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Thread: Been Bisexual

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    Re: Been Bisexual

    Ah, yes: The Drought! Even as a teen, I did very brisk business with straight guys suffering that lack of pussy and desperate for release that wasn't jerking off... and willing to get off with me and to the extent that they'd be willing to do anything to be able to bust a nut in me somewhere. They were guys who didn't believe in this or it's the "in case of emergency" last option to avoid having to deal with a painful case of blue balls. Because of The Drought, I... made a lot of guys bisexual and happily so because they learned what I already knew: Getting some dick is damned good. Comparatively easier than trying to get some pussy. If it's a blowjob, the other guy isn't likely to tell you not to cum in his mouth; he's very likely to get pissed with you if you don't cum!

    As Richard Pryor once said, "A lack of pussy will make a motherfucker crazy..." that same lack of pussy can make some men... turn to other men for sex. What fucks a lot of guys up is the belief that they have to be attracted to men like they are attracted to women when, in truth, you don't have to be - you just gotta want to do it with a guy and purely because it's sex. Anything else is mindfucking yourself into not doing something you know you want and need to do. But all of this is "easier" when you already know what the deal is, aka, having sex with your friends and, yes, relatives if that was the way it all went down. It's a sexuality thing... but it is still very much a sex thing and, well, some of us find out that dicks are great for having sex early on and some don't find out until... The Drought pays them a visit and now... you gotta unlearn some stuff that as an adult, isn't easy to do when you've been all about the pussy and nothing else.

    I've heard about tea rooms; I do know about being in a theater and watching porn... and some guy starts sucking my dick and, well, I'm a cocksucker, too, so that works and it's no big deal - but it's the difference between having been introduced to this being young and not being an adult and this is something "new" to me. But, sure - if you want to do it, then find a way to do it; it's being bisexual and just "sexual." Being bi doesn't mean that you have to be romantic with men - but you can be if that "makes you happy." It's... not really that hard to figure out if you don't buy into the hype and bullshit being tossed around: Listen to yourself and your feelings more than anything else and perhaps you'll find that being bisexual isn't really a problem other than getting out there and getting dick the way you want and need it. Anything else is self-suppressing and... why would you do that to yourself and on top of society trying to suppress you as well?

    The Drought has made a lot of men bisexual...

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    Re: Been Bisexual

    Quote Originally Posted by iamcontent View Post
    I would like to know when did you know you were bisexual? And when did you accept it?
    I was 9 when I secretly watched a guy suck another guy's cock in a park close to my house. Honestly, I wasn't really sure what they were doing at first. Being young and quite naive, I initially thought the guy who was on his knees had dropped something and was looking for it. It wasn't until I moved to another viewpoint that I saw the guy who was leaning against the picnic table had his shorts pulled down around his thighs and his friend had his dick in his mouth. I watched motionless as the guy leaning against the table stiffened his body and and let out several low grunts. The guy on his knees continued to suck and lick his friend's cock for several more seconds. Finally, the guy who was standing reached down and pulled his shorts back up, then he helped his cocksucker to his feet. Then the two glanced around and walked away from each other in opposite directions, oblivious to the fact that I had watched the whole thing.

    While that in itself didn't make me bi, it certainly made an impression on me. As I moved into my early teens and discovered porn and the pleasures of masturbation, I would often think back on that day, fantasizing about how awesome it would feel to have my cock sucked, and eventually, what it would be like to maybe give a blowjob. Then, on my 14th birthday, I had my curiosity satisfied when I got my first opportunity to suck my friend's stepdad's cock. After that first time, I was hooked. I loved everything about it, especially when I would feel his cock swell and begin releasing load after load in my mouth. Even then, I didn't really consider bi because I had several girlfriends and I had only sucked one cock (although I did him repeatedly for almost a year). I had also lost my anal virginity to him during that time and found whether I was sucking him or letting him use my ass, I knew I liked it!

