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    staying hard

    I love sex with both genders, with women I'm versatile and with men I'm a total top. One thing I do love is fucking ass and how hard women cum. When I fuck men I've noticed some are hard and some their cock is soft however they are loving the sensation of my cock inside them.

    I'm curious if other bottoms stay hard when they're getting fucked or are you limp?

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    Re: staying hard

    It depends, I know, cop out.............but I enjoy the other sensations

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    Re: staying hard

    I'm usually semi-hard, but not taking notice, as I'm enjoying the sensations of the total full body intimacy.

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    Re: staying hard

    Im usually hard enough to cum if im ridding on top. From behind i usually only semi hard.
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    Re: staying hard

    As an experienced top I have noticed the same thing: the majority of men I fuck lose their erection once penetrated. I suspect this has to do with pressure on the pelvic floor nerves. I have encountered guys here and there that stay rock hard while being fucked. My wife and I shared one of them last weekend and I finally got to realize my longest held fantasy: fucking a man while he's fucking my wife. It was absolutely wonderful!

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    Re: staying hard

    I usually lose my erection when i am penetrated but not always. When it comes to getting fucked I want a big dick but I don't care how big it is if they don't know how to use it I am going to lose interest quickly. If you spend time rimming me, massaging my prostate and playing with my asshole the odds of me staying hard goes up substantially. Spit on it and stick your finger in and that is it, and the odds ore I am going to lose interest quickly and so my erection.

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    Re: staying hard

    When I’m fucked I’m usually either semi erect or soft and I have a delayed reaction and get hard about an hour or two later. I think it has something to do with prostate stimulation, same thing happens when a doctor feels my prostate. It’s odd but it’s always been this way.

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    Re: staying hard

    when a guy is in my hole doing me mine is soft and he hits that one spot over and over my cock cums like a pussy does soft and i love that feeling cause it makes me feel like a woman getting laid

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    Re: staying hard

    I'm a 100% bottom and i consider staying soft whne I'm being fucked as normal and desired. Even if I've been hard while making out, a rarity nowadays, if I stay hard my lover is doing something wrong. The whole act of allowing him to penetrate me requires (in my mind) that I be soft and submissive. An erect dick would spoil that for me.

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    Re: staying hard

    I always lose an erection when a cock enters my ass. At that time, it's the top pleasure I think of. Is he feeling good...does he like my ass. I only wish I had positioned a mirror so I could watch. The scene of a guy pumping another guy's ass on their knees is hot!

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    Re: staying hard

    My husband is always rock hard until the fucking begins, then he is semi hard unless he is able to take it full on fucking, then he gets super stiff again. The more vigorous the fucking the hard harder he stays but he is not always able to handle that. No matter what he has yet to not enjoy it. He makes me proud and rocks my world when he has gorgeous cocks stuffed in him!

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    Re: staying hard

    I think there are a few factors that go into bottoms staying hard while being penetrated, not the least of which is physical position. I have a bi bottom friend who comes over a couple of times a week and I've found that when I fuck him doggy (which is my favorite position) he tends to go soft or at semi-hard. But, when we fuck on our sides or if he rides me, he tends to stay hard. That said, in the sideways position, it's easier for one or both of us to stimulate him during intercourse. And when he is on top in cowgirl or reverse cowgirl position, he can stroke himself and maintain his erection until he cums.

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    Re: staying hard

    I find it depends on the moment and situation.

    Sometimes I'm hard as ancient egyptian algebra when taking a throbbing cock or toy, sometimes I'm half-mast while their fucking away or if i'm pumping a dildo in and out of my hole, especially if I'm focused more on my ass if that makes sense.

    That being said, if their properly verbal and dirty talk/grunt properly and keep the right energy going in the interaction, I'm more likely to stay hard thru the whole encounter, and have an easier time getting hard again and again.

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    Re: staying hard

    I’m never hard when getting fucked but the feeling is so good. I can cum from it, just not hard. My theory is all my blood flow is directed to my ass and prostate. I notice my ass when getting fucked feels very plump and almost has ass lips and my prostate feels enlarged too which seems to make me very tight. Every guy who fucks me says I have the tightest ass they’ve ever had and they tend to cum so quick..




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