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    Re: Posting Nudes online

    I love taking nudes and videos of myself I just don't know where to share them

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    Re: Posting Nudes online

    Quote Originally Posted by Newbie2t8 View Post
    I love taking nudes and videos of myself I just don't know where to share them
    I done twitter,,

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    Re: Posting Nudes online

    I don't take the nude photos because with the advent of digital it's just too easy for things to get distributed to places you have no control over. I guess it would be possible to crop out the face .. for this lifetime I guess I'm just fascinated looking at OTHER people. I mean, since 5 years old I've had an intense fascination staring at people's crotches -- I don't know if it's because that was always the place they told you that you COULDN'T see right? Maybe if folks hadn't been so uptight about it I wouldn't have been so fixated.

    I'm just amazed by all of the different natural variations -- even moreso now of course that I've been blessed and/or cursed with sexual and romantic appetites.
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    Re: Posting Nudes online

    I post mines on imagefap, people can like or comment on them if they wish to, they can also add them to their "favorites" on their own profile page giving you greater exposure. Xx

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    Re: Posting Nudes online

    I have literally hundreds of cock pics and selfies. I only post partial face pics of me sucking. Too many bad people out there.

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    Re: Posting Nudes online

    Quote Originally Posted by DLazguy View Post
    I post pics of me all of the time. I post pics of my cock, ass, me cumming and a few of me sucking with most of my face cropped. I love the idea of people getting off to them. I hope someone will see them and want to meet.
    Real amateur man on man blowjob porn is my absolute favorite 😍 I have a few pics and vids of myself sucking cock and swallowing cum, only showing a bit of my face, I posted them on a few websites, I love the comments and messages I get from others who enjoy seeing me on my knees worshipping. My kik is polli2425 and I love to see other men giving each other head!

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    Re: Posting Nudes online

    used to post to Tumblr, when that died went to NewTumble sadly that's dead now too, shame they were both great while they lasted. BDSMLR is still up but not as flexible as the other two.

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    Re: Posting Nudes online

    yes and it's a real turn on if others make any kind of comment. So much so that over the years, I have taken thousands of pics and have more than 400 posted.

    I enjoy getting a BJ just as much as the next guy, possibly more, giving one is another level up though.

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    Re: Posting Nudes online

    Where are you located, I sure would like to use your sex machine and be photographed . I'm in NE Florida, Jax area. Where do you post your videos. I am a bimwm 6' 185#, good looking photo genic. give me a shout

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    Re: Posting Nudes online

    I've posted full nude pics on a couple of nudist sites.




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