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    Re: Bisexual Families

    I have been going to a "pride picnic" at one of the local amusement parks for a while now, it's held annually during the summer as sort of a potluck. Over the years I have seen more and more children and babies at the picnic. We have gone from renting only half a pavilion to needing a whole one and it is great to see so many people celebrating and just having a good time. It makes my heart smile to see whole families with same sex parents accepted as "normal" too - I have long said that what makes a good parent is the content of their character, not what is between their legs.

    I also smile when I see M/F couples wearing the same "equality" stickers or wristbands that we all do because either they are bisexual and happy or straight and accepting - either way I'm glad they are there.

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    Re: Bisexual Families

    Family should love you no matter what. If they cannot love you for who you are, then you are better off without them and their hatred.

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    Re: Bisexual Families

    I am very open about my support for same sex marriage. My kids get mixed messags as their mother is very against. (Heavy Catholic) My kids know that I am more accepting and I have even had the discussion with them that if they found they were attracted to the same sex, that I can be the one to come to. My daughter advised me at that time that her mother had the talk with her also and told her she would be kicked out. I shook my head and told her that she knows she always has a home with me.
    My kids got exposed early on as I had a breakdown many years ago where I had identity issues which took the form in split personality and stress-induced gender dysphoria. Basically, I was so unhappy with my life, I wanted to be anyone but me. It took five years of psych work with anywhere from 1 to 3 psychs, to get me back together. As part of that I learned to accept that I was also attracted to guys. My psych at the time offered that I should try going out with a guy to see if it was real or just fantasy. Unfortunately, I was going through an extremely bad divorce with the aforementioned mother of my kids. She wanted to keep them from me, so I didn't want to add fuel to the fire. So I didn't take my psych up on that. After I had been away from her for a while, I started to "come back together". I still had to be very careful what I did especially when the kids were with me. So I never did investigate. I eventually met my current wife and we have a very loving relationship. She knows about my past as I told her to thwart my ex's attempt to break us up. I was open with my kids during this whole event, except for talking about my sexual preferences.
    As to my family, well, they supported me to a point during my gender dysphoria, though there were some who came down on me and told me I was making it all up to get out of my marriage. It took a few years for them to realize what was going on during that time. So I think that for the most part, they would support whomever I loved. However, because I am married, and she is a wonderful lady, they would be totally against me being with a man at the same time. Goes back to that whole raised Catholic. So, I may never know the whole me. Let me tell you though, it has been a long strange trip.

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    Re: Bisexual Families

    So it it difficult to tell family and friends our bisexual sexual orientation. The best is to get support from online forums, websites and groups. If you intend to find the same interests person, the best way is to join some sites (such as The websites category include serious, casual hookup, general (ignore this), etc.

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    Re: Bisexual Families

    Lately, I’ve been feeling the need to tell someone. My wife is aware. I have one friend that my wife and I have known for a few years, i think she would understand. There would never be anything between us just knowledge and understanding. But i try to think of a question I’ve asked myself before, “what do you expect to gain by doing this” i don’t know the answer

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    Re: Bisexual Families

    Quote Originally Posted by dudleydorite222 View Post
    My youngest daughter knows I am bisexual. She has no problem with it as of yet. She is curious herself so it seems somewhat natural. We have been practicing nudists as a family so nudity is not a problem.
    I wish that more people were open to social nudism and even family nudism and wish that I had been from such a family instead of the somewhat repressed one that I had. I was recently at a clothing optional hot springs pool and saw a dad there with his 11 year old daughter. It was very natural for them.

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    Re: Bisexual Families

    At 70 I found out my oldest daughter had decided she was dissatisfied with her gender. I imagine her mother, my 2nd ex wanted to somehow blame me. I divorced her in 1996. What happened in the following years is all on her. As for my daughter she's happy I guess. There has been no communication directly between any of my kids and myself for the last 10 years. It's their choice they're all adults over 30. I can say though if they needed me I'd step up. Do they know of my orientation? I've no idea. Thanks for listening.




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