1. BiGuy97015
  2. Belterboy
    I absolutely love deep throating cock. In some ways I look upon it as a personal challenge to take a cock the whole way down my throat till my nose is either buried in his pubes or the guy’s belly. It?s an addictive act to feel a warm, spongy yet hard cock go past my gag reflex and rest entirely inside my mouth and throat. I know for the guys I?m sucking it?s always the ultimate sensation as it is for me if a guy or gal takes me balls deep. Depending upon the length and girth of the cock I?m sucking will determine the best position to deep throat juicy cocks. Certainly being in the dominant position in a 69 offers the best angle to take a cock balls deep. I love being able to hold his balls in my hands as I bounce up and down the entire length of his shaft and of course I mix that no- hands action with either a slow or fast jerk which helps to bring the guy to a point where he is about to explode jets of warm, tasty cum into my mouth. In this position you can also let the cum ooze out of your mouth back onto his cock so you can savour licking the cum up again (and again) till you want to swallow the man milk. Of course when the guy starts moaning and bucking upwards as I deep throat him adds to the occasion. Sometimes it?s great if he?s sucking me at the same time as I deep throat him but if he just wants to lie back while I work my magic, I?m ok with that too. Getting that reward of a hard, pulsating cock pumping a large load of creamy cum into my mouth is a wonderful thing! Bring it on!
  3. Luv3wayfun
    Belterboy I know what you mean!
    One time I had a nice 9 inch dick so far down my throat I actually got both his balls in my mouth at the same time! He said What are you doing, I said just seeing if I could!!!
  4. Grumpygrandpa
    It's all about training and repetition. If you start with store brands then you can work up to ball park going on to Johnsonville brots Nev r r mind jumping right on to the summer beef sticks until you're ready. Getting past the gag reflex takes time. Forcing the issue only gets worse as you try.
    I learned to throat cock from my moms bf. I can throat up to 9.5?, I love the feeling of cum pumping in my throat
  6. Racer86y
    WOW!!! I can learn a lot on here.Deepthroating is a art.I Love it and wanna get to where i can give it like you guys.
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