An Ideal Scene

  1. LovingJacking
    I think that the following situation is really hot, and I would sure love to have an opportunity to enjoy it. I imagine that a co-worker and I are staying in a hotel room with two beds, and we are getting ready for bed. I am 60 years old, while my co-worker is around 40. We turn on the TV and perhaps start watching the news, while we undress to our boxer briefs and then lie down on our own beds. As we are watching TV, we start making small talk about the day, etc. I occasionally rub my hand across my dick through my boxers, causing me to get a semi. I notice that my buddy looks over every now and then at what I am doing.

    I then get up to get a drink of water, and notice that there is a small wet spot on my boxers. As I walk across the room, I make sure to give him a view of my bulge and wetness. I can see him looking at it out of the corner of my eye, obviously looking at my semi and the precum spot. Whoa do I get really hard then!

    I go ahead and get a couple of hand towels from the bathroom just in case we see some action. Walking back to my bed I notice that his hand has disappeared under the covers, and I think I can tell that he is doing a little stroking. I get back in the bed, but don't bother to cover up. and instead I give my dick a few strokes through my boxers. As the wet spot gets bigger I mention that I'm really feeling horny, and that, because I travel a lot and stay in many hotels, I often masturbate to some porn.

    You see, when I travel I use a company PC, so I take a travel stash and small laptop just for porn viewing. When I ask him if he would like to see a little, he of course says yes. Because the laptop screen is not very large, I sit on his bed and start the slideshow or video. I give my dick a couple of rubs through my boxers as the first pictures come into view.

    I have the porn pics playing in a slideshow, so every 15 seconds we see a new picture. The show progresses from hot looking girls with big tits and large bumpy aerolas, to girls giving guy's a good dick workout. We then move on to girls fucking and giving HJ's and BJ's. I have a couple of video clips that show how I like jacking off, how I really enjoy the wetness of a guy's excitement, so it is awesome when the show makes its way to pics of precum leaking cocks, many with flooded pee slits.. By the time we get to these, we will probably both have our dicks out and in hand.

    And speaking of flooded peeholes, mine is sure to be leaking by then, so I take it out and dry off with one of the hand towels. As I stroke and another drop appears on my head, he tells me that he has never seen a dick leak so much precum as mine, and takes his dick out. I am suddenly awestruck by the beauty of his cock. He is quite small, maybe three inches in length, but the proportions are perfect. Topped off with a beautiful, small head, it reminds me of when I used to masturbate with a step-uncle in my younger days. I now understand why he was so enamored with my small one back then, and how he must have really been thrilled to masturbate with me. I remember how thrilled I was when he gasped and moaned as I stroked him as per his instructions.

    I hand him a hand towel, hoping to see him leaking precum with excitement, and I get my reward. While not leaking as much as me, he still had a nice, glistening drop on his peehole slit. I can't take my eyes off him, so I move closer to him on the bed as he slowly strokes. I can see that one drop glistening on his slit. I get really close, as we both start stroking our own dicks.

    His beautiful small dick is now right in my face, as he describes what he is doing and how he is feeling. His cock is leaking precum too, but not as much as mine. I ask him if I can get real close to his, while he shows me just how he likes to stroke. I get really close, listening to him, and I take a chance and touch his dick, watching his reaction. He goes with it and I can tell it is making him feel really good.

    I have been dreaming about not getting in a big hurry, but instead taking my time and enjoying all he has to offer. I start licking and kissing his nipples, circling my tounge around his rather large manly aerola, with flicks across his nipple. Next I travel up to his neck and ear, gently licking his earlobe and around his ear canal. I give his dick a few subtle strokes, and can feel his wetness dripping as I kiss his neck again.

    When I see his cock leak the next drop, I ask him if he is feeling good, and all he can do is whisper, "Yes!" I then take another big chance and lightly brush his lips with the tip of my tongue, imitating what I am about to do to his peehole slit in a few minutes. As I tease open his lips, he meets me with his tongue -- I almost lose it!

    After we kiss passionately, I then move down, giving his nipples a few last licks on the way to his awesome dick, where I will lightly hold him and take in the scent of his clean, but subtle masculine smell.

    Next I take another chance, and gingerly lick his leaking peehole. Oh man is it so good. I have been dreaming about when I finally get to lick his cock slit, so I take full advantage. As I mentioned, his dick is quite small, with a beautifully defined and proportioned head. He does not leak a lot of precum, but every now and then a savory drop appears, and when it does, I then tease him with a lick along the underside of his shaft, following upwards until I reach his wet slit. I give his peehole a couple of tentative tongue touches, and then I go for the full slit lick while making oral love to his head and ridge.

    When he gets close to cumming, we trade positions and he begins his own technique on me. I like to leaf through porn pics while I help direct him. He must really like precum, because I do give him plenty. He loves oral, so I really have a time staying close to the edge without going over. When I get too close, I tell him to stop, and I ride the edge for a few moments.

    After coming back down, we get in the king of clubs position, and let our heads and slits leak on each other. We get our dicks underside to underside, with heads together at the top, as we talk about what and how we are feeling. Because his is much smaller than mine, his balls are rubbing my shaft.

    My buddy is the first to take over and jack our combined dicks, as I continue to flood him with my precum. He likes to run his finger across both our peeholes, which makes me ooze a lot more, and I notice that he is now leaking quite a bit too. With both of our precum mixing, I was the first to cum, and he followed a few seconds later. Wow we both really came a lot, and I was surprised that his small dick would make such a load.
  2. Bisexual Explorer
    Bisexual Explorer
  3. Warren63
    Love the story. Sensual!
  4. Oborokybiman
    Wow! I stayed hard through the whole read!
  5. NakedInSeattle
    I like the smaller cocks too. More fun to play with.
  6. Fred_Brice
    Great story and very Sensual!
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