No one curious?

  1. Intouch
    Stumbled onto this thread. Had 50 members but no one writing for 5 years.
    Yeah I wouldn't want my wife to know how curious I am about a guys penis either.
    Stupid pandemic won't let me explore without wife wanting to know what I'm doing
    and where I'm going.
    But a mutual JO session would be fun
  2. Musle
    I am from Utah too. You would be fun to meet
  3. Tight1-4u
    musle: send me your number!!
  4. Grumpygrandpa
    Am in SE Idaho. Just moved from SC last November. Don 't really know anyone of our inclination. 70 year old single.
  5. TRICK6969
    I am in salt lake city
  6. Grumpygrandpa
    Still here with no decent results. Aggression Isn't cool.
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