First Gloryhole Experiences

  1. colfax129
    My first experiences were in adult bookstores, in the late '70's and early '80's. You can read about them in my blog on here. Anyone else care to share their stories?
  2. loves oral
    loves oral

    Back before the days of VCR's and home computers the only place I could find porn movies were the local bookstores that had booths in the back. I would get a bunch of tokens and go in the back find a movie that looked good and go in the booth, early on with the intention of just watching the movie, later planning to jack off watching the movie. The only problem was some of the booths had holes cut in the wall and guys kept coming into the booth on the other side and watching me and rubbing their fingers on the edge of the hole. Next time in I bought a magazine and started covering the hole with it and held it in place with my knee and got to enjoy a nice JO watching the movie. But I did notice there was a steady stream of guys going in and out of the booth next to me and wondered what that was about. Most barely got in the booth and left right away. This seemed to work out well, I got to watch the movie and enjoy jacking off to it but it was getting expensive buying a book for $10 every time.

    In the past a friend and I had gotten carried away with show me yours and I?ll show you mine and I ended up sucking him off regularly for a couple years. While we both enjoyed it there came a time when we both had girlfriends and decided that part of our friendship should end. I thought that part of my life was over and I would move on, but surprisingly, I found I did miss sucking cock.

    The next time at the bookstore I was a little short on cash so I decided to skip the mag and take my chances. Once I got in a booth I started thinking maybe it wouldn't be so bad to let someone watch, what?s the big deal these guys have seen other cocks and so have I. I started watching a movie rubbing my cock through my jeans and thought maybe I could just rub myself hard enough through my jeans and get off that way and I wouldn't have to even pull my cock out but it wasn't working and I was getting really horny. A couple guys had come and gone through the booth next to me but hadn't stayed so I decided what the hell and pulled my cock out and started stroking it. Someone came into the next booth and I just covered my cock with my hands for a minute then went back to stroking it. Soon the guy started rubbing his finger on the edge of the hole and I wondered why he was doing it. After a short time the finger was gone and I wondered why he was doing so I rubbed my finger on the edge of the hole and right away the guys cock comes through the hole, much to my surprise. Not knowing what to do I just sat there for a minute then thought it looked so hot throbbing and bobbing maybe I'll just stroke him for a while. As soon as I touched his cock it jumped and after a short time stroking him I remembered how soft a guy?s cock was and how good it felt. After stroking his cock a while he pulled out of the hole and I thought that is, then the finger was back on the edge of the hole so I put my cock through the hole. Right away I felt the firm grip of someone who knew how to handle a cock and it didn't take long and I felt wet lips surrounding my cock. After slowly sucking my cock he wrapped his hand around the base of my cock and my balls and started sucking harder and faster. In no time at all I could feel my balls tingling and knew I was going to cum. Not knowing what to do I tried to pull back so I wouldn't cum in his mouth but he held me tight and that put me over the edge and I started pumping a huge load in his mouth. After he finally released my cock I sat on the bench drained, between the excitement of the new experience and the great blowjob I had just received my head was spinning. As I sat there in a daze I saw movement at the hole and my new friends cock comes through the hole. Just wanting to relax a minute I reached up and started stroking his cock wondering what to do next. After a couple strokes my mind went back to how soft his cock felt and couldn?t resist the urge to have a cock in my mouth. I always loved the contrast of how soft the skin was but how hard it felt at the same time. As I enjoyed the sensation of having a cock in my mouth again, I soon felt his cock start to twitch and swell and quickly decided to take him in my mouth. I grabbed his balls and this must have set him off as he started cumming in my mouth, not a huge load but enough to remind me why I liked sucking cock.

    After he finished I sat on the bench dazed by what had just happened. I heard his door open and close and I zipped back up when I heard the door open and close again, and soon after another cock came through the hole. I looked at it and realized I was too drained for another so I left. This turned out to be the first of several visit to the bookstore.
  3. colfax129
    My interest was sparked by reading Penthouse Variations as a late teenager. They began to include boy/boy stories in their monthly issues, and while I had no attraction to men, the stories of cock sucking somehow appealed to me. I remember trying to suck my own cock several times, only reaching the tip with my tongue. I started visiting an adult bookstore from time to time, and eventually wandered back to the arcade area, where I discovered the gloryhole booths. Every time I was in a booth, guys would beg me to slip my cock through the hole. One time, the film clip I was watching of two girls making out after blowing a guy, got me so hot that I said "fuck it!" and slid my raging cock through the hole. It was immediately engulfed in a warm mouth, and the feeling was so intense that I was going to cum within 15 seconds! I freaked out and pulled back and left the store. My reasoning was that it would have been gay to cum from a blowjob from a guy. But, man, what a feeling it had been! Much better than the girls I had been with up to that point.

