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    Back several years ago when Craigslist was a thing in my very early 20s I met a very nice young black trans girl early in her transition. We texted back and fourth and she invited me over one weekend.

    I made the drive up to her place nervous the whole way, yeah we exchanged pics but what would I find when I got there? I texted her when I parked and she met me at the door. When I first saw her I was taken aback, she was tall (taller then me) and super cute and so friendly. She Introduced herself and hugged me and brought me inside.

    We sat on the couch and talked for a bit, she explained how hard it is to find men who see her as more than a "chick with a dick" and at this point I noticed the huge bulge in her idk what to call them, I guess spandex skinny jeans.

    One thing led to another and she got close and told me how much she liked white boys like me and then we kissed. She tasted and smelled amazing. She brought me to her room and pulled my pants off and started playing with my cock. She said it was so big and beautiful (I'm like 6.5 inches)

    She started to give me head, really slow at first just teasing then deeper and deeper till she had me swallowed. She was kinda sideways on the bed with her ass in the air and I could see she was hard as a rock now. I reached out to touch the cock that went most of the way down her thigh but she moved my had away without a word. So I layed there and enjoyed it.

    It wasn't long when I told her I was gonna cum and she swallowed every drop and keeps sucking untill I couldn't stand it. Then she snuggled up to me and asked if it was good. "Amazing " I stammered.

    We laid like that for a while I could feel her erection pressed against my thigh. Then she said "you gonna make me cum white boy?" Sure I said, I give great head. She laughed and said "now, I want that ass, I like to suck cock but im more of a top girl"

    I was now wondering what I had gotten into, Nikki was big and I just wasn't that into it after I came. But I decided to go with it because she was super hot and sweet. She got up and slid her pants down and I saw it. It was enormous way thicker than me and at least 9 inches and rock hard.

    She came back to the bed and told me to suck it for her, and I gladly did. She was impressed I could throat her with out any trouble and ran her hands through my hair. After a few minutes she told me she wanted me on my back with my legs in the air.

    She lubed her cock and my ass up and was very slow and gentle with me. She kept kissing me and my neck and asking if I was ok, she was such a sweet girl. She spent about 20 minutes teasing and letting me get used to it.

    The she asked if I was ready and kissed me deeply and pushed all the way into me she pumped slow ar first and kept kissing my neck and telling me how tight I was. She said she wanted to cum while she was looking in my eyes.

    I was rock hard again at this point and the feeling of her inside me and her smooth abs on top of me and my cock against her, I came. She said "oh baby you came for me? You like momas big cock in your tight hole?" I whimper yes and she started kissing me and picking up the pace.

    "Oh God baby I'm gonna cum in that tight white ass!" She dumped her load in me and she laid on my chest. I could feel her enormous cock going soft in my ass untill it just kinda popped out.

    Will you stay the night and cuddle she asked yeah I'd love too.

    And this was the beginning of a relationship that lasted from 20 till I was almost 22. Nikki was my first love.

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    Re: Nikki

    Great stories and sounds like some great memories as well. You're lucky to have had that relationship.

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    Re: Nikki

    Thanks and yes it was a great time in my life looking back it's hard to believe it was 16 years ago. She taught me alot and im glad we had what we had. I still think about her often.

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    Re: Nikki

    i have had a few flings with shemales and really love it

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    Re: Nikki

    With lyrics...

    Official Music Video..... (but audio only, though best audio available, so...)

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    Re: Nikki

    Great story and experience!

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    Re: Nikki

    Damn I miss Craigslist back when it was for hookups and just hangouts oh and also being young and cute helps




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