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    Do any of you have cuck fantasies?

    I often fantasize about watching a group of men gangbang my wife and cum in her pussy, in her mouth, in her ass, all over her face, tits and body. Then I dream about kissing her cum-filled mouth, sucking out all the cum from her pussy and ass, and licking all the cum splatter off her body, and eating it all. I have no desire to let my wife fuck other guys except for this scenario where I get to eat their spunk from her body afterwards. Does this make me a cuck?Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: Do any of you have cuck fantasies?

    In general, I'd have to say yes. But why get caught up on labels?

    I often fantasized about sharing my wife (and yes, the idea of eating her cream filled pussy is a BIG turn on for me as well), but I don't consider myself a cuck. I'm not looking for a bull to give her something I can't. I don't have a small cock, think of myself as a "sissy" or get turned on by humiliation or any of a half dozen variations that one might associate with a being a "cuck."

    For me, it's more of a hotwife fantasy than a cuckold fantasy. But you like what you like and, whatever it is, that's OK, regardless of what labels and judgements others might put on it.

    Damn hot pic btw.

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    Re: Do any of you have cuck fantasies?

    I've had cuck fantasies for many years now. Fantasizing about eating cum from a wife is pretty much what led me to the fascination about sucking off men, and ultimately to becoming the happy cocksucker I am now.

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    Re: Do any of you have cuck fantasies?

    After I cum in my girlfriend"s pussy I immediately go down on her and eat the cream pie! I often fantasize about coming home to find her with half a dozen men. She would have cum everywhere and I would tear off my clothes and eat her cum dripping pussy. I would then lick all of the cum from the rest of her body and finish with us fucking missionary style while we share sucking the cock of the last man to cum. We share his cum with a nice cum kiss and after I cum in her I go down and eat her pussy again until she squirts. She is way to shy to do anything like that but it gets me hard just thinking about it.

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    Re: Do any of you have cuck fantasies?

    I do, I guess. My first bisexual experience was in the context of a threesome with a younger couple. The gal really got off watching me bring her boyfriend to orgasm. I'd love to do that again. I'd also like my wife to watch me get fucked by another man, but, well, that ain't gonna happen!

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    Re: Do any of you have cuck fantasies?

    I had a Polyamorous relationship with a woman 10 years ago. I kept quiet about my Extra Curricular actives, but every time she would come home from one of her affairs, I had to hear how Glorius the sex was.

    Basically, I was a Cuck, and I hated it. The day I broke things off with her, I felt as if a Cancer was surgically removed from my Soul.
    If it is to be, let it be with me

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    Re: Do any of you have cuck fantasies?

    We started 'swinging' with mfmf fun. Quickly changed up to mostly mfm fun. I had been married twice before, and had 'swung' in those 2 relationships, while my new wife had only been with her ex and me. So, mfm fun was helping her 'catch up, so to speak. Besides, I enjoy cleaning up a cum filled pussy, and silky seconds. Add in watching my wife getting fucked, well, it's just great fun.
    I'd sucked cock when I was young, but stopped after finding pussy. In one of our mfm's I tried 'fucklicking' my wife while she was riding our friend. I had done this once, many years before but only for a second or two. So, guess this was my fantasy. By accident or design, his cock kept slipping out of my wife, and shoved in my mouth. Wasn't bad, actually, was damn good! lol. Pussy flavored cock, and a nice cock, fat with a big mushroom head.... Happened a few times, and I'd just stick him back in, didn't really 'suck' him...
    Well, as you can imagine, that began a new fantasy of having mmf fun with my wife and another....
    We've done that, but, seems she had some 2nd thoughts about me sucking cock, so we've stopped.... Hoping to pick back up when we get back stateside again.
    I must admit, the fantasy of sucking cock with my wife was 'way' better in practice than fantasy, so was having someone fucklicking her her while I am fucking her. To start cumming in her pussy, then pull out and finish cumming in a eager waiting mouth is 'really' fun, and feels oh so good.

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    Re: Do any of you have cuck fantasies?

    Be careful of what you ask for... One of my best friends and his wife ended up divorced over a cuck fantasy that grew into reality, and neither of them ever really reconciled. He thought he wanted to watch his wife suck another man's cock, but after they actually arranged it and she did, he couldn't come to terms with the fact that he had "loaned" his wife out.

    She couldn't come to terms with the fact that her husband would "loan" her out.

    Unless you are 100% sure you're okay with it, my advice is leave it in the fantasy world. Real life is much harder to deal with, especially in a married committed relationship.

