To touch each other...and remember...

  1. DiscreetEncounters44
    I feel, as hard as it may be to hold off and do, that the meeting of two terrific erections for the first time is important. The sense of holding someone else's, how it feels and looks in comparison to yours. Knowing that your lover is looking on while you 'own' his gives a very warm feeling of connection between the 2 of you. YOU BOTH KNOW WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN, AND IT WILL SOON....but, look down for a moment and see what he is giving to you. Let them touch , rub, slide and be gripped and pressed together.Let the rims of their heads gently caress each other...and all them into full service!
  2. bi4asplay
    Yes in deed.
  3. donttellnehismy
    Oh Yeah
  4. naztypanty
    To me the hottest part of sex with another man is looking down to see two hard cocks touching.
  5. paul6522
    having my cock erect toching another erect cock is extremely erotic
  6. Sundazzled
    To me, seeing our hard cocks touching one another is the second most erotic part of sex with another guy. The only thing more erotic is when I'm slowly pumping both our cocks together in my hand and we're both very close to orgasm. It's pure magic when I look down to see first his cock, and then mine erupt. I'm not sure why, but the instant he starts spewing cum all over my cock, my orgasm almost always arrives before his ends. At the risk of being too explicit, there's something I find incredibly sexy about having his cum all over my cock, and my cum coating his.
  7. BiGuyFred
    I have wanked myself off so many times looking at two guys cocks touching. It's so horny, I cum so fast. I would love to do it with a non hairy fit guy with a decent sized cock.
  8. cobiguy38
    Love the feeling of making out naked and feeling as if our cocks are making out too! Mmmmm
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