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    Re: What was the first time you had cum in your mouth?

    12 or 13 but I couldn't cum yet. Had a friend who developed a lot faster, was a pretty big guy with a pretty big dick at that age. We used to have sleepovers at at night, the topic would get brought up and we'd lay in our separate beds jerking off with the lights out. I could only dry orgasm and felt jealous and left out that I couldn't cum, my friend would only describe what it was like or I would see it in the porn we would watch together. My curiosity about cum started to develop more and more. A few times I caught a glance of my friend's cock as he jerked it in bed. One day I sat up in bed and watched him stroking it. It made me curious and excited. As we got more comfortable jerking in front of each other, I got closer to him and ended up watching him jerk it till he came on his stomach. I was so fascinated by it, and we would watch a lot of blowjob porn downstairs at his family computer when no one was home. The girl would always take it in her mouth, or swallow it and looked like she enjoyed it. It made me more curious about it. I don't even remember how it happened but one night I ended up touching him and he got hooked on being touched and would want me to keep doing it from then on. It eventually led to me sucking on his dick. We would watch porn on his computer downstairs then go up to his room after. I let him kinda just be the leader and dictate what we were going to do, my submissiveness started at an early age just going along with it. It didn't feel gay, we were just copying the things we watched in the videos. I liked it. Felt like I was experiencing what the girls in the videos were experiencing and it was exciting that he felt good. The first time he came in my mouth, it was without warning and it took me by surprise. It was warm, tasted weird, definitely not good, but something about it was interesting to me because I finally got to know everything about it: the texture, the taste, the feeling of it. After we both figured out that I liked it, he did it a couple more times until I started swallowing it. I started to really like it, I was so envious of his ability to cum and all the pleasure he felt that I wasn't developed enough yet to feel, so it felt like I was living through him. And to this day, I still feel that sense of shared pleasure. That's why I like sucking cock and tasting cum, I get pleasure from his pleasure. Eventually, he started hooking up with girls and we didn't do it so much anymore, but I'll never forget those simple innocent times of experimenting and just being boys that discovered masturbation and sexual pleasure.

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    Wink Re: What was the first time you had cum in your mouth?

    Quote Originally Posted by guywholikesboth View Post
    I was 13 he forced his huge cock into my mouth and fucked it when he shot his first load I loved the taste of it I swallowed his first load and he continued to give me 12 more loads of thick cum swallowed them all. Went home and jerked off and swallowed my own
    Where is this guy that can shoot 12 loads....mmm

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    Re: What was the first time you had cum in your mouth?

    I have sucked about 4 cocks and until last month i never had one shoot in my mouth.I met him in the park in my truck.At first he wanted us to jack off.I wanted his cock so i went down and sucked his cock for probably 2 minutes and he shot a warm salty load in my mouth and then started hollering to me that kids were coming so he zipped up and jumped in truck and drove off.I tried to find him because i wanted his cock again.Its hard to find someone to let me suck his dick around here.

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    Re: What was the first time you had cum in your mouth?


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    Re: What was the first time you had cum in your mouth?

    My first time was when I was 12 or 13. It was the summer of 85, just can't remember if it was before or after my birthday.

    I had been involved with this older woman (35) for several months, and she had introduced me to all sorts of cool sexual things. Femdom, golden showers, humilitaion, servitude, and cross-dressing.
    Our routine would be I would go to her house under the pretense to clean her yard for her, which she would give me a few bucks. But while I was there she would do all sorts of kinky things to me. I loved it all. Well, one Saturday she told me she didn't have time for any fun, but that I should come back that evening for play time. I don't remember the lie I told my mom to be able to go out after the street lights were on, but it worked.
    I got to her house and she told me to go to the master bedroom, strip, put on what was on the bed, and meet her in the basement. There was a purple teddy, black thigh high stockings, a garter belt, and some beautiful black pumps. I put them all on and headed to the basement. As I started going down the stairs I heard some people talking but thought it was the TV. It wasn't. There was a couple down there with her. When I saw them I froze. The man got up walked over to me, told me I looked beautiful and walked me over to the sofa.
    The lady I had been seeing introduced us, had me kneel on the floor in front of her and perform oral on her while they talked. Then it was the other lady's turn, and then the man's. I was very nervous at first, giving my first head to a man, but he liked it.
    When he came in my mouth, the ladies had me lie on my back with my mouth full of his cum, and then they took turns peeing in my mouth and had me swallow it.