    Ironically, I wouldn't receive my first bj until I was 16 when my then girlfriend agreed to suck me. But as I got older, I started to question my sexuality when I found my second FWBs who loved having his cock sucked and would let me service him two or three times a week. That definitely cemented it for me. Since that time, I have had many more male partners (the vast majority of which have been one-night stands or simple hook-ups), but in terms of long term relationships, all have been with women.
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    Re: Been Bisexual

    I started sucking guys when i was 32 or 33 .At 1st i did not want to admit i was bi. I was married. For a few months i would suck a guy then promise myself that was the last one . Always after a week or two though I would get deep desires to suck on another guy. After this I realized That I am a bisexual guy. I have sucked cocks for now 35 years likely average of 35 cocks per year this adds up to a number of cocks sucked. I enjoy sucking men

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    Re: Been Bisexual

    The first time was when I was younger, and me and a friend were checking each other?s dicks out. Seemed harmless and interesting to do. Then we touched each others and then he actually got down and started sucking mine. I was immediately turned on and loved it. We switched and I took his and MAN was that so exciting. I did that before ever fully having sex with a girl, and both were equally amazing to me. I just love sex, and like another posted in another thread, size doesn?t matter. Small medium, large, just like a chick, big boobs, small, flat, no matter, it?s exciting no matter what. So from the first time experiencing both, I just wanted sex with both. Never looked at anything like bisexual, gay, nothing, just ?more please!?.

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    Re: Been Bisexual

    I have a good friend who told is wife of 28 years. She didn't speak to him until he came to me for help. I spoke with her. We talked for days. When I felt comfortable with her I told her of my longings. She wanted to hear more. We talked for a few more days. She asked if I'd watch some videos with her. We did. She was aroused by it but had no idea if she could go through with it. That is when I told her about us, our journey. She had so many questions. She wanted to see any videos of us. My husband was okay with it. A few day later I had her over asking her to bring a swim suit. We lounged by the pool and watched my husband, John, his wife, and my husband. She was turned on at the first sight of John. When we ladies sucked him together, she was touching herself. When I sucked John with my husband her hands were all over. I stopped the video letting her know there was much more but she needed to talk to her husband. A few more days of processing it all she did. She asked to come over. She had my friend tells us both, "I am in love with my wife but I want to suck cock and get my ass fucked by one. I am bisexual and I want to do this with my wife's help." She asked if my husband and I would help. I replied not as sex partners. She was very disappointed and also very relieved. I explained why. She understood. I also mentioned that they need to take this extremely slow, perhaps some role play, sex toy play, sex talk naked, and enjoy the newness as a couple, alone. All in all I think she handled it well. Time will tell.

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    Re: Been Bisexual

    It was late in life I finally accepted my bisexuality. I guess I had known for a long time.
    I'm now in my 60s and feel comfortable exploring.
    I'm still not out yet.
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    Re: Been Bisexual

    Probabbly knew in my early teens when I would jerk off to fantasies of getting fucked or sucking a cock. I was in my 40s before I learnwd to accept it.

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    Re: Been Bisexual

    In my younger days (high school). I never really connected with girls. Yes there were a couple. At around 20 I started going to a local adult bookstore. In the beginning it was just me alone in a booth jerking off to porn. I soon realized I was attracted to gay porn. One night I was in a booth where th the door open about 1/2 way. A guy started talking to me. He was older, I opened the door further and he came in with me. That was the first time I had a blowjob from a guy. I walked out of the store that night confused at what happened. But I liked it and that’s how It all started. Now I’m so glad to have had that experience and to this day I enjoy the company of a man.

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    Re: Been Bisexual

    I knew and accepted it at about the same time. I had a summer fling with another kid as a teen, which I enjoyed, but because I was still attracted to women I cut it off when school started. Like many other I had never heard of bisexuality. Fast forward about 40 years. I was convalescing from hip surgery and discovered tranny and gay porn. Way too much time on my hands I It kind of re-lit that flame and I remembered how turned on I got sucking that kids cock and how I felt it pulse as I swallowed his cum. I knew then that I was going to suck some cock again. As soon as I was up and around I started checking out craigslist and away I went! I was also spurred on by my wife's lack of sex drive which is down to zero at present.

