Dogging started in the later part of the 20th century, in the UK, with locations mainly being public car parks and lay-bys (usually on quiet country roads) with activity normally taking place after dark. Doggers would usually leave their interior lights on in their cars so that other doggers would know that they too were doggers. Some would flash their headlights at other cars or flick the interior light on-and-off briefly. These are the most common signs to show that one is a dogger, and are also the signs used by gay men who use lay-bys as cruising grounds for sexual activity. Many dogging locations are used by both straight doggers and gay men. Seems in the United States, Adult Video Stores are the equivilent to dogging in the UK. Usually in the UK, its more of a outdoor sport. Guess us Americans still a bit pent up in venturing out and doing this. Wanted to start this group in hope of getting Dogging a American thing too !

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