple o played with had a strict no kissing rule. Funny, they were okay with my going down on the girl, and evening my fucking her, but I wasn't allowed to kiss her. That, my friends said, was too intimate. So she could blow me and kiss her BF after, but I couldn't kiss her after sucking her boyfriend to orgasm. Disappointing, because there were times I was motivated to do that.

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    Re: Do you swallow?

    It took me quite a while to get my mind around letting a guy cum in my mouth, let alone swallow his semen. However, with considerable coaxing from my threesome friends, Bruce and Colleen, and a little Yankee enginuity, I was finally able to fulfill what turned out to be a huge fantasy for both of them. The first few times I sucked Bruce's cock, I found myself instinctively pulling away,at the last moment, letting him splash on my neck, shoulder, chest or wherever. I was good with that, but my friends made it clear that they wanted me to complete the act by taking Bruce's load in my mouth and gulping it down.

    To help me accomplish the task, Colleen began keeping a glass of pineapple juice on the nightstand to help me wash things down. Bruce did his part by resisting the temptation to buck his hips as he neared orgasm and proclaim "Fuck yeah, I'm cumming!' as he went over the edge. I am still not fond of swallowing semen, but I'll do it if the mood is exactly right and my partner has properly motivated me. These days, a pineapple juice wash-down is generally not required.
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    Re: Do you swallow?

    The first time I was ducking a cock and he came in my mouth , I was hooked !!! I go to many of the Adult Theater/Arcade/Video stores in and around Tampa to suck cocks and swallow cum . Sometimes I stay for hours and swallow many loads. !!!

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    Re: Do you swallow?

    I love to swallow, it?s the best part! Feel a hard cock pumping cum in my mouth is amazing.

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    Re: Do you swallow?

    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    I love to swallow, it?s the best part! Feel a hard cock pumping cum in my mouth is amazing.
    Yes, definitely feeling his balls pulled up tight and feeling each spurt as he cums.

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    Re: Do you swallow?

    I?d swallow every load but usually leave it up to my partner on where they want to leave it. Facial, swallow or cum on my chest.

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    Re: Do you swallow?

    I have, on rare occasion, sucked another guy to orgasm and swallowed his cum. That, however, only happens when I'm extremely turned on, or when my partner is insistent upon it. That said, swallowing cum has never been my favorite part of the act. Generally speaking, gulping down a mouthful of fresh, hot semen has been a matter of mind over matter. On the few occasions when I've been able to do so without gagging, it's usually been with a chaser of pineapple juice to help me wash everything down.

    That said, however, I find the idea of sharing cum kisses pretty damn erotic. Back in the days when my wife was still sexually adventurous, she'd sometimes suck my to completion, then plant a big French kiss on me with my semen still in her mouth. I enjoyed that very much, although that was probably easier for me, since the cum I was tasting was my own.

    Cum kissing also came up in the context of threesome play with my friends Bruce and Colleen. The challenge there, however, was that under Bruce's ground rules, I wasn't permitted to kiss Colleen. I was, oddly, allowed to give her, share oral sex with her, and do just about anything else, but Bruce claimed kissing was simply too intimate. Therefore, Colleen would suck me off, then exchange cum kisses with her boyfriend. Hmm.
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    Re: Do you swallow?

    I only play with folks I know and trust -- so sure -- you gotta get some sort of reward after all that work ..

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    Re: Do you swallow?

    I have, but not with everyone. Only a select few have gotten that special treatment.

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    Re: Do you swallow?

    Absolutely. I love it when someone cums in my mouth. There's some deeply primal need that can't be satisfied any other way.

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    Re: Do you swallow?

    I really would love to suck some beautiful 20 somethings cock and have him cum in my mouth. And I would swallow it for the experience of it to expand my sexuality.
    If it is to be, let it be with me

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    Re: Do you swallow?

    I haven’t swallowed yet, but I’ve only sucked two cocks so far. I’ve tasted pre-cum and that turned me on, but we didn’t have enough time for them to shoot their load.

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    Re: Do you swallow?

    I'll swallow if I know the guy is clean.

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    Re: Do you swallow?

    Personal preference is yes. There are times when I've been instructed not ot, usually as a prelude to a semen enhanced series of kisses, or in other words, cum sharing. It can be quite sexy.

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    Re: Do you swallow?

    ok to clarify I normally don’t swallow or even suck to completion.. I suck to get fucked meaning I suck to get him hard and ready to be in my pussy.. I love to suck, it is very erotic to me.. I feel it is fore play.. I get very turned on sucking nice cock.. but when turned on I want to be fucked.. most of my guy’s are on a time crunch and don’t have time to recover and most after cumin loose interest.. yes I have had guy’s cum in my mouth and yes I swallowed it.. but if I spend the time getting him hard and get turned on in the process, I want to get fucked and get his cum in my pussy..

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    Re: Do you swallow?

    Yep, swallowed a load from my boyfriend just today. Love the feeling of his cock swelling just before he unloaded!

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    Re: Do you swallow?

    Love feeling a cock swelling up just before orgasm?

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    Re: Do you swallow?

    Quote Originally Posted by biguycancun View Post
    Personal preference is yes. There are times when I've been instructed not ot, usually as a prelude to a semen enhanced series of kisses, or in other words, cum sharing. It can be quite sexy.
    I've not had the opportunity to cum share a large load as I've not brought a guy to completion in a very long time (we always move on to other things, saving our hard-ons lol). So want to experience that....




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