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    Masculine but feeling fem

    My boyfriend and I got together about 3 years ago. He contacted me via Silver Daddies. We were both looking for a masculine guy to hook up with. We are both very masculine acting and you would never know we are a couple. Things we both enjoy are hairy chest, facial hair, a bit of a dad body, full on pubes etc. Early on our rolls defined themselves, me as the bottom and he is the top. I love having his cock in my ass and loading me up with cum and it makes me feel "complete". The problem I am having is the more we make love, with me as the bottom, the more feminine I feel. I now have a strong desire to wear women's lacy panties or stockings. He is vehemently against "panty boys" and I am afraid if I bring it up he will end our relationship. It is getting so bad that I am bound and determined to buy myself some panties while "Christmas shopping" this year. I would like to wear them whenever I can when I am not with him. Does anyone know of a store that is friendly towards men buying panties for themselves?

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    Re: Masculine but feeling fem

    Victoria’s that’s where I get almost all my stuff

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    Re: Masculine but feeling fem

    any store will sell you some think you are getting them for a present for wife or girl friend

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    Re: Masculine but feeling fem

    my strategy in the past was to enlist the help of a sales person and be the 'clueless hubby/boyfriend'. That way you can really look at the item without being conspicuous. Plus it's an excellent opportunity to flirt with a girl.

    But now we have adult stores where it is complexly normal to have guys looking through panties, dildos, etc And they have panties that are designed for men. So that's my approach now. I have to get some more because my last couple of pairs didn't survive play time :-)

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    Re: Masculine but feeling fem

    Thanks everyone for the info. I think that I will start at the ABS. When I get a little more brave I might try Victoria's Secret. I cant wait to slide on some lacy bikini panties!




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