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    Re: Been Bisexual

    In my younger years I was never even vaguely interested in other guys in any sexual or romantic sense, but I did have an overwhelming lot of sexual curiosity. By the time I was in my mid-20s I started to feel like I really wanted to know what it felt like for the women I'd been with to suck my cock or to have it thrusting into them and why these things seemed to them to be as pleasurable for them as the experience was from my standpoint. By the time I was in my 30s I decided I'd had enough of wondering and wanted to experience it for myself. When opportunity presented itself I took it and found I enjoyed it thoroughly. Yes, I enjoy a bloke going down on me or giving his ass a good go, but it is the sucking and being fucked part that really makes the experience unique, different and delightful. Life without having experienced those things and continuing them would be a poorer thing as far as I'm concerned! My buddy and I have plans for tomorrow and my balls are tingling and doing some slow rolls in anticipation. We usually start out with some intense necking and nipple play and then comes that lovely moment when I slip that smooth, swelling cockhead into my mouth. Something especially blissful about that moment for me in the same frame as the intense joy of entering a warm, wet pussy.

    Really feeling in rather desperate need of some nice cum shooting into my mouth...
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    Re: Been Bisexual

    I knew at 13, admitted it to my wife when I was around 55!

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    Re: Been Bisexual

    Quote Originally Posted by bob onit View Post
    It was late in life I finally accepted my bisexuality. I guess I had known for a long time.
    I'm now in my 60s and feel comfortable exploring.
    I'm still not out yet.
    . I’m 63 and feel the same way, nobody knows I’m bi.. I’ve only been with one guy and that was last month. I was looking for it and wanted it to happen. I’m glad my curiosity gave me the push I needed. I’m married and I don’t think I’ll ever tell anybody. I’ll just have to be sneaky, my wife’s sex drive is non existent anyway. So there ya go , you only live once! Enjoy life!

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    Re: Been Bisexual

    Did I ever tell you about the experience I had in the back of the babysitter pickup? This was back before trucks were sedans with a bed behind them so the babysitter's son, the daughter and 5-6 year old me were in the back of the truck with the parents up front. This boy pulls down his pants and gestures like he wants me to sniff or lick him or something with the sister intently watching.

    I just stared at it for a while, there was a bit of awkward tension, then for better or worse just as I was about to actually do something the truck stops, it turns out my mom was following behind them, coming to pick me up after work. So they just grabbed me from the back and exchanged custody. I actually don't remember seeing that family after that.

    It was never any ADULT that "groomed" me, I was put into a bunch of these curious, awkward situations with seemingly horny/aggravated peers. It just seemed really strange at the time but I guess "sex" has always been a part of my life. Not that I really knew what I was doing back then, I mostly just wanted to be affectionate.
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    Re: Been Bisexual

    With our lady watching us, smiling and gleefully giggling in eager anticipation, I slid my lips over my friend's cock, fully erect. I felt my lips and mouth spread open to take in his bulbous mushroom cockhead. The feeling was gorgeous. His shaft was firm and stiff and yet velvet smooth, tender and sacred. This is what women feel like when they suck a man's cock, I thought to myself.

    And when I tasted a gentle drop of his musky sweet precum, it was as though an electric current ran through me -- from my mouth to the base of my penis.

    While this experience happened many, many years ago, I will remember it with deep reverence and bliss. I will never forget it.

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    Re: Been Bisexual

    You never forget the thrill and anticipation of your first time

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    Re: Been Bisexual

    I started my BI activities at a very young age and had no idea bisexuality existed. So as a result, of course, I was very confused. It took many years, mainly because it was the 60's when I started, for me to figure out that I was more than straight. It took a few more years (maybe 5) after that to finally accept that I was BI, in total, probably a period of 20 years.

    I enjoy getting a BJ just as much as the next guy, possibly more, giving one is another level up though.

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    Re: Been Bisexual

    When I was being fucked in the ass by my best friend and Loved it just as much as a couple of years later when I fucked a girl for the first time. I feel completely comfortable and certainly got equally aroused, thinking about men and women.

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    Re: Been Bisexual

    Quote Originally Posted by wifekinky4husband View Post
    Funny! It cracks me up. This is his perspective. I surpassingly agree.

