I was a Boy Chapter 1

  1. goodsonformom
    I Was A Boy......actually I had just turned 18, but I loved being referred to as a boy. I was smooth and virtually hairless. I suppose looking back, one might have called me a twink. My friends and I had gotten naked and stroked each other, a couples of us would even sneak away and suck each others hard cocks.....but....

    Mature males always were attracted to me and I knew it. I was very sexual as a boy and in the hot summer I only wore very short denim cut offs and gym shoes. It was too hot to wear a shirt and I hated underwear. I loved the way the denim would rub against my cock and keep me aroused.

    I had been sexually active with a male family friend or two, but not as yet with anybody else, no strangers. I had gone to the park which was surrounded by a woods to play baseball with some friends. It was so hot most of them didn't show up and the field was boiling because of the heat. We all laid in the shade and decided not to play. One at a time everybody went home, leaving me there. I loved the woods and it was cooler under the shade. My parents didn't have air conditioning, so I decided to hang out and explore for a bit. I actually fell asleep on a picnic table in the shade. I again was wearing only my frayed at the edges, blue jean cut offs and gym shoes.

    I woke when I heard someone say something about finding a sleeping beauty. It was an older guy, handsome and dressed in shorts and a tee shirt. He was smiling at me and asked if I was okay. I was still groggy from waking in the heat. I hate waking up in the sweltering heat, a bit overwhelming being surprised as well. He sat down on the seat with me laying on the tables top. I was thinking he was a little too close psychically to me, not knowing me at all, but I let it fly and pretended to go back to sleep, hoping he would leave which he did.

    Some time later I woke and needed to pee. I would have pee'd outside but a family had set up a picnic in the next group of tables and I decided to start for home and if I found a place behind a bush, I would use it. About 100 yards up the path I saw a public restroom. I had been all over this park for years and never knew this one existed. It was so alone and buried in the trees, maybe that's why I never saw it.

    I ran up there and went in, pulled out my cock and started to pee. All of a sudden I heard someone come in and stand behind me for a moment. Then he stepped up to the urinal. It was the older guy from before who sat with me. For a few seconds or more he seemed to pretend he never saw me before, never acknowledging me at all. I was just finishing when he let his shorts drop to the floor. He turned slightly towards me, but only a little, as to not be obviously blatant about his exposure. His cock was hard and standing straight up. It was so hard and the head was purple and shiny, there was pre-cum oozing from the hole.

    He stepped back and leaned against the wall when I stared at his cock and I didn't yell or scream.....but I was nervous. I didn't want to be caught, and I didn't know him other than meeting him a short while ago. But my cock which was still out of my pants was hard and beginning to throb. His cock was incredible and I wanted to touch it. He stood there stoking it, asking me if I ever saw a mans cock before, I nodded I had. "Oh" he said......" you like cocks?......have you ever touched one?"....I nodded again. He asked how old I was. I told him. He said he loved young males. He loved their cocks and I had a lovely one. I thanked him. He said, "Your so body hair......could I see your cock.....all of it......would you drop your shorts?" I nodded and pet them fall to my ankles. I heard him sigh and gasp when he saw me naked standing there, as I stepped out of my shorts.

    We looked at each other as we both stroked our cocks. He asked if I lived close, I said I did. He told me he did to, as he stepped closer. I wanted him to touch me, to make me fell good, to stroke me and suck my cock. He was right in front of me now and his cock was touching mine, I could feel how warm it was. He reached down and held both of them against each other, stroking them. I was in heaven, I was filled with so much lust and desire I would have done anything for him. He asked if I would go home with him, to follow him. I nodded eagerly.

    He dressed and walked out and I knew we probably shouldn't seem like we were together, so I followed but kept my distance. We walked through the woods to a house whose back yard butted up to the woods where he waited for me at the gate ,holding it open. Once inside he latched it, and said to follow him. His house was huge and I could see it was very nice. He said his wife was out and he was retired. I asked how old he was and he said old enough. I figured he was in his late 60's, but at my age, judging the age of an adult wasn't easy.

    He asked if I wanted something to drinks, a coke or water, or something stronger, I said sure, what ever you have. He gave me a shot of whiskey, and then another. The heat and the whiskey and the lust began making me feel free, free to be naked and do anything. There was something about him, I loved this older man and I didn't know him at all. I wanted so badly to have him touch me and me touch him. I wanted to be naked, so I dropped my shorts and went to him as he stood in his kitchen still dressed and preoccupied for a moment. I needed his attention.

    He stood at the counter and turned around. He looked at me and said, "Aren't you a good little boy, naked and ready to please me." He undid his shorts and let them fall to the floor, as he removed his shirt. Standing naked he motioned me to him, putting his hands on my shoulders softly, so gently, indicating I should fall to the floor at his feet, on my knees. I did and his semi hard cock was right there, hanging and pulsing as it swelled. He hands held my head gently as he pulled me closer, my nose nuzzling into the hair surrounding the base of his mature cock. Inhaling, I could smell his scent, his musk. It was rich and many, intoxicating to my young senses, making me even more delirious with desire as the whiskey and the promise of forbidden sex with an older manaroused me even more.

    He said, "Suck me please....then I will take you to my bed and pleasure you." I had sucked a few mature cocks before, I had sucked a few young cocks too. I loved the feel of a pulsing cock in my mouth as I licked his pre-cum from the tip, hearing him moan as he held my head guiding me. I loved sucking him, his taste, the heat and the pulsing were driving me insane with lust. I was his boy lover finally, as I nuzzled his balls, taking each into my mouth one at a time, then back to his cock, as I tried to get as much of it in my mouth as I could. All of a sudden his cock was pulsing harder as he held my head tighter, "You're a good little cock sucker, you're my little cock whore aren't you?.....You seem to have been taught well haven't you.....fuck!....suck my cock......drain my cock."
  2. goodsonformom
    Please note, this story stars out with two males, but does include a just takes a bit to get there....
  3. zanybrainy
    So where is part 2?

    Nice story...

  4. DrBimind
    DON'T STOP NOW....Want to read part 2 for sure...
  5. kinkylittledick
    Great story. Please share more. I'd like to read all your stories.
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