Both of you want each other beyond words...and there you finally are. It seems like it took forever to get your clothes off. His super hot, pulsing, wet rod looking twice the size you thought it was is now pointed directly towards you like a rifle aimed and ready to shoot hot fire all over you. You can't stand it because your bodies haven't touched yet. You are so primed and ready. You want to just go ahead and jump and fuck the living hell out of him til you are absolutely sure that you have drained the last drop of seed out of his hot oh so good looking horny pleasure target...But, there in front of you, is the most magnificent erection that you have ever seen and now first you want his cock to meet yours, just one on one the two of them alone for a moment.
This group is for those who want to describe to us what they like to do cock to cock only.
Photos of these twosomes are most welcome to post. Looking forward to your story.

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