    Got my husband to hold another guy's cock, helped him put it in me. Not bi. Got him to feed me another guy's cock. Not bi. Eventually was able to get my husband to suck a cock with me. Not bi. Get him to suck it dry with me. Not bi. Get him to suck another. Not bi. And another. Not bi. Sucked his cock with a guy. Not bi. And another guy. Not bi. got him and another guy in a 69 where me and the other wife was helping them suck. Not bi. They eventually fucked each other's mouths in this position cumming in them. Not bi. I was able to to convince him to stand fucking a guy's mouth while holding on to his head. Not bi. And more. Not bi. Then in a 69 over him on top of a chirotype table sucking, fingering him, and dildoing him with a friend, she steps up fucking him with her strapon. Her husband fucks me briefly over his face pulling out as she pulls out he replaces her and fucks my husband in the ass for his very first real cock ever. Not bi (I am not kidding). Next time the scenario was very similar this time I sat up on my husband's face holding his legs ups and wide. A second husband fucked and came in his ass bareback. My husband's muffled pleasure could still be heard. A third husband took his turn and I climbed off. My husband for the first time could see a man fucking his ass. He was so busy orgasming nothing mattered. As he took it I kissed him so passionately, it was so amazing to me. After a lot of silence from him, I asked him if he'd do it doggy for me. He said if I would beside him. We did. Then we sucked two cocks off together. I asked if he'd let one fuck his ass and one fuck his mouth for me. He agrees if I did. We did.

    By now you are - oh my goodness get to the point. Not bi. I know, crazy? What? Yes, Not bi.

    A few more months with a few more sessions like above with variations. I asked my husband if he might take a few cocks by himself. He said that he would if I would eat pussy by myself. That was the turning point for us both. He not only sucked off several guys by himself, staring at me eating pussy after pussy as best he could see, he let three guys fuck him bareback cumming in his ass. I was so proud of him. After that we showered talking about it all. He said, "I guess I am finally bi." I asked why. "Because I enjoy it enough to want it now." I asked sucking? "Yes sucking cock, drinking cum, and definitely getting fucked in my ass. The guys fucking and cumming in me is incredible and I see why you wanted me to give into it all. I love doing it with you and without you now but never without you there. It is something we always need to share or otherwise what's the point?" I agreed and we kissed for a very long time. Then we went back and drank a great deal more cum.
    It's great that you took your time and supported him,let him come to realize it on his own. Even if he did take awhile! LoL!
    If all women were like you, this would be a happier world! It's hard to be angry if you are sexually satisfied with a sexually open wife who supports your sexuality and shares it with you!

    I enjoy reading your posts about your group of friends!

    My moment came when I went to a bookstore booth again. Previously I stuck my cock in just wanting stroked, but the guy knowingly to to me began sucking me, and it went from feeling good to great! I pulled out to cum, saw his mouth. I was at the point of no return, panicked he went farther than I wanted, but so turned on I had my first blowjob that felt great.
    When I went back again with the express intent of getting sucked and cumming in a guys mouth, and trying sucking myself, I knew I wasn't fully straight anymore! The store lost power just as I got in a booth, so it didn't happen. At the time, I took that as a sign not to do this. But a decade later I went to a hotel party and immediately sucked my first cock, then two more, without them cumming at my request,and got sucked by two guys without cumming. It was then that I knew I was at least part bi, and feeling a cock in my mouth was pleasurable both for me and the guy, and I didn't get why there was so big of a deal for guys to have this fun, when it was encouraged for women?

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    Re: Been Bisexual

    I?ve known since I was a kid.

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    Re: Been Bisexual

    My friend Mike and i used to get naked together, we'd jack each other off, i really regret not sucking his cock. He would put his erection between my buttcheeks with my legs together and fuck up and down my balls ,cum on my ass i loved it. I wish he would've put it inside me, i would've been his slut. But we both fantasized about the girl across the street.

