Pleasant, sensual vignettes of intimacy…..

  1. jakladd
    Pleasant, sensual vignettes of intimacy…..
    ….being at a big, old house where a casual gathering of friends is going on. We are strangers to almost all but they are of mixed couples and accepting of us. We stand together in the kitchen, you behind me leaning on the counter with my back leaning into you with your arms around my waist of my dusty pink dress, soft and lovely. We are talking with others as we hold and lean into each other. It is all so very casual & natural. Hand in hand we go off to explore the house with the clicking of my high heels announcing my movements….. We slip into a room and steal a few soft kisses. As we leave the room, hand in hand, a woman walks by, smiling at us knowingly. In another long, darkened hallway we embrace quietly listening for sounds of others who might walk in on us……

    ….sitting on a couch together, holding hands. Your hand then finds my knees, encased with sheer stockings, as you gently rub at them. Then slipping your hand under my satiny white dress you go higher up my legs as I lay my head on your shoulder, smiling at you demurely as you inch up to the silky spot where my excitement is bursting forth. We lean into each other for a soft kiss as you taste my lipstick. Our tongues intertwine as our soft kiss has become a full open mouth ravenous kiss revealing our heated passion. We are consumed with obsession in this encounter as your hand has slipped into my panties pulling along the hardness of my throbbing stimulation producing a restlessness seeking release….

    ……we are on a balcony overlooking the sea, you are barefoot in jeans with no shirt. I am topless wearing only silky blue & pink boyshort panties, my long hair cascading over my shoulders, my toes painted a shocking pink in silver high heel strappy sandals. We are facing and holding close at the waist looking into each other’s eyes. As we softly, then hungrily kiss, you slip your hands into the back of my panties and caress my boyish buns, making me purr as I kiss your ear and nuzzle my face into yours……….

    …………..the day arrives when we know it is so. We are alone together. In stunned silence we face each other holding hands before I melt into your embrace. Holding each other close you run your hands all over my body through the silkiness of my dress. What titillates you the most is caressing my round tush through the flimsy material of the stunning dress as we nuzzle & kiss. You taste my sweet lipstick as we kiss. Our excitement is growing as you swell in your pants and as do I in my lacy white panties. Our hungry kisses give way as I help you out of your shirt and kneel before you. I rub you firmly as I look up at you with puppy dog eyes. As your hardness aches I grab along its length through the material. With a wry smile I pull down the zipper and reach in, fishing for the object of my desires. The touch of my hand on your member produces a shiver within you as I pull it out and jack along its length as it swells to a wonderful rigidity.

    You pull me up, then unsnapping your jeans as you step out of them. Slipping the spaghetti straps of my dress off the shoulders we watch as it falls in a pile on the floor around the high heels and my stockinged legs. Naked together I lift your hand to my hardness, letting you feel it through the panties as I moan to your touch. You pull on its hardening length and fondle my balls, all the while I am doing exactly the same to you. We press into each other for another long slow kiss. Without hesitation I kneel before you again as you stand there; I press my face into your hardness, sniffing, kissing, licking it before slipping it into my warm wet mouth. You shudder in amazement at the sensation. Adoringly I give pleasure to you that you could only dream about.

    As you continue to enjoy the attention you are receiving you really have only one desire - to be attending to me as I am attending to you. You are not certain but feel my actions are making you close and you want to make it last. You pull me up and we kiss - our excited hardness rubbing against one another. Then you kneel before me and stare at it. It beckons you. You press your face into it, drinking in its scent and texture. Tentatively at first, then more boldly you wrap your mouth around it. Your senses reel. Your own hard manhood aches pleasurably as you experience what you have longed for, longed for an eternity. Hungrily you bob your mouth around it; you can’t get enough of it. The taste. The feeling. The excitement. In & out. You cup my round pantied buns in your hands as you enjoy your efforts.

    Finally I pull you up, for I too want to prolong this. We walk to the bed and lay together; nuzzling, kissing, caressing and pulling on each other’s hardness. You hunger for another taste and slide down, wrapping your mouth around me again. It sends you to where you have never been. I fondle your hardness as you continue pleasuring me. With quiet determination you lap at it and keep at your quest, wanting to see it reach the best moment. Running my hands through your hair as you go on, my breathing is ragged & heavy. Resolutely you persist at your erotic endeavor. Your determination pays off as I breathe a heavy sigh signaling the impending warm stream that is flowing into your mouth. It shocks you, scares you, exhilarates you as you do this to perfect completion. You did it. The deed is done and now you are harder than you have ever been. Gently you flow up into my arms and kiss me passionately; I taste myself on your lips as you press your hardness into me. I feel for it and tenderly toy with it. I want to return the good deed to you and I locate you quickly with my mouth. Deeply, firmly and with loving affection in & out I take you, farther and farther down the path of pleasurable bliss. It does not take long and you feel yourself getting close. You whisper how much you are enjoying this, thanking me, praising me, coaxing me on. Then like a weight is lifted you feel a tremendous release. You are shaking and sweating a bit as you gasp and let it happen as I hungrily accommodate.

