My favortie thing to do.

  1. inandoutwithyou7
    Cock to cock play, touching, rubbing, grinding is what I like the most. I really like getting my cock and balls cummed on and then repaying the favor, sometimes together at the same time. I have one experience with an uncut bud. Our cocks were touching tip to tip. He took his foreskin and pulled it over my dick, like it was swallowing my dick up. then we stroked till we both came in his foreskin. It was so hot and the feeling was nothing like what I've felt before. I really want to do more of that soon...
  2. DiscreetEncounters44
    Excellent verbal description...makes me quite envious. ...glad that you and your partner had such a satisying experience. I hope someday to have that option in a hot encounter myself!
  3. donttellnehismy
    Wow that's hot
  4. Sundazzled
    Pulling one’s foreskin over the other fellow’s glans is known as “docking.” I tried this a few times with my friend Bruce before I opted to get myself circumcised some ten years ago. Docking is, indeed very hot, provided the participants are cool with creating a mess with their combined cum.

    My personal favorite thing is to press the other guy’s cock against my own, and ks in my well-lubed hand and stroke both up and down slowly and sensuously. The feeling of our super-sensitive undersides gliding over one another, and our two swollen, purple cockheads urging one another toward a gut-wrenching orgasm is indescribable. It is pure magic when both orgasm together and cum is flying and running everywhere. There is something utterly erotic about another guy’s semen coating my cock and balls, and mine coating his.
  5. bi4asplay
    I do like to put our cock heads together and pull my foreskin over his head to, then stroke us both. Doing this one time he started to cum which made me cum as well. What a wonderful sticky mess it made.
  6. 12voltyV2.0
    I got with this one guy two or three times--he had a very big uncut cock-with a huge foreskin---to get the head out--he had to pull his foreskin back-it is amazing that there is so much variability in cock construction--many guys that are uncut--the foreskin is really tight and seems to disappear as soon as they get hard.

    Well--with him--all we ever did other than some mutual cock sucking---is to dock our cocks---mine is thick but not very long and his foreskin was so big---that he could basically take most of my cock inside his sheath and when we were docked like that--he would stroke his cock, till he came with my cock inside his basically--it was a really incredible feeling to not only feel the warmth of his cock, but when he came---that was an incredible feeling.

    He was only working on a temporary assignment in the town I lived in Ohio. He was a project manager for a program his defense contractor----one of the big wigs of that industry--that they were working on for the US Air Force---Wright-Patterson AFB, along with being the place they supposedly take downed UFOs and even possibly keep dead and alive "ETs" is the place that all USAF aircraft of all sorts and related things are developed.

    Bummer he was not there for longer than he was--but the few times we got together--it was great fun and was a really erotic and sensual way to "have sex" with another guy.
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