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  1. babyrmd
    Multiple men using one man at a gang bang???? I have been the only true bottom at many group sessions, taking men in both holes and pleasing them ALL they want and can cum...been known to take MULTIPLE loads down my throat and in my ass, in my area of Maryland.
  2. babyrmd
    Typical wanna be, so called bi men out there. Never respond to a bi bottom who does it for real. Seems everyone is "spooked out" by the word "REAL" as in flesh to flesh on this site.. Oh wait, they respond to women, when they are supposed to be "bi".
  3. Tight1-4u
    Babyrmd: I am true bottom only guy.. i service sexually Frustrated men.. I host 8 gang bangs a year and usually get invited or stumble into that many more a year.. I am always usually the center attraction and always getting the bulk of the attention.. I don’t swallow,, never have never will as I believe and want it all in my pussy.. how ever if while sucking is on the table just cum deep in my pussy.. I enjoy group sex and servicing multiple men at the same time.. you should at least do your best to make me pregnant..
  4. babyrmd
    @Tight1-4u Well you are not in my area. I am looking for more real in my area of Maryland. Going to 2 group sessions a month is not enough for me
  5. MAcpl69
    Would love to be the center of a gangbang. Also want to watch my wife in one.
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