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    Re: Do any of you have cuck fantasies?

    Quote Originally Posted by jjourneyman View Post
    Be careful of what you ask for...
    Words of wisdom. Fantasies are free; life is messy. It's hard enough to know what you're actually going to feel when things play out in reality, much less to know how it's going to play out in someone else's reality. Opening up a relationship is never risk free.

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    Re: Do any of you have cuck fantasies?

    I haven't been on this site in a long time. Came back today and the first thing I saw was this thread, which is something I have always had a fantasy about. I am not into humiliation and don't have a small dick, not even remotely sissy, but have always wanted to watch my wife being fucked by a big dick man, or two. I love the thought of eating her out after she's filled with cum, then using what's left as lube to fuck her with. The biggest turn on for me is the visual aspect of "seeing" her taking a big cock in her mouth, pussy, and ass. I'm a sensory kind of guy, my nose and eyes are connected to my dick for sure. I doubt this fantasy will ever happen, but it's on my bucket list.

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    Re: Do any of you have cuck fantasies?

    I was cuckolded repeatedly by my former wife because my micro penis was incapable of bringing her to orgasm. Although I did my best to satisfy her orally, she still craved penetration. The first time I came home from work early and heard her fucking someone in our bed. I waited outside the door listening to her moans and the headboard banging against the wall while I jerked off. After I came, I ate my cum as usual, then crept downstairs and left the house, coming home at the normal time. I never caught her in the act again, but I know she went out with her girlfriend who later told me that they would pick up guys and fuck and suck them in their cars. My ex had an amazingly sexy body! Huge tits and a beautiful ass. It was unreasonable for me to expect her to remain faithful. I don't really blame her since I also love sucking big cocks.

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    Re: Do any of you have cuck fantasies?

    I had cuck fantasies for years and I understood from reading Penthouse's Variation magazine that some other men had cuck fantasies also, but I though we were an extremely rare breed. I was also embarrassed to admit that I thought about my woman enjoying another man's cock, so I never expressed my desires to any of my gfs or, later, my wife.

    However, one gf I had some years ago (short story version) sucked off a friend one night while I was passed out drunk. She had gone out with him to get a late night breakfast with my approval (I was too messed up to even suspect there could be any 'hanky panky')
    They did get their breakfast, but he also took her to a quiet spot afterwards to look at the stars.

    The next afternoon, in a fog of guilt, she confessed to me. Instead of shouting at her in a jealous rage, I started asking questions. Where did you do it? Did you swallow his cum? Does he have a big cock? Did you like sucking his cock? ....etc, etc.

    Yes, at first I had a flush of anger and jealousy, but the more inquisitive I got, and the more she detailed what happened, the more my cock strained in my jeans until I finally took it out and told her to show me what she did. I think she understood even before I did that deep down inside, I loved that she had sucked another man's cock. She had a devilish look in her eye as she started sucking my engorged dick. I came so fast and so hard that I scared myself. She swallowed. She knew that what she did with him was 'bad'. Bad in such a good way.

    I don't recall much about the next few hours. I think I tried to act normal and just go about our day together without being obsessed about her dalliance, except that a few hours later I engaged with her about the details again.

    She was more than eager, this second time, to make sure I understood exactly what she did with him, and she dutifully swallowed my second load. Then she said, without any hint of timidity about it, "I can't believe I've got 3 loads in my belly".
    There was a certain level of pride in her tone when she said it...a hint of 'Yes, I sucked our friends cock and, obviously, you like that I did it...and I liked it too"

    I knew then that my cuck desires were a part of who I am.

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    Re: Do any of you have cuck fantasies?

    ...and my favorite cuck fantasy is:

    I know her boss from being at office Christmas parties where she works. I've seen him staring at her and caught him with his hand on the small of her back, almost on her ass a couple times. He knows I've seen him looking and touching.

    After a few more drinks I ask to talk with him in his office. I can tell that he thinks I'm about to tell him to keep his hands off my wife, but instead, I tell him that I'd like him to fuck her because I know she wants to. I tell him she has told me during foreplay that she has fantasized about him. I let him know that I'd like him to give her what she needs because I know she needs more than she gets at home...that she's a horny little slut and I can't keep up with her needs. I make sure he understands that he can't tell her that I've asked him to do this...and that she can never know that I know. The only catch is that I want to come to his apartment to hear everything she did with him after he has used her.
    After I have my say, he looks at me, glassy eyed, trying to think what to say. We are both quite tipsy.

