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  1. bicuriousnewexp79
    So I am a married 38 year old white male who considers myself bicurious. I have never had the real experience but have fantasized, told bi threesome stories while having sex with my wife, and thoroughly enjoys bi mmf videos, man on man videos, and occationally group gay sex videos when self soothing. I do not consider myself an in the closet gay man as I enjoy the female body emensely in every way but have been fantasizing about certain bisexual fantasies and well enjoying it as well. I am looking for a couple of things. First and formost tips, advice, or atleast thoughts on a certain issue. So like I said I have only fantasized about the thought of it for a LONG time but in the recent last few years have expressed my fantasies with the wife through naughty stories during our bedroom fun time. She has recently claimed to be up for trying it and seeing how it goes and has gone as far as saying that hearing the stories turns her on and sounds like fun. Now here is why I am looking for any help with this. I have a friend who told us openly that he is into women and men in everyway. We decided to try a threesome with him which through misques or misunderstanding turned into the two of them as I watched. I didnt act quick enough and well he didnt last very long. So even though it went belly up it spiced up our sex life for a period of time. Now things have started dwindling again and lack of interest is obvious on her part. I do still tell naughty stories some are of a straight threesome and some a bi threesome. She has claimed she is up for trying it and has even stated and expressed that it sounds fun and even turns her on. So first is there any ideas out there that I could use to get a 100% clear read that she is enjoying the ideas and fantasies and if so what would be a good course of action to make it happen? I have some ideas on what we could do but will only share those with anyone who wants to know and if it would help lead us into making a fantasy into a real experience. Now if it turns out that she isnt into it advice on some opions that have presented themselves to me. First an invitation to a bi mmf experience with the same guy as before but with his new girlfriend who is into this sort of thing and up for helping me experience it. I only list it as an opion because well it was an official invite. Obviously there could be consequences such as if my wife were to find out being I did it with another female who she did not approve of (I can explain the approved of part if requested) and would view it as cheating. The good part not only would I get the experience but it would be with someone I know and a couple who enjoys it. The other options I will share if requested besides one which is I should just forget the entire idea and as my real romantic life with the one I love falls apart just keep quietly fantasizing about it and watching videos when alone and self soothing. Or one other thing which showed itself via my wife go for a partial experiece and have a one on one with him or try it which she gave full permission if I decided to try it because she wouldnt see it as cheating. Anyway any ideas on what i should do or advice on what I can do to try to have the experience. I have some ideas which all include a regular threesome with wife and friend and subtly do some of minor parts of my fantasy and try to judge her reaction in hopes it wont be total disgust.
    Ok now the second thing I am looking for is a couple to share my fantasies with via stories and possibly even exchange pics through this process. By doing this not only am I looking for a self soothing release at times but also to hear how fun it sounds and even ideas to make it more fun or naughtier. Now just a tad about my fantasy of which there are alot of parts to it trust me but here is just a general idea..I am bicurious and like the idea of being a submissive bottom of sorts but want to enjoy my bi fantasy while enjoying a woman at the same time. If there are any couples that would be willing to enduldge a man who loves to tell naughty stories and is always willing to trade pics feel free to email me directly! Hope to hear from some people and look forward to sharing some naughty stories and possibly enjoy some sort of mutual satisfaction.
  2. Neonaught
    email me at and we'll talk. My bi wife and I have had many MFM experiences.
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