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    Re: Been Bisexual

    was always curious but first time was in my early 20s. met a couple at a party and we hit it off really well. they invited back to their place for the night and to have a 3some but just as we were getting into it she got a call that her kids were sick and she had to go to her mothers place. since it was really late and she had to leave we called it a night. he came into my room naked and told me how bad he felt but could take care of me if I wanted, figured why not he slid into bed and thats when we got busy. we sucked each other off (my first time) and he kept me hard and straddled me asking if he could ride my cock. what looked like a bad ending turned out to be enjoyable and been enjoying off and on ever since

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    Re: Been Bisexual

    I was in high school.. only sex before that was m2m sex so I figured I was a faggot.. coaches wife was said to pick a senior boy every year and have sex with him.. I was a junior and was told to report to her office.. when I got there I could hear the shower running in her restroom.. so I sat on the table in her office.. when it shut off I announced that I was there.. a moment later she walked into her office wearing just a towel.. she was very sexy about 5?3? 120lbs and large fake breasts.. we exchanged hello?s and she turned toward the wall back toward me and bent over to do something to the bed in her office.. her towel rode up her back and her ass and pussy were amazing.. when she turned around she dropped the towel.. I instantly got hard.. she said I see you are glad to see me.. she removed my clothes while we made out.. I played with her tits and sucked her nipples.. she sucked my hard cock.. then laid me down and slid on to it.. she and I fucked for over an hour.. this went on every week till I graduated.. she also told all the girls in school about me.. it was an extremely fun year and a half.. I knew then that I loved cock a lot and coach fucked me everyday for that two years but I got a lot of pussy too and loved it just as much.. I didn?t know there was a word for it till later in my 20?s but I knew that I sure did enjoy both.. the word was just a word by that time..
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    Re: Been Bisexual

    When my hormones started raging, I realized I was attracted to both genders equally. My first sexual experience was with a girl at 15 and I really had no idea what I was doing. My first sexual experience with a guy came at 16 and he was 17.It was rumored he was gay which I luckily found out to be true. He's the one who taught me a lot about kissing, sucking cock the way he loved to be sucked, and bottoming. My first threesome was with him and another guy he had been playing with as well. I miss those days.

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    Re: Been Bisexual

    As long as I can remember. Adolescent play with a male neighbor friend. But only have had sex with women since. Now would rather have a male friend.

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    Re: Been Bisexual

    When I was about 10 or 11 and my cousin's buddy made me suck his dick and I liked it and he fucked me. I didn't enjoy that so much but I've been putting things up my ass ever since then. One of my other female cousins had an older girlfriend that seduced me when I was 12 or 13 and I decided I liked pussy too. So I buried my bi-self for 20 years but I knew I was bi when I had that first encounter with my cousin. Plus the next-door neighbor let me suck his dick.

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    Re: Been Bisexual

    I think most of us experienced our first bi experience with a relative at a young age? It was my cousin in my grandfather?s barn loft. I was 12 he was 14. He pulled out his cock and begged me to suck it saying he would do the same. Now over 50 years later I?m still craving a cock to suck. Even though I love enjoying women I still lust for cock

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    Re: Been Bisexual

    Seems like we all have/had that one cousin...

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    Re: Been Bisexual

    I was curious from at least age 12 when my hormones kicked in and I discovered the joys of masturbation, penthouse, playboy, and girls. But, I always wanted to know what a cock would feel like cause I loved mine so much LOL. I was trying like crazy to suck my own cock but couldn't get close. But it was the 70's and in my town at least, being suspected of anything other than super straight would get you ostracized at the least, beaten and bullied more than likely.

    Fast forward to like 17 years old and I was really wanting to find out (not to mention I may have been the horniest creature on the planet). My brother and I shared a room (he is a year older than me). Hot night so we had no covers on and he was asleep on his back with a gorgeous hard on. I snuck over and tried to touch his cock without waking him up. Of course he instantly did and I casually went back to bed like nothing was up. Never was mentioned after that.

    Now another 3 years or so later and I was actively looking, but there was no internet at the time (yeah I am that old) so you had to cruise known pick up spots. I lived at the beach in the summers and would go out on the beach late at night and try to meet someone. Never any luck though.

    Now go way forward after marriage and kids and still wanting to explore, struggling with the usual uncertainties and self judgement, trying to shake it off, convince myself that its just a kink, not real, all the while knowing that wasnt true. I came out to my swinger friend (a wonderful bisexual woman that I had known for like 25 years). She set me up with my first opportunity which was an MMF with her and her Bi BF. It was an amazing experience that I think about frequently to this day. The next day I felt happy, ffulfilled. No guilt or self shame. Relieved that I was now certain. And the rest is Bi history!
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