    He asked if I was serious. I asked if he wants to fuck her. He told me he has imagined fucking her from the day she was hired, so I told him that I am completely serious and that I like to think of her being satisfied...that I like to hear about her being fucked. I give him my number and tell him to text me.

    Before the next week is out, I get a text. It says, "If you want to know what happened on Tuesday afternoon, come to my apartment Thursday night around 7" He sent his address and I replied with a thumbs up.

    Thursday evening I told my wife I was going to meet my buddy, Bill for a drink or two and I headed out

    When I got to her boss's apartment, he offered me a drink and we engaged in some small talk. In this setting, we were sober and he seemed unsure about how to approach the main subject. I could see that it might be best for me to break the ice, so as soon as I felt the first warm glow from the strong drink he gave me, I simply said, "Did you make her cum?" He smiled and seemed to relax. I pushed it a little further and asked, "Did you like her tight pussy?"
    He replied. "Absolutely! She's got maybe the best pussy I've ever had."
    Now it was starting to feel like we were just a couple guys talking about pussy...except he was talking about my wife's pussy.

    He seemed to relax and his legs parted. I thought I could see his cock getting stiff in his slacks as he said, 'Her tight little cunt got so wet." and he closed his eyes for a few seconds. I could see that he was recalling how good her cunt felt, slick and silky and tight, giving way to his hard dick. I glanced down to see that he appeared to grow fully hard right there in front of me, his cock straining against his slacks, making a tent. I was feeling a little unsure but my cock was growing hard, too.

    He looked at me, seeing that I was staring at the bulge in his pants. He said, "She whimpered like a little school girl when I had her fondle my cock. She asked me if she could suck it. Does she suck your cock?" I nodded, unable to speak, looking at the bulge in his pants and knowing he had split my wife's pussy open only a few days before.

    He said, "I figured she must suck your cock because she is very good at it.
    At that point, I couldn't help myself. I croaked it out timidly. "Can I see it?"

    He rose from his chair and as he stepped closer to me, he said, "You know, I've been reading about guys who like to have their wife being fucked by other guys. I think I know why you are really here." He ran his hand over his dick and unzipped. He stepped within reach. "Do you want to take it out to see what your wife saw?"

    I fumbled with his belt, but once I get that undone, the rest was quick and easy. I put my fingers where I could pull his briefs down along with his slacks and as I tugged his pants down, the shaft of his dick appeared, meaty and thick. I paused for a moment to use my thumb and forefinger to feel the shaft. The silky skin of his dick felt incredible. The thick shaft flexed back as I squeezed it. I heard myself cooing at the sensation. I tugged his pants down till his cock was freed. It bobbed up inches from my face, thick and with a bead of precum at the tip of the plump mushroom head. I leaned in to lick at the precum and he put his hand on the back of my head. With his other hand he guided his cock head into my mouth. It all happened as if we had done it before. He knew exactly why I was there.

    I sucked at it ever so slowly, slipping my lips over the ridge of the tip. When I tasted his precum again, I pulled back and milked his cock with my fingers till the bead of sweet nectar grew and started to stream down, then I opened my mouth and felt it land on my tongue. Bringing my tongue up the stream of precum I took his cock back into my mouth. I felt his hand on the back of my head to encourage me.
    I look up briefly to see him watching me, then closed my eyes and start sucking on his dick again as he said, "Yes, that's just what she did before I stuffed her little tight pussy. But I think you like sucking my cock more than she did." I moaned a muffled mm-hmm without taking his dick from my mouth.

    He watched me for a few second then let forth a stream of filthy talk about what a cock loving little slut my wife turned out to be and how she told him her pussy had 'never been stuffed like this' as she rubbed he clit, bent over his desk with her skirt up and his hand over her mouth to keep the sound of her whimpers muffled as she orgasmed in his office. He could see that hearing about my wife enjoying his cock was making me suck it like a hungry whore. The turn on of sucking the same dick that made my wife cum only a few days before was the most incredible arousal! I wanted to prove myself a worthy cock slut for show my gratitude for how he made my wife cum so hard.
    I ended up with my cock out and stroking it as he came in my mouth. Jet after jet of his warm cum coated my tongue and I found myself whimpering, too, as his cock pulsed between my lips.

    When we finished and had our clothes back in place we sat across from each other and finished our drinks. He told me he would be having her here, in his apartment from now on...that it was too risky to keep fucking her in the office. Besides, having her here, he could make her get naked and kneel to undo his pants and to be as verbal as he wanted with her, just like he would for me when I came back to show my appreciation to him.