    A couple more years of reading stories of guys giving blowjobs, and I worked up the nerve to try it myself. I was attracted to cock, and I had to know what one felt like in my mouth! So, while back in town for a buddy's wedding, I made the trip to the bookstore. I sat outside in my car and vowed to not leave until I had had a cock in my mouth. I was nervous as shit! I had enough liquid courage that night to walk straight back to the arcade, and into the first open booth I could find. Someone entered the booth next door, and I looked through the hole to see a perfect white cock being stroked. I immediately ran my finger on the bottom of the hole, and was presented with what I had longed for for years. I didn't hesitate, and plopped that beauty into my mouth. God, what a feeling! He began to get hard as I suckled on that prize, A million thoughts were running through my head; fear, loathing at what I was doing, etc.. But I also remember thinking "This feels nice!" I pulled off for a second, the plunged back onto it for more. After about 30 seconds, fear took over, and I bolted. This was the height of the AIDS era, and I was afraid to have him cum in my mouth.

    As I drove home, I felt proud of myself for taking that monumental step of finally having a cock in my mouth. It would be years before it happened again, but it ignited a hunger in me that would only continue to grow. In my late forties, I began visiting a nice, upscale arcade across the country. It was here that I first bought strawberry flavored condoms, and began giving blowjobs to completion through the holes. What a feeling! I could sit in a booth and suck as many cocks as I liked! I was like a kid with a new toy! One time, I was in a buddy booth, and the guy next door beckoned me over. I was lost in lust, and felt myself obeying his invitation, all the while thinking "I don't have a condom!" but I couldn't help myself. As I walked into his booth and reached for his beautiful cock, he beat me to the punch, and dropped to his knees and engulfed my cock. I remember thinking "Should I let this happen?" At this point I was powerless as he sucked me while brushing my hole with his finger. I was lost in the sensations and had decided that this was the time to finally let go and surrender to the feelings, when my fucking phone rang! It was my wife. Truly bad timing!

    I was 50 when I made a craigslist contact with someone in my small town, and finally sucked an uncovered cock and swallowed his load. Now my fantasies all center around cock.
  4. rickys1st
    I'd love to find another good bookstore with the gloryhole booths.
  5. loves oral
    loves oral
    Lol, the wife calling, that's bad timing for sure.

