How often

  1. Asspussy302
    It took a long time for me to taste cum the first time. I’m not sure why it took so long but now I’m hooked. I’m married now and no longer am able to eat other guys cum, but I eat my own as often as possible. Every time I have sex I eat my cum, when I masturbate I eat my cum. I love it! The smell, texter, temperature, taste, everything. For me, and I’m addicted to it so I might be an extreme, I eat my cum daily. How often do you eat cum?
  2. eager4cum
    your description of your eating habits could easily be a description of my eating habits. love my cum and ate some this morning after a good orgasm.
    To answer your questions directly, as often as I have an orgasm, every time, at least 3 times a week, some days when I am particularly horny, 3 times in a day.

    As of today, I have had 4 loads in the past 3 days and will have another tonight before I go to bed. So above my norm this week and loving it.
  3. Curiouz1
    A few times a week
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