My Wife Finds Out I'm Bi: Part I

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    Bisexual Explorer
    I'm a married bi guy, who up until this happened cheated on my wife with men.

    Mark and I had just finished sucking each other off and were lying together fondling each others cocks. Mark kissed me, I could taste my cum on his lips, then asked, "Your wife is Janet Drake isn't she?" Mark knew I was married, but I had never mentioned my wife's name. "Yes. How do you know?" Mark kisses me again, "I hope you won't be angry but your wife and I have been fucking for the last year." "Mark, I know Janet has affairs from time to time. I just never imagined it would be with someone I knew." Mark kisses me again, this time running his tongue over my lips. "I told her I'm bi the first time we were together. Doesn't bother her at all. Last week, she asked me about the men I was having sex with. I started talking about us and what we liked to do together. I never mentioned your name. Then she says, 'Your partner likes the same thing my husband likes. Oh shit, you're having sex with Brad.'' Now it was my turn to say "Oh shit." Mark squeezes my balls to get my attention. He has it. "Brad, Janet's OK with this. She is a little pissed off that you didn't trust her enough to tell her."

    When I got home, Janet was having a glass of wine in the kitchen. She stood up, walked over to me and give me a big wet kiss. "Mark just called me. No more secrets. I'm OK with your being bi. I wish you had trusted me enough to tell me. I tell you when I fuck other guys; you could have done the same." "I'm sorry," is all I can mutter. "Well I'll tell you what you can do to make it up to me. I want to watch you and Mark together. And when you two are finished, I want you to watch Mark fuck me and then lick his cum out of my pussy." Janet looks down and sees my pants start to bulge. "Good that's just what I wanted to see." She leads me into the bedroom, we fuck the rest of the night.

    (To be continued)
  2. LovingJacking
    Excellent story, and can't wait for the next part.
  3. bibiboy
    Way hot!
  4. DareMe
    True story? A guy can dream!
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