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    Does any here get into Intercrural sex or coitus interfemoris?

    When I was young (preteen) my older brother taught me about sex. We lived out in the country and saw many animals doing and just thought it was a natural progression. I stared out blowing him. He was older and could cum and had a bigger cock. He would always pull out and jerk off into a rag and didn't cum in my mouth. He wanted to try fucking. He got together with some of his peers once in awhile and learned how to fuck. He wanted to do it anally. We tried without knowing about lube. It hurt and we stopped. He learned about lube and tried spit. That got his cock in my ass, but he was too quick shoving it in and it hurt too much. SO he would take my pants and underwear off and spit and spit until my crotch was all slippery, spit on his cock and slide it between my thighs from the front. He had me close my thighs and cross my ankle. He fucked like this. It felt good for me and good for him. I don't know whether it was the size of his cock or the position we did it , but his cock would slide between my ass checks. It was still slippery and having the cock between my cheeks felt really good. In fact the head of his cock would rub across my asshole. It didn't go in, just rubbed back and forth across it. When he came it liked that the most because I could feel his cock pulsating and the warm cum squirting between my cheeks. I liked the whole thing. I want to do it again. Is there anyone else out there that has done this? It was a hell of a mess to clean up in a hurry though. I would be interested in discussing this with another guy, maybe in private mail. Let me know what you think.
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    Re: Does any here get into Intercrural sex or coitus interfemoris?

    I've been "screwed" like that many times and, um, I like it. The man who did me had recovered quickly after he came in my mouth and offered another $30 if he could screw me and... I just went with it and the visions of all the candy I could buy with, now, $50. He laid me on my stomach and moments later my butt felt wet (I figured years later that he was spitting in my crack) and then I felt his dick in my crack and sometimes poking hard against my hole and... it felt so good and felt even better when he shot his stuff all in my crack and... made one hell of a mess that took me having to wash my butt three times before I got it all cleaned up.

    From there, there were guys who wanted to fuck but didn't want to stick it in me and I'd tell them how to do that but some guys already knew. Spit, baby oil, Vaseline, soap - anything remotely slippery would work to get them to make a mess between my cheeks... although I would have preferred to have their dick in me; sometimes, the guy would get everything so slippery that his dick would wind up going in me, which felt good and, um, sometimes, they left it there and creamed me. It was the favorite way to do it for those guys/men with big dicks and trying to get it in me would damage me so, make it all slippery and screw me that way and... cleanup on aisle two.

    Doing it like this trailed off for me going into the adult years and the only time I'd get my crack creamed was when a guy was trying to get it in me and, oops. Mortifying for him but I'd have to assure them that cumming in my crack worked, too (except now I have a mess to clean up). I think I was 29 the last time a guy wanted to do it intercrurally and, whew, he screwed me like that for well past an hour before unloading his balls in my crack.

    I would recommend this way to guys who wanted to know what it was like to be screwed - but, yeah, it's gonna hurt and we know what the main use of that hole is so how can they get screwed without penetration? Well, I'm glad you asked - let me show you! I was used to screwing a guy like that because I had friends who didn't want it stuck in them and I learned that it can be fun to screw a guy like that and especially when he's moaning and groaning and moving against me and... now he has a mess to clean up on aisle two.

    It's still important to wash your ass and your junk including your taint; uncut guys should be sure to wash under the hood before and after. My protege had an FWB who liked to be frot-fucked but the man had a bad yeast infection from back to front and passed it on to my protege and, well, I tried to tell him that it was possible to get infected that way and he found out the hard way. Not to worry, though: You keep yourself clean and employ plenty of lube and being screwed without really being screwed can feel very good...




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