    In stunned silence we try to fathom what has just happened. Up in each other’s arms we talk, laugh, snuggle, shudder in amazement. For well over an hour we talk till sleep finds us. In the middle of the night in turn we get up and use the bathroom before snuggling back in the warmth of the bed, my stockinged legs making you smile to yourself as you fondle my cute pantied bottom. Asleep again you are dreaming, floating, content. What has just happened permeates your dreams. What has just happened seems to repeat over & over again in your dreams till your slumber diminishes and you realize that my mouth has found you again. Running your hands through my hair you smile to yourself as I carry on. I stop for a moment, kneel beside you and allow you to reciprocate, eliciting a resumption of your hunger for it. I crumple a bit and fall towards you. In a steady mutual rhythm we maintain our adoration of each other’s pleasure spot. Endlessly we delight each other till finally it happens again, first me and then you.

    Sleep. Pleasant warmth. Slumber. As morning light streams in I am on my side, my back to you. You are facing my back with an arm around me in a natural spoon and you kiss my back & neck. I lean my head back to you as you nuzzle my ear and I lean farther back for a kiss. With your hand you feel the front of my panties, to see ‘if’. Yes it is nicely awake, especially to your touch. I wiggle myself back into you & can tell you are ‘awake’ too. I ‘mmmmmm’ softly as you press your hardness along the crease of my soft panty clad buns. You pull them down and slid a finger between the crease and find the tight spot slipping it in slightly, again I ‘mmmmmm’. Soon you replace your finger with your hardness as you dually glide along my rear and pull on my firmness. You tentatively press a little firmer to test the waters to which I whisper a soft “oh yes”…. Reaching behind I place you at the snug opening and you press a little firmer. It feels so wonderful for both of us you get up for a sec then return and soon make it safer and slipperier as you pick up where you left off. Slowly but firmly you press. Deeper and deeper in a steady movement you enter as I willingly receive you. Your hand is going faster on my hardness than your steady thrusts into me, but it is a perfect rhythm as we are joined so magnificently. This joining together is heated and tender as we continue the tempo, our breathing becoming heavier. In a huff your pulling on me spawns a spurt of milky excitement from me, messing all over my front. This fascinates and excites you as your thrusts and lunging into me becomes more animated till in tribal fit you finish ever so deep & hard as you kiss my back, shoulders neck & ear.

    Wow, we both think as we stay joined and snuggled together. Finally we rise and shower together. We go down to the café. In my denim hot pants (with pink & white trim satin panties underneath) and high heel sandals my long legs turn heads as does the belly chain on my naked navel with the classy long in back/short in front halter top showing it off. The skimpy denim shorts do nothing to hide my perpetual hardness and I am intoxicated with all the sexual energy. Walking with their wives husbands might think that they are totally straight have intense homosexual longings as they see us walk by. You smile to yourself knowing this sex-charged hottie is yours, all yours. In fact you cannot believe what a sex crazed creature you have latched onto; most days it is three times but on a special day like this you know that your lovely horny lover will have to ejaculate 4 or 5 times, much to your amazement and satisfaction. While reading the paper, the coffee has never tasted better. The brightness of the morning sun of the street is crystalline and the sounds on the street crisp.

    We take a walk through the hotel enjoying the casual pace. On our return to our room we sit on the couch, hand in hand in quiet contemplation. Our hands invariable travel to excitable regions and soon we are locked in a loving kiss. We rise and disrobe by the bed, pressing our warm naked flesh together as we kiss. Again I fall to my knees and bathe and lather your hardness with determined affection. With you firmly in my warm wet mouth you start a cadence allowing me to pleasure you at your pace. The exhilaration is wonderful for you and after many long minutes you excitedly give and I hungrily receive you sticky saltiness. I rise and we kiss anew, your hands roaming all over my front and back. One hand caresses and rubs my round little pantied rear, even slipping a finger into my snug opening. The other hand pulls on me as I build my own rhythm to your attention. This goes on as we kiss, till finally and receptively I mess all over you…
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