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    Re: Adult Bookstore Gloryholes

    This was one of my first experiences too. One of my best friends was horny for the cock and didn't have high standards so he took us to kind of a gross place with lots of smoke, and if you could see (thankfully it was too dark) stains running the wall and raw drywall where someone made their own gloryhole. There was a sofa in one room, in the dark, with porn playing on a projection TV, but no tissues, no condoms, no nothing. A cute Asian guy and I occupied the bathroom which was the only place with a locking door. Sucked him off and he came pretty quickly but I was too nervous at the time since it was my first experience there.

    I ended up spending most of my time looking at some of the items in the attached toy shop and playing one of those mega touch arcade machines, waiting for friends to get done.

    He eventually came by later with an actual look of concern on his face and asked if I was okay. Next day I ended up with a nasty case of strep throat and I'm damn lucky that's all I ended up with.

    I have to thank my friend though, that place was so gross it cured me of ever wanting to visit another bookstore. And believe me, it's not like I won't WANT to stop and be affectionate with the fellows but I just don't want to get sick .. I have a partner and other obligations now.

    I think it's a lot better if you find some friends you can trust and stick with that.
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    Re: Adult Bookstore Gloryholes

    My experience in those places has been entirely positive. Whether in the same booth, or through a gloryhole. I was always terrified of diseases, so would never interact with someone I found suspect. Most of the time it's just married men who have no other outlet. But, then again, I always gravitated toward the nicer bookstores. And if you do that, you will find that there are a lot more guys than you'd think who like cock. A lot more!

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    Re: Adult Bookstore Gloryholes

    Great story ct_sounder! Made me run a batch!

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    Re: Adult Bookstore Gloryholes

    Quote Originally Posted by colfax129 View Post
    How many of you guys had your first experience with cock at these places? I've already shared my story in my blogs. How about you guys? Any stories to relate?
    I didn't have my first experience at a glory hole but I tried them later, after I'd been sucking cocks for awhile. I love them. I there was no such thing as STD's I'd be at a glory hole every time I got the craving. But, then if there were no STD's, the line would be around the building.




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