    I never saw that couple again, but I saw her regularly until I was 16, at which time she lost interest in me.

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    Re: What was the first time you had cum in your mouth?

    I was 13 when I sucked my first dick. Like many others, I didn't let him cum in my mouth at first. After a few more times, I did and then began swallowing. Giving Blowjobs is not for the faint of heart, but I enjoy it and hopefully always will.

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    Re: What was the first time you had cum in your mouth?

    I had been in gym class in high school and and realized that I was flexible enough that my face was close to my crotch when doing stretches.
    I had discovered how to make myself cum, but felt incredibly guilty about it, so the urge would just grow and grow, and I got curious.
    I found ny lips just reached the erect tip when throwing my legs back.
    Mid morning, when I was sleeping, my hormones were cycling, and I'd probably have had a wet dream but instead I got an overwhelming,
    irresistible urge to feel it, and threw my legs over my head. At that time of the morning I could get the head between my lips and suck.
    I stroked furiously, hypnotically needing it, like I wasn't even fully conscious.
    I think I blanked out briefly when I shot multiple times into my mouth and sucked needfully while I was cumming.
    Then I awoke more fully and I realized I had a mouth full of cum, and what compelled me to just do that?
    I was just confused, and felt more guilty. The urge had dissipated as quickly as it seized me, and I found tissue to spit it out.

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    Re: What was the first time you had cum in your mouth?

    I had the childhood experiments as a kid like many guys here then in my 20s I discovered gloryholes at an abs and was getting sucked off by guys a lot thru gloryholes, long before the internet came along.
    Then years later I discovered Craigslist and met a guy who would suck me off a couple times a month, so oneday he?s sucking my cock and pulled off and asked if I would suck him for a couple minutes and I went down on his cock and began sucking him, He was about 6? and his cock felt so good in my mouth, after a couple minutes he pulled out and took me back in his mouth and finished me off.
    I really liked him and decided I wanted him to cum in my mouth, we emailed about it and decided that I would suck him off to completion and swallow his load. Even tho I had been sucked off by several guys and he had sucked me many times I was a little nervous about it but I when I knelt down between his legs and started kissing his cock I began to really get into it, taking him up and down in long sensual strokes, I was moaning with pleasure from having his cock in my mouth. When I felt his cock swell up and begin to pulse I held it down about half way and felt my mouth being filled with cum. When he stopped squirting I pulled off just far enough to swallow his load then continued to hold his cock in my mouth until he went soft and pulled out, sucking him off and swallowing his load that day turned me into a cum thirsty cocksucker
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    Re: What was the first time you had cum in your mouth?

    In high school I was able to just get the tip of my cock in also. Wish I could now

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    Re: What was the first time you had cum in your mouth?

    I was in my 40s. I had discovered a bookstore with gloryholes and got some amazing blowjobs at lunch time. This time, a guy was sucking me really well when he stopped and stuck his dick in the hole. I had never even thought about sucking but I got on my knees and took a close look. I was mesmerized. It was so hard and throbbing with his pulse. I was still too chicken to even touch it but suddenly he started to ejaculate! As his cum streaked down his head and shaft, instinct took over and I put my mouth over it. The feel of his cock spasming against my lips and tongue was so wonderful! I was totally unprepared and started to cum myself. I grabbed my squirting cock and squeezed to enhance the orgasm. As I pulsed my palm, I massaged his shaft with my tongue in synch with my own jerking movements.

    He shrunk in my mouth as I shrunk in my hand. I was back the next day, and gave my first real blowjob. I never looked back.

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    Re: What was the first time you had cum in your mouth?

    My first full man-on-man experience was when I was 19. It was with a random older dude at a sleazy Motel 6. He blew me, I blew him, here's the story:

    I'd broken up with my girlfriend about two months before, and as an insanely horny guy, I was totally desperate for sex. I had had some mild experiences with other guys starting when I was about 12, but nothing more than showing each other our hard cocks. Still, I knew I was bisexual pretty early on. I went onto the old newsgroups (Usenet) and found a guy who was giving blowjobs. I showered and went over to his hotel. I knocked on the door, it opened and I walked in, he was behind the door with just a T-shirt on and no pants. He swung the door shut, and I saw his erection sticking out from under his shirt. I was young but not shy, I immediately got naked, he got down on his knees and started sucking my cock, which was already semi-hard as I was walking through the door. I'm not sure we even said anything more than just "hi".

