Blown away at the movie

  1. justinmysox
    Author's disclaimer: I write as I go, I don't know where its heading but I hope you enjoy the ride...

    It started innocently. I found myself sitting in a dark theater - watching an obscure foreign flick that my wife was convinced was going to be terrible - hence she stayed home.

    I had made the mistake of purchasing a large soda as I entered and now an hour into the subtitles I was fit to bursting...

    I didn't want to miss anything, but at the same time my bladder was begging for relief. I decided if I was quick I could miss 2 mins tops so I started edging along in the darkness, apologizing to those I was disrupting as I went in my usual awkward h grant like way. 3 more seats and I'd be in the clear but my foot snagged something and I lost my balance - my hand instinctively reached out for an arm rest but it landed smack dab in the thigh of someone. "I'm so so sorry" I whispered
    "no worries mate" was the reply as his hand pressed down on mine and helped me get back up.

    Thinking of nothing but getting out of here and peeing I quickly exited the theater and ran the few steps up the corridor to the men's restroom making sure not to turn too soon into the Women's right next door

    Have you ever had one of those pees where it just doesn't want to stop? I swear I was like an Italian fountain

    I was just finishing up when I heard a few steps approaching and before I could turn or react a hand was rounding my hips and reaching for my still peeing cock.
    I took a deep breath in... "what the..."
    "shhhh mate, let me help you there"
    I could feel a heated breath on my neck the hand was shaking my dick up and down as if I had a third hand.
    "Let me take care of you there" the voice whispered in my ear, lips touching my ear lobe barely.
    I found myself turning, what am I supposed to do? I pushed away from the urinal towards the counter behind me the fingers of a stranger still wrapped around my dick quite tightly. I gulped but I was really into it.
    "Stop" I thought to myself "someone is bound to catch us"
    "quickly" I actually found myself saying as I leaned against the counter.

    That was all he needed to hear- before I could think about the movie, the wife, the whole situation I was being lifted onto the counter between the sinks and my jeans we tugged down past the point of no return. as I cleared my head and focused on who this was I could only watch as his head disappeared down into my groin.
    "oh god, that's sooo...."
    "mmmm mmm mmm mmm mmmm mmm"
    "stop talking mate I'm busy down here" he muttered as he released the head from his hot mouth
    I felt his tongue masterfully wrapping around my balls- thank goodness I had shaved the other night his lips cupping the head the tongue was slipping in and out of my foreskin the very tip entering the crack to meet the precum that was quickly drizzling out in anticipation.
    "wanna have some fun mate?" he asked as I urged my hip forward.
    "I thought I was"
    "Jess get in here"

    Before I could think a woman came around the corner and walked over to us.
    "ooo honey what did you get me?"
    she pushed him aside after a quick hard slap on the butt
    "oh you bad bad boys"
    Her hands latched onto my now hard and fit to burst (again) cock.
    She was wearing a denim all in one dress that I couldn't help to notice was on the somewhat short side and revealed only a lacy bra below with nice tits trying to free themselves within. She bent over to take a closer look at what she was starting to tug on, as she did I looked up and saw the guy had unbuttoned , and was already lowering his jeans - he had no underwear on and was himself already hard - his cock was incredible I was guessing 8-9"
    In a very fast motion he bent her over, bringing her head down to mine (the other one)...he quickly lifted her skirt and slipped himself inside - I felt her inhale as he entered her - her lips were engulfing me, and the rush of cold air circling around the bulb of my cock was exhilarating.

    "We are so going to get caught, we are so going to get caught, we are so going to get caught" I was mumbling to myself as I watched in horror for any shadows or figures in the entrance to the bathroom.
    "mmm, you're cock is so smooth" she said as her tongue made long stroked from the head down across my balls to the crease on my thighs.
    ""don't stop" he said - his thrusts were gaining speed and strength
    "he's super, Dave" she said turning to make eye contact with her man
    "happy birthday Jess"
    "yeah happy birthday" I quickly added and I pulled her hair and forced her face back to work.
    I leaned forward and grabbed Dave's shoulders, pulling him in towards me
    "thank you" I managed to say as she rode my cock up and down in her mouth. her fingers tickling my balls. I went to kiss him. I don't know why? I'd never kissed a guy before. His stubble was a shock, but his lips were soft and welcoming.

    "I have to cum" I said
    "okay" he replied "cum"
    I leaned back my hands grabbed and the faucets either side of me. I gripped them like a kid grabs the handlebars when he's learning to ride. I raised by groin up and pumped as much as I could. She moved back a little and with one hand pumping the other hand massaging my balls she smiled up at me mischievously as I let myself go.
    At the same moment Dave came - I could tell from his expression he was totally out of control, she was getting her fill and my cum hit her chin. she swooped down with here tongue out it was curled to make a fleshly gutter the cum drizzled onto it and I watched on - cumming in a second violent spurt quickly as she welcomed the hot liquid into her mouth.
    "mmmm" she smiled up at me, the cum drizzling out of the side of her mouth.
    She turned and embraced Dave - sharing the cum with him. I pulled up my jeans and we quickly cleaned up - this was no place to relax and savor the moment.

    So back to the movie? I asked
    "really? I was thinking of our place" she replied.
    "I'm married, I have to get back at some point"
    "Call your wife and see if she wants to come too?"
    I didn't need a second invitation and we left the movie house giggling and feeling on top of the world as the popcorn guy looked on wondering why we were so happy since the movie still had 20 minutes to go...
  2. magari
    That gets a 10 from me, mate!
  3. niceboi
    Good story.
  4. dasan36
    Great story!!! I'll be hard for the rest of the day as I go over and over that story in my mind. Isn't the mind a wonderful thing.
  5. kinkylittledick
    I agree, Great story. Wish I could read more of your stories.
  6. Happy Tongue
    Happy Tongue
    Wouldn't it make a nice binge watching series if a guy wrote stories like this and the people lived them as the show? Well done! Especially for the "stream of consciousness."
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