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Thread: sex with parent

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    sex with parent

    Anyone ever had sex with either parent?

    I didn't, but I had some very naughty fantasies.
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    Re: sex with parent

    Uh no. I have seen dad after a shower semi hard but other than that nope.

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    Re: sex with parent

    Nope never...

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    Re: sex with parent

    No, neither parent appealed to me that way. However, an aunt seduced me and a female first cousin (first time with a rubber).

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    Re: sex with parent

    Lucky you. My only female cousin was a btch from the time she knew why boys could stand up to pee.

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    Re: sex with parent

    Yes, I was a teenager. Have told the story before on here.
    Don't worry, be happy!

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    Re: sex with parent

    Quote Originally Posted by Robin Black View Post
    Anyone ever had sex with either parent?

    I didn't, but I had some very naughty fantasies.
    When I was 7 my mom?s bf would sleep with me and suck my cock. That turned into me sucking his cock (8.5) beautiful cock. He taught me how to throat and swallow cum. After a year he started fucking me, this went on daily until I was 20.

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    Re: sex with parent

    did your mom ever find out that her boyfriend was fucking you ? if so , what did she say or do ? i don't know why , but i find this really hot. was having sex with him hot for you ?

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    Re: sex with parent

    She did when I was 19. She kicked him out. I would go visit him everyday and have sex. I loved his cock and cum. Now I date a top trans that is hung

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    Re: sex with parent

    I've told my story on here before, but yes. I played with my step father (who I considered my Dad) in my mid-teens.

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    Re: sex with parent

    Never a parent, but my older sister and I have been having sex since we were in our teens. I honestly never thought of my mom or dad in that way. My sis and I are only a little over a year apart and she was by far the hottest girl in school. Aside from that, we have always been extremely close and we are still intimate to this day. She gave me my first hand job, blow job and, aside from my friend's sister, the first girl I ever made love to was her.

    She is now in a relationship with another woman, but we still find time to "play house". Both of us have had our share of external relationships, however, we both know how to please each other in bed.

    I don't think incest is all that uncommon. I have a good friend who said he and his mother regularly made love for years after his father ran off with another woman. And there are countless stories of dads having sex with their daughters, many times while the wife is aware. I don't think it's as common as it used to be, but I am sure it still happens.




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