    After a while, we switched and moved onto the bed, and I sucked his cock until he came. His cock was on the smaller side, which was good for me: it was my first time giving head or even actually touching someone else's dick without clothes in the way. I did my best, I'd gotten a lot of blowjobs from my high school girlfriend so I knew to cover my teeth with my lips, keep things hot and slippery, and to stroke the shaft. I loved it, he was grunting quietly and I could feel his cock throbbing when he started getting close. He didn't warn me but I was ready for it anyway when he came lol. I'd like to say that I could feel the pulses of his cum when he started shooting, but I didn't. My mouth was full with his dick and I just sort of felt hot salty slippery liquid flowing over my tongue and around his cock. His load was small but I was super excited that I'd made him cum, and I was happy to swallow. I didn't think about the taste, I just sort of accepted it, especially since I hadn't cum yet so I was still really horny. He recovered and got back to working my cock, I came in his mouth super hard, and that was it.

    Funny end to that story -- after leaving his motel, I had another first in my life. I stopped at a new burger place that had opened up in the area, I'd never heard of it, it was called In-N-Out lolllll. I ordered my burger, and as I was waiting, I reflected that I could still taste the guy's cum in my mouth. But the burger and the special sauce took care of that!

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    Re: What was the first time you had cum in your mouth?

    It was late in life when I was 63 or 64. I was relatively new to M2M sex. I had been with two guys that sucked me off and swallowed my cum. I had briefly sucked two different guys cocks mainly out of curiosity of what it would be like to have a cock in my mouth.

    I met a guy online and we exchanged a lot of emails before deciding to meet for coffee. He had no experience with men and was curious. After we had our coffee, we drove to a highway rest stop. There we bared our cocks and touched each other. Out of the blue I had the urge to suck his cock, so I leaned over and took it in my mouth and briefly sucked it until he was hard. It was very busy around the rest stop, so we just played with each other's dick for a bit before we parted.

    We kept in contact by email and he was still a little apprehensive about M2M sex. He finally agreed to meet again. We met in a little village where he left his car and drove out to a state outdoor recreation area. Finding a secluded spot, we bared our cocks and spent some time stroking each other. I sucked his cock for a couple of moments or so and then ended by jacking ourselves off. After that encounter, he seemed to be getting hooked on the idea of M2M sex. It wasn't much longer before we arranged to meet again.

    Once again we left his car int the village and drove out to the State recreation area again. This time however we had our cocks and balls bared as we drove there and were touching each other the entire trip. Finding a secluded spot, we spent some time stroking and touching each other and the urge to suck his cock overcame me. I asked him to warn me when he was getting close to cumming and he agreed that he would. I leaned over and took his cock into my mouth, He was still flaccid, so I took his entire cock in my mouth and stuck my tongue out to lick his balls at the same time. That caused him to moan and sent a shiver through his body. Then I went to just sucking his cock and feeling it getting erect in my mouth. I had been sucking his cock for about 4 or 5 minutes when he said he was getting close to cumming. By this time however I was enjoying sucking his cock so much, I kept on sucking it. About 30 or so seconds more he moaned I'm going to cum. By this time there was no way I was going to quit sucking his cock. Without even thinking about what the results would be, I began to suck him harder until I felt his first shot of cum explode into my mouth and down my throat. I kept sucking and milking hhis cock until there was no mre for me to get from him.

    Sitting back up, I couldn't believe that I had just done that and how exhilarating it felt to e to have sucked him off. He sat there for a few moments recovering before he told me that it was the best blowjob he had ever had. Then still feeling good about what I had just done, I jacked myself off. After that encounter, each time we met I would suck him off and eat his load. He was still having a difficult time wrapping his mind around taking a cock in his mouth. I didn't mind though, because I enjoyed sucking him off so much. It wasn't until after 5 or 6 more meeting meetings before he finally did suck my cock. I did tell him I would give him a warning when I was getting close. When I did, he surprised me by continuing to suck my cock until I shot my cum into his mouth. He gagged on it and most of it ended up all over my groin and balls. He apologized for gagging on my cum and making such a mess. I told him that it was fine and had still felt good. The next time we met, he had no problem taking my shole load and swallowing it., We met regualrly unntil his wife retired. Then our meeting became less and less. We haven't met for sevral yhears now.




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