1. bbbb1111
    I have been able to perform this erotic act for many years. As a teenager I discovered that if I lay on my bed and put my feet back over my head hooking my feet under the headboard I was able to get the head of my cock into my mouth. Over the years with a lot of practice I could get my entire cock into my mouth and throat. On really good days and with an empty stomach I could even suck my balls.
    For the lucky few who can do this we know there is no better feeling. Just knowing where to lick and suck keeping yourself on edge tasting the delicious clear fluid leaking out is sooooo exciting. It really is the holy grail of masterbation.
    Whenever I would suck myself I would do it with the intention of cumming in my mouth. However when I orgasm there is 2 or 3 second delay before I acutally start cumming and I end up pulling my mouth off my cock and shooting on my chest. I really want to feel and taste it squirting into my mouth and throat but it seems like my libido goes from 100 to 0 in that few seconds it takes me to cum. I would like to know if there is anyone who feels the same way I do. And if there is any way to overcome this.
  2. FullSpectrum
    That last-second switch from desire to taste your own cum to no desire seems quite common. There seem to be a couple of ways to get over this: either just decide you are going to stay sucking your cock all the way and do it, or the slightly milder version, cum in your hand and then feed yourself a lick. The more often you do either, the more you will like your taste. A third way I imagine is to find a pal whom you suck off. Just keep your mouth on his cock all the way.

    As much as I tried when I was younger, I could not reach my cock with my mouth, so I've stopped trying. But I do bring cum to my mouth to help me be ready for the wonderful day when I finally hook up with a guy I want to suck and fuck and who wants to suck and fuck me. My dream version is that he has a girlfriend or wife who likes to watch and join in, so that we can explore every possible combination, switching around as to who gets to be in the middle. Makes me hard just thinking about it.
  3. bipolynvegas
    I used to be able to autofellate myself by laying on my back, raise my legs up and over my head than lower my hips by relaxing my stomack muscles till I could suck and deep throat my own cock and lick my balls and swallow my cum till I was near 40 years old. As great as that was to be able to suck my own cock I enjoy sucking someone else's cock and swallowing their cum more.
  4. bi4asplay
    If I could suck my own cock I would most likely play solo all of the
  5. Man in panties
    Man in panties
    I used to be able to suck myself off like you described. The taste thing is kinda different. Occasionally ill taste mine but unsure wether I like it
  6. Hypersexual11
    I dealt with this frustrating problem for a long time. Odd how I could be so consumed with coming in my mouth to not wanting it there at all in a few seconds. The way I learned to deal with this may or may not work with you. Depends on how turned on you are with anal stimulation. I can't reach my mouth any longer but can get close enough to get every drop. My method is to have a dildo stimulating my ass and prostate while masturbating. When I get close, I'll get into the position, heels over head as it were. As I approach orgasm, I stop stroking my dick and continue stroking my ass. If I time it right, I will shoot a full load but not have an orgasm. So I have a full load in my mouth and can enjoy it. Plus I'm still horny so when the wife gets home she isn't left out because I jerked off.
  7. redngoldpride
    Can still suck my own cock I can get4-5 inches into my warm wet mouth , combine the two awesome feelings of your orgasm hitting you the feeling of your cock as it starts it's explosion , the sputing the pulsing as you shoot and combine that with feeling it expand and pulse as it fills your war wet mouth milking it as it erupts , all experienced by the same and one person ........ OVER THE FUCKING TOP
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