    I got to the ABS a few more times after the first and as I got more comfortable with it the more I enjoyed it.
    The holes at the one I went to were oval shaped about 12" tall and 4" wide. One time a guy rubbed his finger
    on the bottom so I stuck my dick through. Almost immeadiately he stuck his hand through the bottom of the hole
    and pulled me tight against the hole. Startled he had done it so quickly I tried to pull away but I was pinned
    against the hole. Then he took me in his mouth, I had never felt someone suck my cock like this, it was amazing.
    Tight suction and his tongue dancing on my cock, almosy immeadiately all I could think of was don't cum yet,
    hold back. It was a losing battle and I came sooner than I hoped. Pumping a huge load in his mouth he sucked
    and swallowed and completely drained me. My legs shook as he pulled his arm back and I sat on the bench,
    mind spinning. His door opened and closed quickly and he was gone. While I sat on the bench trying to figure
    what had just happened someone else came into the now vacant booth and the inviting finger rubbed the
    bottom of the hole, but I had nothing left. Still stunned by the amazing blowjob I had just received I decided
    to leave and enjoy the after glow. Unfortunately I never figured out who had given me the spectacular blowjob
    so it was never repeated, but I'll never forget it.
  6. secretservicer
    I used to be a bit naive of STDs years ago. There was a rest area with gloryholes on either side of the middle stall. One morning, I drove there just as the truck drivers were waking up.I sucked off one within five minutes of being there. The word must have gotten out because before I knew it, I was sucking cocks right and left. It was exhilarating to see so many different cocks. Large, small, long, short, fat, thin, oh my, it was so HOT. I bet I sucked off a dozen or more that morning. I still fantasize about it but, being wiser, I don't take that kind of chance anymore. I thank the heavens I didn't contract anything.
  7. Tight1-4u
    this was back in the day that I was living full time as a female.. I was in the city and feeling quite horny.. needing cock.. I happened by an abs and thought why not.. I was wearing fish net thigh high stockings.. very very short shorty denim shorts with my ass hanging out.. barely there thong panties and a belly shirt with the words ( I?m yours ) on the front.. no bra so my perky c cup nipples and piercings stood out in the slightly cool dark theater.. I entered and went to the left side and stood by the wall waiting for my eyes to adjust to the darkness.. I was not there 15-20 seconds before two hands were on my tits massaging them quite roughly.. then the hands were under my shirt tweaking and pinching my nipples.. I was becoming more turned on.. then a hand went down the back of my shorts and found my ass.. two guys well ok!! Then someone started kissing me.. very deeply kissing me.. then all of a sudden my shirt was removed and someone now was kissing and sucking my nipples as someone was playing with them and there was a hand on my ass looking for my pussy hole.. by now I am squirming moaning some, and loving all that attention.. then a hand down the front of my shorts.. it finds my semi hard cock.. by now my eyes were adjusted and I knew there were 5 guys touching me playing with me and making me sexually crazy.. the guy with my cock in his hand just smiled and said nice clity, we are going to fuck you.. I just smiled and shook my head.. they all picked me up and carried me to a couch.. it smelled of old cum and stale smokes.. soon my shorts and panties were gone and I lay there almost naked.. hands all over my body.. and a cock headed toward my mouth.. I just opened up and let it happen.. I sucked him as best I could.. then he got off me and another took his place.. I told them that if they were going to fuck me they would use the lube in my bag and would fuck me bb and cum in my pussy.. a moment later I feel my pussy being lubed up.. then I feel my legs being spread wide open and held high in the air.. two hands grab my hips as a really nice cock slides deep in me.. he fucked me till the guy to my left said my turn.. they swooped places and he slides in nice and deep.. by this time two guys are holding my legs two guys holding my arms and one fucking me.. for the next 2 1/2 hours they took turns holding and fucking me.. by the time it was said and done I had been well fucked.. they each took two turns and two of them took3 turns fucking me.. I ended up with 7 loads of hot thick cum deep I my pussy.. my guts had been stirred up for a long time.. and I was feeling a bit wheezy, my pussy was sore and my ass cheeks were sore from them spreading my legs that far.. I was dribbling cum from my pussy.. they all got dressed and left me there naked on the couch.. I laid there for a bit getting my wits about me.. I started hearing noises so I got up found my clothes and ran to the restroom to get cleaned up and dressed.. as I left the abs I noticed I had a big wet spot in my crouch area from cum leaking out of me.. there were three of the guys that had just fucked me in the parking lot.. one of them called me over and they offered me a ride home.. guess what happened when we got to my place??
  8. notsureif
    First gloryhole adventure that I participated in was about 10 years ago. I say participated because me and wife often went and I'd watch either her suck or get fucked. One evening after dinner and cocktails she gave me a nice bj in car. I said want more? She of course said yes , so nice long kiss and we were on our way. Where we go was much busier than usual, even had few more couples. Before I even had money in she was naked already and taking my pants off. Within seconds a nice cock came through. She immediately started on him. Booth we were in had one of the two ways that if you both hit button you could see other room. Hit button to see if his was on and was. Had his eyes closed just enjoying my wife suck him off. When he finally came he opened his eyes. Look through wife had a mouthful and pulled me down near her. We gave him a great show of open mouth kissing passing his cum back an forth. By time we finished he was down asking for mine. I quickly obliged and he started on me. Lisa pulled her lube from her purse and immediately stuck couple fingers in my ass. Combination made me cum fast. As I backed up he was hard again. Lisa was ready to take him again but for some reason I dropped down and started. As Lisa watched she played with my ass more. After 7 or 8 minutes I was out of breath and couldn't go on. I thought Lisa would finish him as I stood but instead turned me around. I rarely receive but I didn't even hesitate. Bent over and he slid in me. Definitely biggest I'd ever had in me. In past always hurt, and I had never had someone cum in me . This still hurt like hell but also aroused me. I was dripping cum all over. After what seemed like forever he finally came in me. We spent about 2 more hours there. We each sucked 2 cocks a piece (this time was able to make them cum) and she got fucked by a nice long one. We went home and before showers she was like let me do something. She crawled between my legs and ate my ass out. She had never done that and was one of best feelings I'd ever had.
  9. colfax129
    Let's hear some more stories, guys!

    I remember being both shocked, and somewhere deep down inside, intrigued by the whole gloryhole scene. I somehow knew that I wanted to suck, even though I am otherwise completely straight. I remember seeing cocks in the locker rooms at school, and thinking for the briefest of seconds, that I wanted them in my mouth. Never understood why. No attraction to men whatsoever. For that reason, the gloryhole seemed like a perfect solution. I am extremely oral with women. Always LOVED eating pussy. Maybe that has something to do with it.
  10. nuzlik
    Wasn't sure what to expect at the live show's in NYC back in the day. This kinda sexy black guy was dancing around and wanted to know if he should join me in my booth. Not knowing my orientation might be changing some day I refused. Since then i hit the Adult stores in the area whenever i can. I usually wear a pair of panties under my tight jeans and a top that makes me look like i have some boobage. Started out in the begining just stroking then decided to try it in my mouth. What an experience. It felt so natural to suck on a dick and i had been missing it for so long. Its been a while and i have gone all the way at the adult stores now, even enjoyed being spitroasted a few times. Maybe some day it will be one of you guys i take care of soon. Hope so.
  11. curiousmarried75
    I went to gloryholes years ago
    I only ever jerked guys off
    Now I want to go back and suck!
  12. colfax129
    There is something so alluring about sucking a disembodied cock. Just now realizing how cool it is. It's not being gay. It's just having fun. Do it once, and you'll be hooked. It's like finally being able to suck your own.
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