Where can members find your "other" writings?

  1. Nachtlander
    I went through the postings...saw a few references. Why not a discussion line where you can share other locations where you are published, have free postings, or have your other work on display. I saw nothing in the rules for posts that prevents anyone from showing off what they do, what they use this discussion thread to share or to point out previous posts you are happy about, want others to see... Peace, N
  2. Nachtlander
    I found it ironic that in order to sell my writings, I have had to publish as a female author. Gay, lesbian, and bisexual short stories in a book form
    just didn't generate any interest until I submitted and then self-published as a woman. LOL. Now they sell? I think it is part of the fake stigma
    against men who are gay or bi. Women who are bi have sex in a place that allows it and they are applauded. Two men aren't seen the same way
    at all... so published as Juanita L Butz and most of the books I have written are available on or kindle...

    YES. I will submit a couple short stories for free here when I get the last four books in my series edited and published, coming pretty soon
    ... Peace, N
  3. donttellnehismy
    Couple sites I'm aware of are and
  4. 69plus1
    In the past I used literotica a lot but of late have used Lush stories as they have a bisexual section.
    Maybe just look a couple of threads below for "The Ad."
  5. LovingJacking
    I have found quite a few good stories on solotouch, bateworld, and LPSG.
  6. OlderBC1
    Yeah, I know what you mean about being male, bi & trying to publish bisexual stories on kindle. It got blocked. It's also a no-no to write stories about experiences early in your life ie...before legal age. IE-when all involved, including yourself, were under 18. A whole couple of books wasted. I started over with stories in this forum. Check those out & see what you think? Should be on first 2 pages of the main forum.
  7. LovingJacking
  8. donttellnehismy
    Older I would love to read your stories. I have some as well...
  9. softheart
    A good place is and
  10. Riderinthestorm
    I have one erotic book published on Smashwords, under the pen name of Falcon Nighthawk, entitled "Full Circle".

    I have also posted a couple of ny short vignettes on AFF in their erotic stories section.
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