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    Come on guys...we want to hear stories....Hello! It's your storytime...joining the group alone isn't much help....appreciated...but not much help...come on...get your shit together and post for the rest of us ! Thanks!
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    Go ahead discreet
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    I was 100% straight until about nine years ago, and never had any inclination to explore sexuality with other guys. But circumstances tend to change, and in 2005, mine took a dramatic turn when my wife, lover and nudist partner lost her left breast and both ovaries to cancer. Along with them, she lost all future interest in sex and nudism. Not only was her sex drive gone, the type of cancer she had prevented her from taking the hormone replacements that might have restored it. After one very frustrating year with no physical intimacy (other than the self-service variety), I began to realize a more-than-casual interest in like minded guys. In a way, it sort of made sense. Sex on the side with another woman would have felt too much like cheating, and the odds of finding a willing female co-conspirator at my age were growing increasingly slim.

    As winter set in, I started hanging out with Bruce and Colleen, a younger nudist couple across town. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I was aware that Bruce had once expressed an interest in exploring guy-on-guy fun, but at the time I had a fulfilling sex life, and no particular interest in straying across the gender line.

    Indeed, our get-togethers started off innocently enough; just naked friends enjoying a naked dinner, drinks and a movie or a rousing game of Pictionary on a cold winter night. One night, however, I glanced over from the movie -- The Goodbye Girl was playing, as I recall -- to see my hosts going at it hot and heavy on the couch just a few feet to my left. As the tempo of their play increased, I got the distinct sense they would soon want their privacy. Awkwardly, I started searching for my clothes and an excuse leave.

    You really don't have to leave," they protested. "You're welcome to stay. You can even join in, if you want to.

    To tell the truth, I had never seriously considered the possibility of participating in a threesome until that very moment, but the
    invitation was clearly there, and I'd been too long without sex far to refuse it. The next thing I knew, the three of us were all moaning and groaning on the couch as Bruce and I took turns pleasuring Colleen, and she us. It was wicked, but also wonderfully liberating, and as the night wore on, I found myself witnessing things -- and doing things -- I, frankly, never thought I would. Initially, I was worried that jealousy or regrets over what we'd shared that night might sink our friendship, but no unhealthy emotions surfaced, and the following weekend I found myself back at Bruce and Colleen's place for a repeat performance.

    Now, the first two times we were together, Bruce and I were exclusively focused on pleasuring Colleen. There was, admittedly, some incidental contact between us guys -- "crossed swords," as Bruce jokingly called it -- but it all seemed perfectly natural and quite unintended. In retrospect, I was probably being naive.

    Somewhere in the middle of our third encounter, Colleen pushed herself up on her elbows, sat against the headboard, and quite matter-of-factly announced that she wanted to watch Bruce and me play together while she diddled her clit. I was reluctant to explore sexual contact with another guy, but I even more reluctant to offend my hosts or kill the intensely erotic mood we'd created. So, hands trembling and a belly full of butterflies, I reluctantly agreed to indulge Colleen's fantasy. Bruce and I took up a position near the foot of the bed, positioned ourselves so Colleen would have an unobstructed view, and began slow mutual masturbation.

    I don't mind saying I was initially nervous as hell. It felt very awkward, as if I was doing something very wrong, something I would later regret. But, with Colleen cooing her approval and telling us how beautiful it was watching us, my nerves and inhibitions began to dissipate, and within five minutes, I had completely surrendered to the extraordinary sensations of Bruce's cock gliding rhythmically through my hand, while he tugged rhythmically on my own. Soon I was pumping both our cocks together in my well-lubed hand, our super-sensitive undersides and swollen heads urging one another toward the point of no return. I was on automatic now, doing without thinking, exploring fantasies I never even knew I had.

    Sensing that I was close to cumming, and being unsure how to gracefully handle that awkward moment, I did the last thing I ever expected. Without so much as a conscious thought, I pulled away, dropped to my knees, and began sucking Bruce with genuine enthusiasm. It felt wonderful -- the different textures, the way he throbbed and pulsed in response to my ministrations, the way his ball sac drew up tight as he neared the brink. I felt as if I'd found a missing piece of the puzzle -- a piece that completed me, and I specifically remember thinking, "So this is what I've been missing all these years!"

    I fully intended to suck Bruce to completion, but as his orgasm arrived, I pulled instinctively away, letting him splash instead on my neck and chest. Before I could even catch my breath, Colleen was on me, causing me to spill my own copious load while Bruce dabbed with a hand towel at the rivulets of semen that seemed to be running everywhere.

    In the week that followed, I waited in vain for the guilts to arrive, but oddly, they never did. Not once did I harbor even the slightest regret over the forbidden pleasures Bruce and I had shared. Moreover, Bruce and Colleen must have felt the same, because we met several more times throughout that first winter, and guy-on-guy fun became a regular part of our sexual repertoire.
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    lovely story. Really horny once you started wanking each other. And then when you instinctively started sucking Bruce. mmmmm
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