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  1. tommyswing
    When I was about twenty I had a girlfriend I was very attracted to, and had gone down on a few of my friends cocks. I considered myself str8. I was at the beach on a very hot day. The only shade was by a pay telephone, I sat on a box beneath the phone.

    I saw this guy in his 30's larger frame than me very well built. He was wearing a very tight bathing suit, and had a very large bulge. I tried not to look at it, but I was staring at it and felt my cock getting rock hard.He noticed me staring at his cock, my heart was racing as he came over. He came over looking like he was going to use the phone. I was still sitting on the box , when he reached the phone my face and his cock were at the same level. He then pushed his cock in my face, right in public. I was so turned on, I let him grind it in my face as people were walking by.
    He he brought me into to a bathroom stall where he took out his cock, it was 8 to 9 inches long, thick with a huge mushroom head. With my head spinning and my heart pounding, I opened my mouth and felt his huge cock enter my mouth. His head was so big, that it filled my whole mouth. I was in a complete haze, I pressed my tongue into his pee hole tasting his sweet pre-cum. He then began to slowly mouth fuck me, I was in heaven, it felt so sensual having this big cock moving slowly in and out of my mouth. I love how it was so hard on one hand, but Felt So Soft on the other as he went in and out of my mouth. H
    he picked up his pace and began mouth fucking me faster and faster, going deeper and deeper down my throat. At one point he grabbed my hair harshly and pulled my head backwards, h
    as he fucked my mouth harder and harder, I couldn't believe it, his cock was getting fatter and harder. As he started cumming, he filled my mouth with so much cum it was dripping out of the sides of my mouth. While he was cumming he began calling me his little bitch and his and his little faggot I should have been mad, but I was so turned on I just wanted to suck him some more. He demanded my phone number and told me he expected me to suck his cock whenever he called or I would never suck his cock again.

    I was so confused, I couldn't understand why I was so turned by his rough behavior, but when he called I was there and sucked him off. He then began comparing our cocks making fun of mine and telling me it was more like a clit than a cock. This really turned me on. I guess he sensed my submissiveness from the beginning. He told me I was going to get fucked, I was freaking because I never took more than a finger in me, and he was so large. But he treated me like I was his women. He slowly kissed me over me body, and would eat me slowly and sweetly, telling me how good I tasted, and sweet I smelled. To me surprise, one night he gently slipped in it felt so natural and right. he was very gentle, sweet and romantic. He fucked me very sweetly and told me I was his little boy, and did I want him to own my asshole and I couldn't believe it but I said yes. I wanted him inside me all the time. i craved to feel him pulsating inside of me, stretching me beyond my limit, and knowing his cum was being buried deep inside of me. i couldn't believe how lucky I was that he was my man.

    So this pattern developed where he would make fun of my cock and body(i was skinny) while I was sucking him, and then being very tender when eating and fucking me. He would tell me how good I smelled and tasted, and when he was fucking me telling me how sweet, I was, how I was his little boy and how he loved me.
    So he could be very sweet, but he love to humiliate me also. The gay bar in our area was the brook in Westport Connecticut, and it had an outside portion, he would take me there as it was getting close to closing. One night I was sitting with him and some of his friends. He took out a measuring tape, and made me take my cock out, I was young so it got hard very easily. He measured my cock in front of his friends, and they all laughed at how small it was. He then measured them and himself and they were all 3 to 4 inch larger than me. What I couldn't believe is that this turn me on so much, he then had me suck his friends to completion. So I was humiliated, but I also loved what he made me do.

    In spite of how mean he was to me, I craved him, I craved him being inside of me. One one night when we were having sex, it was a second time in an hour he was fucking me, I knew I was in love with him, and I blurted it out to him I told him how much I loved him and how much I need them. It was one of his sweet times, he told me he loved me too and that he loved being inside of me, more than anyone else.
    While all this was going on I was still seeing my girlfriend Erica. Erica was very pretty she was about five six black hair and blue eyes, pretty features but 130 lb. She had really cute small tits with long nipples thick hips and a fat booty. She had dark thick pubic hair, with a beautiful fat pussy with thick lips. As I was going through this with what was now my boyfriend, my relationship with Erica became even better. I was becoming more dominant with her, and more willing to experiment. I got the idea of casein or booting from what was being done to me, and boy did she love it. I also bought some toys that might give her a fuller feeling, and she loved them also. I began to spank her, pull her hair all sorts of things, and we seem to grow closer.
    Of course this all Came Crashing Down. One night while Michael was fucking me me, he fucked me twice and came in me twice. I didn't have time to clean up and was supposed to meet Erica, which I did. We had dinner and then went to her place. We began making love, while in the missionary position Erica began to play with my ass, she like to finger me while I was fucking her. When she started to finger me she felt his cum coming out of me. I had not told her what I was doing, as I was too afraid and ashamed of what I was doing. I kept telling myself I was going to tell her, but each time I chickened out.
    She was rather curious to know why cum was tripping out of my ass, I began to try to explain it to her but she began freaking out. She started screaming at me and hitting me, I didn't even try to stop her from hitting me, I deserved whatever she was going to do. Eventually I was able to explain to her what had happened. You can imagine her feelings of shocked, revulsion, and betrayal because I never told her this that she was experiencing. She turned very cold, and left and let me know and no one certain terms that she did not want to have anything more to do with me. I went into a very deep depression, I hated myself for how I handled the situation, there was no rationalizing it I really fucked up. I stopped eating, lost weight and became listless. The only thing that interested me was Michael fucking me, and using me as he wished. I heard that Erica was seeing somebody else now, I thought this is it, wish I wasn't such a coward.
    We did get back together, but that is another story.

  2. Oborokybiman
    Damn erotic story! I bet you miss Erica though too! I would have!
  3. ajr12002
    So you got back together, are you going to share the rest of the story.
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