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  1. Jamiefunz
    One Summer I arranged to meet a couple in a pub for a drink. On arriving I found them sitting in a secluded booth at the back of the pub that allow us to flirt and play under the table fingering her through her panties until my fingers are soaking wet. While having him caress my bulge through my suit pants finally having him unzip me to feel my cock through my hot lycra tendenze thong. Then when we are about to burst for us all to casually walk off to meet in the disabled loos where I bend her over the sink lifting up her short skirt and pulling aside her hot tight pink wicked weasel thong. I slide my cock into her hot wet pussy fucking his wife while he rimms my arse and licks her clit we love a bi cuckold and after pounding her pussy i cum filling it with my thick cum and as i do he pulls down my thong and wipes my cum from my cock as i pull out and he then gently pushes my thong into her pussy so that it disappears into her cum soaked hot pussy. He then adjusts her panties and leaves my thong in her pussy. Now im not going to stand for going commando to any cuckold and I demand he offers me his pink Joe Snyder thong and he says its mine as a gift for fucking his wife. We clean up and we return to the booth where we eat and drink and continue to play under the table. As i finger her i can feel my thong in her pussy and it is saturated. After an hour or so she leans over and suggests that I remove the thong from her pussy and I join her hubby in the disabled toilet to watch him put it on as she wants him to wear it for the rest of the evening. As I begin to discretely move towards the disabled toilet she leans over and says make sure he earns it. When i get into the toilet he has already got his pants down and he is up against the wall. I move towards him and i run my now soaked thong over his lips letting him taste and smell my cum and his wifes cum together. he arches his back and his hands go for my suit pants zip i hold his head and force it down to my now hard bulge which he gladly accepts and he begins to run his tongue over my bulge in his pink thong. he pulls out my cock and i throat fuck him ramming my hard thick 9in cock into his mouth he takes it all in his stride he has done this before. His finger find my arse and with each stroke of my cock he slides a finger deeper into my arse eventually hitting my prostate and causing me to blow hard filling his throat with cum he cleans me up and I now reward him with my cum soaked thong which he is not allowed to touch only I can put it on him as he is not allowed to cum. Although he is so horny as i make sure his cock is adjusted into the thong he blows filling it with a huge load of cum which i spread around and ensure all his cum is caught and I then pull them off and grab his mouth stuffing them into his mouth making him suck all of the cum from the thong. I then pull them out and put them back on him he gets dressed and we return to the table. As i sit down i reassure his wife that he payed dearly for my thong. I noticed as we had our desert he was squirming and he was dying to tell his wife what I had done to him, As i had said he could not tell her until the next day they both were keen to have some more fun. His pants were wet at the front a combination of all of our cum and his precum, he was hard and it showed through is beige pants she ordered him to get up and walk in front of us clearly displaying his wet spot and hardon to any of the 100 or so patrons that would have cared to look and quite a few did particularly the 2 girls who were 18 or 19 they actually pointed and laughed. This only got us all going and when we reached the car she instructed her hubby to drive and we sat in the middle of the back seat specifically i sat with my cock out and in full view of her hubby in the mirror this time she sat on my cock except this time she pulled off her wicked weasel pink thong and sat down guiding my cock into her arse and she filled her pussy with her thong and she road my cock for the 15 mins or so it took to get to their place. when we got home she got off my cock and instructed her hubby to lick me clean......... the rest is for part 2 for those who want to hear it
  2. bicuriousbc66
    cool story
  3. Neonaught
    it would be if I could read it. what's up with the faded font???
  4. LovingJacking
    Highlight it, copy to clipboard, then paste into notepad.
  5. LovingJacking
    Highlight it, copy to clipboard, then paste into notepad.
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