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    Re: What is your fetish?

    my wfe goes crazy when i lick and kiss her tight married asshole, but she is too catholic to admit hat she likes it.

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    Re: What is your fetish?

    Getting fucked by a muscle bear or two while my girlfriend watches and directs and verbally humiliates me ...... thats the latest anyway

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    Re: What is your fetish?

    Cd nylons garter thong high heels corset wig
    love these
    and love sucking fucking bi and gay men women
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    Re: What is your fetish?

    So, I guess, redheads who smoke.

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    Re: What is your fetish?

    If "chicks" dig the bad boy fantasy then I guess dudes might enjoy the same in a "bad" girl?

    I get it. My attraction to women isn't easy to define. I've stood next to some ladies where when you say "Helllooo" it echoes down the canyon and it does nothing for me .. but other ones ..

    The one lady I was absolutely smitten with was older than me, absolutely stunning, she had such good listening skills that when we were talking in a crowded bar it made me feel like we were the only two people in the room. Lot of wisdom, and she chose her words very carefully. She kept wondering why I was so nervous, and I kept wondering a) how lucky I was that she picked me and b) how I could be so infatuated with her when I loved dudes so much.

    It was such a new experience for me doing romance the "straight" way that I lost a lot of confidence. It was still fun falling in love that hard I guess.

    We only dated briefly because I think she could sense I wasn't that confident. And it was a shame her first husband tried to kill her like 6 times. She did eventually find the strong, masculine, redneck guy she really wanted though, and as far as I know he still treats her like gold. I am happy for her.
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    Re: What is your fetish?

    Quote Originally Posted by bikiniman View Post
    I have a sexual fetish for women's lingerie and bikinis (a Transvestic Fetish). I like masturbating while wearing lingerie and Bikinis and enjoy having sex with my wife while she is wearing lingerie. For me it is not is not necessary but ads to the level of sexual arousal . I am yet to have sex with with my wife while I am wearing lingerie but maybe one day.
    I agree with such a hard on hearing that? beautiful!

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    Re: What is your fetish?

    That is also one of my fetishes. I had an affair while my wife was pregnant and ended up getting her pregnant too. Some of the best sex in my life. I would meet up with my gf and have amazing sex, then I'd go home and have amazing sex with my wife. They both had insatiable sex drives and their pussys were so wet. My wife sucking me with my gf's juices still on me was a rush. I want to get a few more women pregnant. Preferably at the same time.

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    Re: What is your fetish?

    Quote Originally Posted by ILickherwell View Post
    To be fucked while eating pussy or sucking cock.
    This would be my ultimate fantasy

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    Re: What is your fetish?

    i am also into wearing diapers and wear 24/7.

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    Re: What is your fetish?

    Cleaning up cum from my wife

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    Re: What is your fetish?

    Giving head to a male or female and giving head in a 69 while my ass is fucked with a 8" dildo. Could do it all day.
    I like to shower then get up on the bed on my knees and let my wife fuck me with a dildo while she strokes my cock and rubs my ass and spanks me. That goes on for a half hour or so ,then we get in a 69 and she sucks me while fucking me and I eat her wet pussy til she cums about 20 times then I ride the toy while she sucks me cock and nipples ,then I put her on her knees and pound her til sher and I both cum. Then I sneeze about 6 or 8 times because it was so good.

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    Re: What is your fetish?

    Lately been so attracted to ladies feet. Few months ago met a femboy that wanted a Daddy Dom, was so hot all fem up, follwing my orders and begging for my cum.

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    Re: What is your fetish?

    When I was a teen I thought vaginal fingering and fisting porn was hot.

    Then it was guys who could self suck and or actually seeing and feeling the anal contractions and genitals pulsing with vocalization during orgasm. Seeing his ass twitch and moaning in spasms of pleasure while his dick pumps and his balls empty. Watching a lady enjoy getting fucked so hard that she's pressing up against him involuntarily milking a guy over and over with loud moans.

    Lately it seems to be enjoying the desire to breed with my boyfriend,. Feeling both his desire and dominance is kind of fun; thinking of his thick dick knotting my ass turns me on but also just a bit scary considering how much that thing grows.
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    Re: What is your fetish?

    Seeing a young man lapping at the clit of a lady obviously enjoying herself is also a turn on for me. Seeing his eagerness makes me wish I could be her.

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    Re: What is your fetish?

    I'm an assman. I love everything about them. Especially the juicy ones.

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    Re: What is your fetish?

    I have an oral fixation that is impossible to occupy.. I also really like to watch well endowed men please themselves . best while being watched by an interested guys

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    Re: What is your fetish?

    Also, I often fantasize about eating a nice plump pussy while she's being sensuality and slowly penetrated by a beautiful pretty cock and whatever happens from there till the end!! 🤤🥵💦

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    Re: What is your fetish?

    One last fetish fantasy is too be making it with and getting heavy and hot with a gorgeous girl, and either hands up the inside of her things or kissing up the inside of her thighs, under her skirt or sexy dress either way, I find a pulsating pounding Surprise.. from them on my friends and family never know that when she's taking me and I'm going down on her or were having openly not secretive sex I'm either swallowing as magnificent cock or stroking her or, or Even we taking each others hard cock and savoring each others hot smooth silky semen...

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    Re: What is your fetish?

    Hey what's good!?����*����

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    Re: What is your fetish?


    She's incredible! Although I love sucking dick, I am still 60% all about loving the ladies. She's just fucking amazing!

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    Re: What is your fetish?

    I probably answered this before but I'm in bad need to be used right now so I'll answer again.

    I do believe that the definition of a fetish is something that one needs in order to have sexual satisfaction, so I don't really have a fetish that I'm aware of...but I'll use the looser definition of 'fetish' and say that the thing that turns me on the most is admiring, fondling and sucking the nice hard dick of a verbal dom and taking his spurting cum in my mouth.

    Cock and cum. That's my fetish; which is likely everyone's 'fetish' here.

    What can I say? After I've been an oral sub for someone, I have the best orgasms.


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    Re: What is your fetish?

    Quote Originally Posted by IndyBiJ View Post
    Cleaning up cum from my wife

    Mmmmm. Yes, INdyBiJ!

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    Re: What is your fetish?

    I’ve always wanted to be completely bound and tied up. Then fucked and “rap@d” in the mouth ass and cream pie inside of me. Then fed viagra and made to fuck anything and everything. By the end of it I wanna have cum dripping out of me from every hole and my balls so empty that I can’t possibly cum anymore. Ultimate fantasy…

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    Re: What is your fetish?

    My fetish is watching guys with very large cocks fuck my wife orknowing they are fucking my wife. I also love getting them ready,prepping them for her. I look at men?s crotch a lot but mainly I think about them insidemy wife or me helping to make them hard before they go inside mywife. I love to clean them both up after.




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