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    The most unusual things happen when you least expect them

    The most unusual things happen when you least expect them.
    about two months ago.
    I had to help a lady out take her car to the garage and get it sorted for her.
    The garage she first took it to tried to rip her off.
    Being as I've been in the motor trade for a number of years I can spot BS when I smell it.
    well I got her car out and it cost her nothing bar a recovery truck fees of ?50..< the pound sign is not working on this site????>
    I got the car taken to a garage I know is good and it was done to 1/4 of the price the other garage was charging.
    They also put all the old parts in a box to show her.
    She is a bit of a posh lady well spoken very well presented.

    So when her car was done I took her to collect it along with her husband.
    They looked over it and was happy paid and went.

    A few days later I got a phone call from the lady saying I owe you one.
    No it's ok love I just like helping folk.
    How about I take you out for a meal then.
    OK I said and the day and time set.
    She picked me up from home and said hello to my wife and how she is grateful for me helping her.
    We had a nice meal and on the way back she said lets look at the sights and the stars as I don't want o go home yet.
    OK I said thinking that's odd but ok.
    We went to a quiet place and we lent on the car and chatted for 1/2 hour or so.
    She then turned me to her facing her and starting to kiss me lightly at first but gently got longer.
    OK so I had a boner by now.
    I tried to twist as not to let her know.
    But she knew.
    get in the car she said, ok and went to open the passengers door.
    She raised her right hand and said not that door and pointed to the back door.
    Get. In. The. Back she said firmly.

    Oh flipping heck I thought.
    We got in the back and she said I'm going to thank you my way and shag you.
    Gasp err what ?
    you heard.
    You're married.
    It's ok it was his idea.
    Oh gulp right.
    I'm married.
    Not to worry I wont tell her as long as you let me have sex a few times a week
    that way I've paid you and you have paid me for my husband not being to service me.

    Ok I said.
    Oh boy She was / is the beautiful and just as amazing naked.
    Well to say she was a good shag is an understatement to say the least.
    Now we have had sex four times and last week in her bed.
    She goes all the way.

    OK I'm married and in a platonic marriage as the wife is not a sex liker by any account.
    she knows I'm Bi and is ok with that.
    She knows that I have needs and as long as it's not rubbed in her face she is ok with that.

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    Re: The most unusual things happen when you least expect them

    Any chance her husband is bi?

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    Re: The most unusual things happen when you least expect them

    you all know my story.. I think I have shared this here but maybe not.. ya all know that while in Arizona I lived as a trans female and moved to Utah when I transitioned back.. so after about 4 months into my transition back I was invited to a masquerade party.. so being still pretty much passable I shaved everything and went full deep into female mode again other than I had short hair then.. went full sexy lacy silk panties and bra, matching garter and lacy silk thigh high stockings.. I wore a very sheer button up blouse and showed lots of skin.. very short short booty shorts with my ass hanging out of them.. the party was a lot of fun.. met lots of guys kissed and made out with 3-4 of them.. one guy took me to one of the bedrooms and we were getting to it when the door flew open as he was preparing to remove my panties.. I was very hot and wanted to be fucked.. needless to say he lost interest and left me horny and frustrated.. so I left the party.. driving home I developed car trouble.. there I was stranded on the side of the interstate.. got a tow truck called and waited.. when it showed up there were three very masculine built bodybuilder type colored gentleman in the truck.. they quickly got my car in tow and instructed me to get in the truck with them.. they towed my car to their shop.. when we got there they told me it would be $250 for the tow and repair.. I told them I didn’t have that much money at the moment.. the guy that seemed to be in charge said we could work it out.. being extremely horny and frustrated I said sure why not. I quit soon was down to just wearing my panties and sucking three bbc’s.. omg they were magnificent.. one was 8” and very thick.. one about 9.5 and above average in thickness.. the last was almost 11” and semi thick.. they picked me up off the floor and directed me to remove my panties.. which I did.. my cock falls out from being tucked.. they looked at me and smiled.. one said “ I knew it “ they drug a cot bed out into the middle of the room.. they pushed me bent over the side of it.. the one with the 9.5 “ cock mounted me first and I sucked the 8” guy from the other side of the cot.. about 20-30 min later the guy with the 11” cock took over.. god he went in me deep.. I very soon was taking him balls deep.. I was moaning loudly and gasping for air.. my body was heating up quickly as sweat started to form on my body.. I could feel the heat from deep within.. knowing that this was a sign that an orgasm was building in me... I relaxed my body the best I could and just melted onto his cock.. he grabbed my breasts and pulled himself deeper into me.. after about 20 min of him pounding into me I felt it start.. first my legs shaking then my body quivering then the over whelming need for sex.. my mind went numb.. my eyes rolled back.. I moaned yelled as it washed over me.. wave after wave of sexual pleasure.. my knees buckle and I am laying over the side of the cot still impaled by his cock.. he kept on fucking me wildly.. all I wanted was to be being fucked.. for the rest of the night I was put in every imaginable position and fucked relentlessly.. they took turns fucking me over and over.. I orgasmed so many times I lost track.. we passed out hours later with that 11” cock deep inside of my pussy.. I woke up with him fucking me again.. they all took a couple more turns fucking me.. I was so full of their cum that it gushed out of me.. about 11am they put me in a car naked and two of them fucked me as they drove me home.. the 8.5” guy filled me with a huge load just before being pushed out of the car naked to the sidewalk.. they told me when I was ready to come get my car and finish paying my bill.. I could hardly stand or walk.. I staggered to my door and went to bed.. I woke up very late the next day, my pussy swollen and sore, my ass and hip muscles aching and week.. my throat raw from being fucked.. but I felt amazing!!! I was happy and my mind was calm.. I went and had a scalding hot bath and just soaked in the hot water,, it felt really good.. I was still dribbling cum from my pussy.. when I got out of the tub I felt so alive, so calm, my body really felt amazing.. my pussy was sore but that good used sore.. I went back to bed and woke up about noon the next day.. god I loved how I felt.. the next day I called them and told them that I would be in that weekend to get my car and was ready to work off the rest of my bill.. it took me many trips back to pay it off but god was it worth it!!!

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    Re: The most unusual things happen when you least expect them

    They say you should expect the unexpected... but how does that work when it's also true that you never know what can happen at any given time? I've had sex with a lot of men and women and... wasn't even expecting or anything like that but, um, if they wanted to give it freely, I'm not about to say no - unless something sets off my "spidey senses." I stopped and helped a stranded guy on the side of the road change a tire and purely out of the goodness of my heart. He wanted to pay me and I refused to accept and he insisted that I be rewarded and... he sucked me off. Said that he'd never done anything like that before (and it was telling that he hadn't) but, okay - didn't see that coming and no pun intended. I've had this particular thing happen to me more than once so... so much for expecting the unexpected...




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