Our First Time Together

  1. LovingJacking
    I remember one of the few mutual jacking sessions I have had was with my step-cousin. He had seen my dick before when I got out of the shower one day, but I had never seen his. One day I was at his place looking at some porn on his PC when he brought up a picture of a guy with a big dick. He mentioned that from what he had seen, I looked about as big as the guy in the pic. I asked him how big he was, and he said that he was very small, and very shy about it.

    All of this talk had made us both hard, so I asked him to show me. When he took it out, it was very small and quite thin, but he had a raging boner. Seeing him made me instantly start to leak precum, and when I took mine out, it was starting to drip in a string. We compared ours and sure enough, I was much bigger, and equally hard. We put them side by side and compared them, and talked about our differences. For similarity, we both had a slightly downward curve, and we both were cut. He had a really nicely defined head, and everything, although small, was in perfect proportion. In fact his dick looked like a miniature version of my own.

    I told him to go back to the porn and I would stroke him while he looked at more pics. We both like pics of curvy girls with big tits, so we both were hard at the scenery. He came across a few MMF pics, and I noticed that as he looked at each one in the series, he started to leak a little precum. I let it run down his head a little before I gently ran my finger through his pee hole, which caused him to moan and ask that I stop so he would not cum so soon.

    Now it was my turn to look at the pics while he stroked me. I chose some pics of guys in various stages of jacking off, and many had nice drops of precum on their heads. By then I was really leaking, and he told me that he had never seen a dick leak so much. I coached him on how I like to edge a little, and he really picked up on my technique. He lightly stroked me as a large drop of precum ran down my head, then unexpectedly he leaned down and licked up the drop, running his tongue from the drip all the way following the drip line to my peehole. As he flicked his tongue across my peehole, I told him to stop because I was not ready to cum yet.

    Then we sat facing each other, and we intertwined our legs so that we could get our dicks together, underside to underside. When we put our heads together, I noticed that his balls were rubbing my shaft about 2/3 the way up. It was an awesome feeling, and we took turns slowly jacking our twin dick. With both of our precum mixing, I was the first to cum, and he followed a few seconds later. Wow we both really came a lot, and I was surprised that his small dick would make such a load.
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