    I let him know I wanted to keep doing what we just did, then I gulped down the last of my drink, not letting it linger in my mouth because I didn't want to wash away the taste of his cum. As I left, I said only one thing. "Thank you." He slapped me on the back and said, I'll be texting you.

    And, so, my cuck journey my fantasy.
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    Re: Do any of you have cuck fantasies?

    I do.

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    Re: Do any of you have cuck fantasies?

    I am a cuck hubby. Started with my first wife and continued now in my current marriage. It is my wife birthday weekend she se just left for we weekend spa getaway with her bull nark and I planned and book the getaway. I am unable to please her the way she should be pleased and wants to be pleased and it pleases me to know they are making her happy. She gets the sex she deserves. She loves big cock and I love watching big cock and playing with her guys big cock.

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    Re: Do any of you have cuck fantasies?

    Oh tes!

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    Re: Do any of you have cuck fantasies?

    I am not into humiliation but would love to see my wife railed by a large cock. If he was bi so much the better!

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    Re: Do any of you have cuck fantasies?

    Quote Originally Posted by remington12369 View Post
    I am not into humiliation but would love to see my wife railed by a large cock. If he was bi so much the better!
    yes, Yes, YES!!! This is what we love as well.

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    Re: Do any of you have cuck fantasies?

    Probably my first appearance here in 2024, and a favorite topic is the first new thread I see.

    For once, the short version: This is something we've done, acting out the fantasy. We've had an exceptionally strong marriage, and are secure enough to realize that it's just a different form of fun, not something that's going to jeopardize our lives together.

    I've had the kinky pleasure of seeing my wife with other men, pleasuring them and them pleasuring her. She has seen me with other women, and she has seen me sucking cock and being bent over and fucked. In fact, the last time it happened, a couple of months ago, she was lying next to me, taking pictures and flashing her tits and pussy at the other 'gurl' who was fucking my ass.

    When it was over, we enjoyed conversation and a glass or two of wine. We are loving, decent and responsible people. I wouldn't have it any other way...

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    Re: Do any of you have cuck fantasies?

    there were several years when we had an open sex life. she fucked men and i fucked women . we did this separately , on rare occasions we had three-somes. when she fucked men i never thought about being a cuckold , or her being a hotwife. then i found less and less women to fuck , but she found no shortage of men. so i guess you could say that i was a cuckold. i would love when she came home full of another mans cum . i would clean her up with my tongue , which she loved.i loved it too , because at the time she didn't know that i was a cock sucker. she knows now , and doesn't mind . my fantasy would be her watching me suck cock, and calling me names like cock sucker and faggot. that would be a dream.

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    Re: Do any of you have cuck fantasies?

    I used to think I was a cuck, but now I understand I just love the hotwife fantasy, and eating cummy pussy.

    I used to date a sex worker, a couple of different ones actually, and I always loved eating them out at the end of their shift. Another woman I dated for a while was dating another guy at the same time and she used to call me over for oral after he left her apartment. I loved it, still masturbate to the memories of all this.

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    Re: Do any of you have cuck fantasies?

    Quote Originally Posted by remington12369 View Post
    I am not into humiliation but would love to see my wife railed by a large cock. If he was bi so much the better!
    I feel the same way ... I enjoy watching my wife with another guy, esp if he is hung. The bi part hasn't happened yet in this scenario tho.

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    Re: Do any of you have cuck fantasies?

    Love your story, Rest85! Do you mind if i adopt it for my own????

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    Re: Do any of you have cuck fantasies?

    YES! I do have Cuckold fantasies! More than a fantasy, my wife fucked another man after we married.. So, technically, I literallyAM a sortof Cuckold.

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    Re: Do any of you have cuck fantasies?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mfmfantasy50 View Post
    Love your story, Rest85! Do you mind if i adopt it for my own????
    mfmfantasy50.. I am glad you enjoyed our story. My cock stayed half hard while typing it. Feel free to adopt it for yourself!

    and please elaborate on the story of your wife, another man. Did you encourage her to do it?
    Did she sneak to enjoy another cock and then confess to you?

    Does she know that it turns you on to think about her enjoying his cock?
    is she tempted to do it again?

    curious minds want to know
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    Re: Do any of you have cuck fantasies?

    I would love to be in a 69 with my wife while another guy fucks and cums in her. When he pulls out I clean them both and fuck her myself




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